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About company. Clinic of attentive medicine of Scandinavia.

About company

The Scandinavia and Scandinavia Ava-Peter clinic network have been working in the private medicine market since 1996. We are one of the largest companies in private medical care of the North-West of the Russian Federation.

Clinics are located in three cities of Russia (St. Petersburg, Vologda and Kazan), 18 departments with 80 areas of work are open.

Ecosystem of care for your health

Scandinavia and Scandinavia Ava-Peter-this is:

Your maternity hospital with a premium, comfortable premium chambers and tactful doctors.
Clinics of auxiliary reproductive technologies with the best performance indicators in Russia and the world. They go to us immediately and when it does not work out in other clinics.
A multidisciplinary clinic. Doctors of all directions work for us, and you can come to any specialist.
Own hospital. Hundreds of operations are done here a year, restore and literally put on their feet.

Clinic Scandinavia and Scandinavia Ava-Peter-this is a whole ecosystem of health care. Our resources allow you to be close to a person throughout his life – from birth to advanced age. Even before the baby is born, we help his parents. And we help to become parents to those who have long dreamed about it.

  • Prevention: We draw up a plan of inspections and only the necessary diagnostic procedures, we adjust the lifestyle together with the patient. This helps to reduce the risk of a number of diseases.
  • Diagnostics: We prescribe only really necessary tests and research. We are guided in our work by the principle of nothing superfluous. However, we leave the right to choose for the patient if he wants to more largely assess the state of his health. For this, we have a flexible check system.
  • Treatment: We are guided by the recommendations of the Ministry of Health, but we always take into account international clinical recommendations. Our experts always offer the patient several treatment options for a choice and make decisions together. And if necessary, we create interdisciplinary consultations.
  • high standards for the provision of medical services;
  • A comprehensive approach to the treatment and prevention of diseases;
  • qualified and experienced medical specialists;
  • wide network of district departments in St. Petersburg, branches in Vologda and Kazan;
  • the latest medical technologies;
  • comfort and high level of service;
  • The most modern medical equipment;
  • own network of pharmacies.

The clinic departments are located in the Central, Primorsky, Vyborg, Moscow, Frunze, Kirovsky, Kurortny and Vasileostrovsky districts of St. Petersburg.
Scandinavia Ava-Peter clinics specialize in the treatment of infertility by the methods of auxiliary reproductive technologies. Clinics are presented in St. Petersburg and Vologda.

In Kazan, in 2012, the multidisciplinary clinic “Scandinavia” was also opened – the largest private clinic in Tatarstan. It includes an outpatient, diagnostic department, a surgical hospital, a department of auxiliary reproductive technologies, maternity ward.

Scandinavia is one of the best clinics, according to experts. For many years, it has been included in the top 10 best private medical networks in Russia. In April 2021, the Scandinavia Clinic network became the winner of the Customer Experience World Awards in the nomination “Best Client Experience in B2C: Medicine (Contributions), Laws, Sports Centers, Beauty Salts”, and also received a high -grade of the jury in nominations Client Experience in Crisis (Covid-19). Prize experts appreciated our projects in the field of female health and digitalization, as well as our work during the pandemic period.

Official information


Name of company: LLC AVA-Peter
Legal address: 191014, St. Petersburg, Liteiny Ave., 55a, letter a, pom. 3-n. 31 floor. one.
Telephone: 8 812 600-78-66
Fax machine: 8 812 600-78-88
CEO: Vasilieva O.A.

Registered in the registration chamber of the administration of St. Petersburg 05/25/1995, No. 13752 at the main state registration number 1027809228072.

TIN: 7825052242

Founders: LLC Severgrop; OGRN: 1023501241950; TIN: 3528080360