Alessandro Nesta: "Signor Reliability", whom everyone loves.


Alessandro Nesta: Signor Reliability, whom everyone loves…

Alessandro Nesta: Signor Reliability, whom everyone loves.

In modern football, there are fewer and fewer players who have dedicated their lives to only one club. Famous football players are increasingly leaving their home stadiums in pursuit of fame and crazy fees. Someone manages to shine in a new team for themselves, others do not succeed at all. Few people manage to become a symbol of two clubs at once. This is especially true when it comes to teams from the same championship. The example of Luis Figo immediately comes to mind, who successfully performed both as part of Barcelona and in a Real Madrid shirt. Brazilian Ronaldo can also be attributed to a cohort of such players. But this story will not be about the brilliant Portuguese and not about the Brazilian Phenomena. Alessandro Nesta is the hero of the publication, the legendary player of two Italian clubs at once, Lazio and Milan.


The brilliant defender of the late 20th and early 21st centuries played his 400th match in Serie A last weekend. Why not talk about this player in more detail? Surely many fans of sports number 1 will be interested to learn about the most important facts from the life of Sandro. Of course, if it were not for various injuries and injuries, Nesta would already be approaching the mark of 500 matches in the Italian championship. But such is fate, and nothing can be done about it. Tifosi idolize Nesta primarily for his excellent and reliable play in defense, and not for the number of matches played. We can safely say that with the likely departure of Pirlo, Seedorf, Inzaghi, and finally Nesta himself, a very important era in the history of Milan will end. Of course, new, perhaps even more talented players will take their place, but how can one not remember the key statement, which is very suitable in this case – “they don’t make them anymore”.


He is a protector. Real men should protect, not attack.

With the choice of playing role, the native Roman decided literally from his first steps in football. Playing defense, as it seemed to Nesta himself, was much easier, because the defender (again, according to the football player himself) should do much less work on the field than the attacker or midfielder. Naturally, literally after the very first match in Serie A, the Italian stopper changed his mind.

An excellent game in his youth allowed Alessandro to seriously declare himself as a future star of Italian football. Most of the scouts of the leading clubs from the Apennines have been eyeing the talent since his days playing in the Cinecitta club of Rome. The footballer himself was well aware that for his development and progress, he simply had to go up. Fate could play a cruel joke on Sandro when Roma scouts literally tried to drag the young defender by force.The whole family of Nesta was sick for another Roman team – “Lazio” – which, as it turned out later, will win the struggle for a promising player. Everything happened so quickly that even Alessandro himself could not really understand that this was all happening with him. But the years passed, and the football player realized – he made perhaps the most right choice in his life.


The desire to stay at home, in Rome, also played a decisive role. The sixteen -year -old defender really did not want to part with his family. “Lazio” was therefore a really perfect option. Despite the fact that in those days (the beginning of the 90s) the team of stars from the sky lacked, Nesta perfectly understood what hard work he had to do in order to gain a foothold in the main composition. It was with exhausting training and a great desire to play in the series for the first time and the brilliant quarry of Sandro in a white-blue T-shirt began.


Favorite of Roman women and fans Lazio.

This is not to say that from the first days spent in the Roman club, Nete immediately declared himself as the future player of the starting lineup. His career at Lazio began in 1992, and only after 2 years, the then coach of Orlov Dino Dzoff dared to release an 18-year-old Stopper in a match against the “Udinese”. It was this interval of time (from 92nd to 94) that young talent was given especially difficult. It was almost impossible to get into an application for the game of the Italian championship for a young player, no matter how Sandro tried in training. Still, inexperience Ness did not allow the coaching staff of Lazio to take risks. But the football player himself understood that he had to wait a bit – and his cherished dream would definitely come true.


Balancing between the first team and a double, the player immediately received several lessons, which will later come in handy throughout his career. One case with Paul Gasquena is worth it. The Italian manifested itself in an absolutely incredible way in training to break his leg to his then teammate. It was this episode that did not allow Gazze to fully prove herself in Italy. It can be safely argued that it was the “star hour” of the then Nesta, because for the first time the name of young talent appeared on the covers of newspapers.


