About the Dream League program


About the program thanks to the program “Dream League”, children and adults with various health problems, such as the diagnosis of cerebral palsy (children's cerebral paralysis), autism, Down syndrome, visual impairment and visual impairment and visual

About the program

Thanks to the program Dream League Children and adults with various health problems, such as the diagnosis of cerebral palsy (children's cerebral palsy), autism, Down syndrome, visual impairment and hearing, got the opportunity to engage in effective rehabilitation and socialization with skiing, player, team games and other types of physical activity.

The founders of the project Sergei and Natalya Belogolovtsev, having tried all possible treatment methods for his son Eugene with a diagnosis of cerebral palsy, once decided on an experiment and put a guy on mountain skis. After 2 weeks of classes, it became obvious that adaptive sport is the most effective method of rehabilitation of cerebral palsy and other limited health opportunities.

Dream League -This is a program of effective rehabilitation and socialization for people with children's cerebral paralysis, autism, Down syndrome, visual impairments and other disabilities with the help of skiing, scouring and team games.


As soon as he spoke, he began to give advice to the instructor

In the first classes, Nikita was surrounded by three instructors at once. And after several courses, he already gave advice – how best to conduct a lesson

The program exceeded expectations

To the first lesson, my mother brought Lenya in a stroller. The boy could not walk and even stand. The results of the program struck everyone.

Children with Down Syndrome Succeed on Dream Skiing

Down syndrome

Andrei’s mother with the syndrome of Dauun spoke about the first lesson experience under the program “Skiing Dreams”.

Alpine skiing to the touch

Visual impairment

Dasha began to engage in the program in the first group of children in January last year. The girl has cerebral palsy and she does not see at all. Mom brought her to the program “Skiing of Dreams” with the confidence that the first lesson would be the last. But Dasha succeeded! Dasha has been engaged in skiing for more than a year and fell in love with them just as only piano loved before that. Tatyana Sysoeva, mother Dasha, spoke about her experience in the program.




How the Dream League works

Ski sports in a specially designed methodology using trained instructors allow an order to speed up the treatment, rehabilitation and socialization of people with disabilities. The brain and the body of a person placed in non -standard conditions, forced to simultaneously perform a large number of new tasks at unusual speed, are rebuilt with amazing speed.

  • Improving posture and coordination
  • Spastic symptoms are reduced
  • Increases resistance to colds
  • There is confidence in their abilities and high self -esteem
  • After 2 days, the child is already starting to control the trajectory of movement

Leading rehabilitation centers of Russia
confirmed the effectiveness of the Program League of Dreams

Since July 2014, scientific research has been carried out at the Scientific and Practical Center for Child Psychoneurology, confirming the therapeutic effect of the Program in terms of evidence-based medicine. The effectiveness of alpine skiing is also confirmed by specialists of the State Autonomous Institution Scientific and Practical Center for Medical and Social Rehabilitation of the Disabled of the Department of Social Protection of the Population of the City of Moscow. Program League of Dreams included in the rehabilitation methodology of the Center.


All instructors of the Dream League program
undergoing specialized training

The course on working with people with disabilities is organized on the basis of the original author's methodology of the Dream Skiing Program, which is approved by VNIIFK and the Ministry of Sports of the Russian Federation. As a result of successful completion of the Course, instructors receive an appropriate state certificate.


Geography of the program
has about 100 centers in 42 regions of Russia

Our goal – create an opportunity for people with disabilities to receive effective rehabilitation through skiing and other therapeutic sports throughout the country.

We are dreamers, and we believe that we can make the world kinder and better.
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