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Spartak turned the game around / Zenit standards brought the title / Failure of CSKA – Review of the 27th round of the RPL

The first part of the May holidays has died down and presented us with an excellent poster for the 27th round of the RPL! Here is the match that decided the fate of the future champion, Zenit – Lokomotiv, CSKA's departure to Grozny and just a bright match Spartak – Krylya Sovetov.

Spartak – Wings of the Soviets. Spartak was buried, but he was resurrected. or not?

We played one of the most controversial matches of the season.

A cool second half and Sobolev's double in front of the veterans. Behind the scenes of the match with the Wings

Spartak managed to turn the tide of the game against Samarans and scored three important points. The lap of honor for the red-and-white veterans, all the highlights of the match dedicated to the centenary of the club, as well as Paolo Vanoli's winning commentary – in our traditional section.

Which Spartacus is real? Red-white again left a controversial impression

Spartak on Sunday defeated Wings of the Soviets, failing the first half, but playing well in the second. The online publication Euro-Futbol.Ru reflects on the last match.

Phew, now Spartak will definitely not fly out directly. But joints are still possible

Globally, the team and the club are required to improve in almost everything: from the style of play to conscious selection

I don’t want to tritely retell the course of the game, so I’ll hook on the most juicy. Spartak again played differently.

Vanoli's hyper-emotional run is in the details. Reminds me of Mourinho?

Spartak spent the worst half of the season. But a substitution at half-time changed everything.

Vanoli's team turned the match against Wings of the Soviets. And Sobolev continues to score.

Double Sobolev brought a strong-willed victory over the Wings!

Spartak — Wings of the Soviets — 2:1 (0:1)

Spartak has risen

Having suffered the 1st half in Moscow, Spartak won the first strong-willed victory of the season.