But very little time passed, and Sandro still managed to gain a foothold in the main composition of Lazio. Dzoff Dzoff tried to build the game of his team in such a way that it was the young players who play the leading role on the field, who, thanks to their enthusiasm, could bring something new to football. At that time, Tifozi was waiting for the appearance of new idols, so Dzoff’s decision to make the main bet on young people was understandable. Football players like Nota and Marco Di Wyo were worth its weight in gold. Despite the fact that during the first years spent in the Roman club, the hero of our story could not win any trophy, the progress of Alessandro himself was evident.


The real rise of the Roman Eagles managed to be made in the late 90s. The success of the Romans is primarily associated with the then coach of the team, the Swede Sven-Goran Eriksson. By that time, Nesta was not only a regular starter, but also had the honor of being invited to the Italian national team. If you look at Lazio of the end of the twentieth century, then in the list of players you can find many legendary names: Nedved, Veron, Salas, Crespo, Vieri – but Sandro's personality has always stood apart. Do not forget that Nesta is a native Roman, and during any match “Signor Reliability”, as the fans called him, he constantly showed a phenomenal level of play in defense.


It is not surprising that Nesta managed to win the love of the Lazio fans that no other Blue and White player had. He became the captain of the Roman club. Playing for the Eagles, Sandro managed to win many prestigious awards, including the title of Italian champion, the UEFA Cup, two national Cups, and the European Super Cup. These trophies raised not only the prestige of the club, but also the footballer himself. Naturally, perhaps the best Italian defender of that time was followed not only by clubs from the Apennines, but also by the top teams in Europe. Rumor has it that the Real Madrid management was very sorry that they missed the opportunity to buy Nesta.


The beginning of the 21st century, unfortunately, brought sad news for Alessandro's team. Lazio was on the verge of bankruptcy, and in order to somehow improve the financial situation of the club, Sergio Kragnotti (then president of the White-and-Blues) had to go to extreme measures – to sell the team's leading players. Nesta himself held out to the last. Despite the plight of his native club, the football player did not even want to think about leaving. After weighing all the pros and cons, the player finally realized that the money received from his transfer would certainly help the Eagles “fly high” for a long time to come. Milan was quickest to fuss, agreeing to pay 30 million euros for the defender – a fantastic amount at that time. It is with the transition to the Rossoneri camp that another unique page in the incredible career of Alessandro Nesta opens.


The uniqueness of that Milan defense was that all the players complemented each other perfectly. Nesta was almost a key player in the Rossoneri under Carlo Ancelotti. Already at that time, Sandro, I'm not afraid of this expression, was the best central defender in the world. A certain weakness of character did not allow him to show himself even better in the new team. Sometimes it was elementary anger or temper that was not enough to reach an unattainable level of play in defense. Signora Reliability can be safely called the most intelligent stopper in Italian football.


As you might have guessed, Milan became the second home for Nesta after Rome.It is there that the already experienced Italian defends the colors of the “red-black” team to this day. If playing for Lazio, Sandro won the most expensive and memorable trophies and awards for himself, then in Milan the football player achieved the most outstanding and grandiose victories. He managed to raise the Champions League Cup twice over his head, again became the champion of Italy, joined the symbolic FIFA world team, won the Intercontinental Cup, as well as a cloud of less prestigious trophies and awards.

Nesta himself would never have thought that he could become an idol for the fans of two Italian clubs. And most importantly, he could never imagine that he would fall in love with Milan in the same way as Lazio. If the player spent his first fights in a red and black T-shirt with sad eyes, then after two or three years Sandro began to get real pleasure from playing as part of the Italian giant. But our hero faced certain kinds of problems in Milan. For the first time in his professional career, he began to worry about injuries and various injuries, which sometimes left the defender out of the game for a long period of time. He managed to get through with his team and the corruption scandal that shook Italy on the eve of the World Cup in Germany.


He and the team are a completely different love.

In addition to various awards at the club level, Nesta was also able to excel in the game for the national team. The starting point was 1996, when he became the European Junior Champion. It was after that championship that the coaches of the Azzurra Squadra drew attention to him. A reliable game in the center of defense allowed the young stopper to get to the World Cup in France, where the Italians, judging objectively, did not find much success. Yes, and Sandro himself at the World Cup, in a match against the Austrians, received the first serious injury in his career, which put him out of action for six months. It is worth noting an amazing fact: our hero was injured at every world championship in which he participated! Despite this not the most pleasant tradition, Nesta was still destined to raise the coveted Cup over her head.


