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Alina Zagitova

Dear friends, hello!

Alina Zagitova. Touring tour April 2022. Part 5. Tashkent

Alina ZagitovaAlina Zagitova

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Schedule of upcoming performances by Alina Zagitova

(The relevance of the information will be adjusted if there is a need for this) You can also track relevant information yourself, in the Timzagitov account, by the link

October 23, 2022 19:00 Fetisov-Arena Vladivostok musical on the ice Ruslan and Lyudmila

November 4, 2022 15.00 Kuzbass Ice Palace Kemerovo musical on the ice Ruslan and Lyudmila

November 6, 2022 19:00 LDS Siberia Novosibirsk musical on the ice Ruslan and Lyudmila

November 8, 2022 19:00 Titov-Arenael Barnaul Ice show Ruslan and Lyudmila

. 2022 19:00 Platinum Arena Khabarovsk musical on the ice Ruslan and Lyudmila

Dear friends, hello!

We continue with you a forum dedicated to the tour of our beloved skater Alina Zagitova as part of the Timtuttberidze tour of the champions on ice.

So we got to the extreme this season (according to information at the moment), the show tour, which, like last year, will end in Tashkent. Let me remind you that the final show as part of the “ice champions” tour last season also held in the beautiful Sunny Tashkent, which very warmly adopted the Russian team of athletes and, in particular, our main star – the Olympic champion Alina Zagitova. And it was April 25, 2021. By the way, the title photo to this post is taken precisely from last year’s publication dedicated to this event.

In the same season, the show in Tashkent will be held on April 29, in the same, magnificent in beauty and internal functionality, Ice complex Humo Arena

I can imagine how the locals are happy who were lucky to see Alina Zagitova again. According to our information, even Japanese fans fly to Tashkent also to look at Alina.

Naonao managed to meet Alina! I have made such a way, great!

And Alina in Tashkent is very fond and always waiting! We managed to contact (thanks to Timzagitova for the help) with a resident of Tashkent, a nadira whose daughter, Yasmin, is engaged in figure skating, and who does not have a soul in Alina! She said that he and his daughter managed to meet Alina at the airport, by arrival today, and take a picture. Also, Yasmina will be on the show tomorrow in the group of flower children. What excellent words Nadira said about Alina, as today's delight from meeting her daughter with Alina – it is worth a lot! Thanks to Nadire a lot for such an attitude towards Alina, to her fans, it is very pleasant to hear all this, and also thank you very much for the consent to fulfill our little request – to give Flowers to Alina and from us too.

At the airport, Alina Zagitova was also met by other fans today. That's lucky so lucky!

We look forward to the start of the show and wish Alina's good rental and good mood!

As part of the tour, Alina has already visited five cities of Russia, and today she will please her excellent skiing of foreign spectators, in the city of Tashkent. In the previous shows, Alina had one number, so this time we will not wait for surprises, we just wait for the magical and bewitching program “I” that are already loved by all the audience.


While we are waiting for Alina Zagitov in Tashkent, Alina herself does not lose time in vain, putting a post in her telegram about the Askon brand, with whom she recently had commercial cooperation.

Alina Zagitova post:

They say that the perfect sleep formula is 70% well -chosen mattress, and 30% pillow. I now get enough sleep according to the rules – because I sleep on the Serta mattress from @askona_official😴 with a 4D Spring independent spring block – this allows you to turn less and fall asleep faster. And Serta Parker is approaching my transformed base, I sleep on it like on a cloud of miding a pillow I chose an anatomical Smart Pillow 3.0, it not only supports the neck and head in the correct position, but also tracks the quality of my sleep. These are my +30% for comfortable sleep. But in fact, there are still very important interest, for example, silky bedding from satin. I also chose it from @skona_Official

(Publication with Alina Zagitova in the official account of Askon in VK

Also, Alina shared some photos and videos in anticipation of a trip to Tashkent. And also, she showed us that she takes with her a small camera that she was given in Beijing. Well, friends, are we waiting for vilogue from Alina Zagitova? 😛

We are waiting for Alina’s performance in Tashkent, as well as – photos and videos from the audience, well, from Alina herself too! Didn't you take the camera in vain?))

Tashkent, April 29

Photo with fans before and after the show

All the flowers of the world for Alina Zagitova!

With a beautiful Yasmin and our bouquet:

Once again we express our great gratitude to the family of this little princess for help, responsiveness, sincerity and good attitude!

And many more and many colors!

Other photos


1. From Alina Zagitova Media for fans

2. Video from spectators from social networks

(Thanks to the channel Dancing men)

3. Video from the viewer in the hall (full rental, other angle)

Post Teamzagitova, dedicated to the end of the tour

Yesterday the show was held in Tashkent, which means that the tour “champions on the ice” came to an end! Alina performed in six cities: Minsk, Moscow, Krasnoyarsk, Samara, Nizhny Novgorod, Tashkent. And we have no doubt that the audience in each of the cities left the ice palaces with the most pleasant impressions. And Minskers can consider themselves absolute lucky: they were lucky to see “me voy” 😌 Thanks to Alina for pleasing people in the most diverse corners of our country and neighboring abroad. We will always appreciate her dedication and return to the arenas, because after her performances we leave them happier than we were. And, of course, we thank everyone who came to the show in their cities and supported Alina. It was you who created the festive atmosphere that was felt throughout the tour! Thank you 🙏🏻 See you ❤️

And of course, Alina also wrote a post about the last tour

So the tour of our wonderful show Champions on Ice has ended ⛸

We visited six cities and in each of them we were met incredibly warmly 😍 It was so nice to see your happy faces and burning eyes!)

Thank you for the great support and the given emotions! I love you all very much and look forward to seeing you again ❤️

Today is the birthday of the father of our beloved Champion, Alina Zagitova, Ilnaz Nasikhovich Zagitov! From the bottom of our hearts we send him the best wishes, and say Thank you for the Daughter!

And here is congratulations from Alina herself! We join these words!

Alina Zagitova at Tashkent International Airport

And already at home, with words of gratitude (telegrams):

Thank you very much Nao for such gifts and support❤️

Say hello to Japan 😇

And asks subscribers How are you?

Dear friends! We all already know that on May 4 and 5, in Khabarovsk, where Alina has already arrived, in the Platinum Arena, her master classes will be held!

We hope that we will be able to see a photo or video tomorrow. In the meantime, we are waiting for the content, we offer you to admire the new photos from the show in Tashkent. Alina is wonderful!