This significant event happened in 2006. In the final match against the French, the defender did not have a chance to play, but he naturally contributed to the overall triumph of the team. During the tournament, Sandro injured his hip and this injury cost him participation in the decisive matches. It was that tournament that became the point in Alessandro's romance with the Italian team. Permanent injuries did not allow him to be torn on two fronts, so the football player finally decided that it was still better to stop his international career on a positive note. Marcello Lippi hoped that the experienced player would help his national team at the next football festival, which was held in South Africa, but Sandro refused.


Nesta's performances for the national team as a whole can be called ambiguous. Of course, if it were not for various injuries, the football player would have had a much more interesting career for the national team.But blaming the player for his too frequent injury is still stupid. As part of the Azzurra Squadra, Sandro has always demonstrated the highest level of performance, especially since the Italian national team has always been distinguished by a defensive style of play: it was the defenders who played the leading role. Well, Nesta can be safely called the leader of this very defense of the Italian team at the beginning of the twenty-first century.


“My personal life belongs only to me, I value it very much”

With his future chosen one, Gabriela Pianozzi, our hero met immediately after his first world championship. Arriving from France, the defender began to recover from an injury received at the World Cup, but history is silent about how Gabriela ended up in the role of Alessandro's comforter. Be that as it may, a month after they met, the young couple became very attached to each other. Having overcome various kinds of circumstances, Sandro and his beloved managed to formalize their relationship almost ten years after they met. After the birth of his daughter in 2006, the football player offered Gabriela his hand and heart. Two years later, fate gave the beloved another gift – the son of Tommaso.


It is worth noting that Gabriele was very lucky with her husband. Nesta has never been a fan of parties and noisy companies. Sandro's hobbies are billiards and computer games, which, however, does not prevent the player from also being a supporter of healthy and long sleep. Among football players, Sandro has many friends, and he has kept the warmest relations with Marco Di Vaio, Francesco Totti and Damiano Tommasi. According to Signor of Reliability, these are exactly the people on whom he can rely in difficult times.


A great guy who always creates a fun atmosphere in the team.

It's no secret that all good things come to an end. No matter how sad it may sound, Alessandro Nesta's playing career is gradually coming to an end. Milan management is doing everything possible and impossible to keep the Italian in the team for another season. Despite constant health problems and frequent operations, the player himself is ready to please tifozi with a reliable game. Marking 400 matches in Serie A, perhaps, will be the last such anniversary of the player. But who knows: maybe in a few years we will see a phenomenal defender on the coaching bench. Surely Sandro had already thought about it. But while there is a club whose colors he defends, there are young football players to whom a more mature comrade is simply obliged to pass on his experience, there are relatives who need constant dependence on the head of the family.


Perhaps someone will consider this publication too pretentious. Perhaps you will be right in this case. But it is impossible to write about Alessandro Nesta in a different way, because who is worthy of such respect and love, if not “Signor Reliability”.


A little about personal:

Favorite actor: Alberto Sordi.
Favorite actress: Demi Moore.
Favorite movie: Il Marchese del Grillo (Sandro himself was noted for a cameo role in the film Paparazzi).
Favorite music artist: Ligabue.
Favorite car: Porsche, Volkswagen Golf.
Hobbies: Listening to Ligabue, sleeping, playing billiards (Sandro has a huge table for playing billiards at home), computer games (especially Formula 1 and football games on Playstation), Internet (likes to surf the net and also chat), watch movies on video, play tennis, swim.
Lucky number: 13.
Favorite color: all shades of blue – from dark blue to sky blue.
Best friend: Marco Di Vaio, Giuseppe Favalli, Andrea Pirlo, Francesco Totti, Fabio Cannavaro, Damiano Tommasi are seen in this status.
Marital status: married to Gabriela Pianozzi (met in the summer of 1998, the wedding took place in May 2007), has a daughter Sofia (10/19/06) and a son Tommaso (03/20/08).