Archive of the coefficients and lines of bookmakers – the history of statistics on bookmakers

Old quotes of BC

Find out what the archive of the coefficients is and where to find the history of statistics of bookmakers

Archive of the coefficients and lines of bookmakers

Old quotes of BC

Not all play strategies in the bookmaker are based on the ability to understand sports. Often, bettors use dry statistics to select a particular bet. Analysis of the history of BC coefficients is one of the ways to collect the maximum data for analytics. Such an archive of statistics on bookmakers will allow the player to determine how the offices evaluated the chances of a particular team earlier or to find out how the quotes changed over time. In this material, we consider what an archive of the coefficients of bookmakers and how to use it when performing sports rates.

  1. Where to see the old coefficients
  2. How the archive will help the player
  3. How to use data from archives in strategy

Where to see the old coefficients

There are enough sites that collect such data on the Internet. Some work on a paid basis, others-for free. Services monitor quotes in the line of a particular bookmaker or several at once. More operators are wider than an array of data.


Service characteristics
Presented bookmakers 1xstavka, betsiti, marathonbet, fonbet
Kinds of sports basketball, baseball, volleyball, handball, table tennis, tennis, football, hockey, e -experts
The start date of the formation of the archive October 2017
The frequency of information update Every 10 minutes

BC line

Record of the line of BC

One of the most popular services in Russia is Line4bet. This site monitors the changes in the line of BC 1xstavka, Betsity, Fonbet, and the marathon. Statistics are carried out on October 1, 2017. Using the service is convenient and simple:

  • In the calendar, select the date. This is the day on which the event of interest took place.
  • Choose a sport on the left, and on the tab from above – The bookmaker.
  • In the table that appears, find the desired match. You can see quotes for a specific time. Data is removed once at ten minutes.

On Line4bet you can see the movement of the line, while the service does not require payment – the entire collection of cuffs is provided for free.


Service characteristics
Presented bookmakers 1xbet
Kinds of sports more than 40 disciplines
The start date of the formation of the archive January 2012
The frequency of information update Online


Flashscore – A popular site and an application for tracking sports results. There are several features here, one of which is the coefficient section. It shows kefs to the upcoming meetings. After the game is completed, the archive with quotes remains. The exception is the old matches that ended more than 9 to 12 months ago. When hovering a mouse to the KEF, the history of its changes is shown.

Many bookmakers, for example, BET365, place such archives on sites.But sometimes the line is preserved only at the last moment, before the match. Therefore, you can not see the dynamics of changes in the coefficients.

There are also several sites on the network that manually collect such archives and publish them in the form of Excel tables for download. Sometimes such files are offered for money, but buying it is not recommended. Judging by the reviews, in most of these bases there are large gaps, and the cuffs themselves are collected with only one BC, without the history of the line changes.


Service characteristics
Presented bookmakers Marathonbet, Betsity, Parimatch, Pinnacle, 188bet, Tennisi
Kinds of sports Everything that is available in BC
The start date of the formation of the archive January 2010
The frequency of information update Every 20 minutes


Record of the line of BC

Scanbet – Russian service for monitoring the line of bookmakers. One of the functions of the site is the maintenance of an archive of BC coefficients since 2010. The service is completely free, and it will not be difficult to understand it even with newcomers. It is enough to choose an interest of the bookmaker and date, information about the movement of quotations will automatically appear on the screen.


Service characteristics
Presented bookmakers more than 20 foreign BC
Kinds of sports Football, basketball, baseball, hockey, tennis
The start date of the formation of the archive January 2003
The frequency of information update Every 10 minutes


The service is much more often mentioned in the context of forks in bookmakers than when it comes to the coefficient archive. However, information about quotes has been stored on this site since 2003.

ODDSPortal service

To go to the archive of the coefficients, you need:

  • Bring the cursor to the Betting Tools section.
  • Select the Archived Results tab.

In addition to the results of events, the coefficients of bookmakers are also available in it.

How the archive will help the player

The archive of the lines of bookmakers is a large source of data that can be used for various purposes.

Saved Keats of the played match in the Flashscore service

This database allows the bettor:

  • Find out how the operators evaluated the chances of a team or athlete earlier. For example, how often one tennis player was a favorite in his matches. This will give information about the assessment of his abilities by analysts of BC. It is useful if we are not talking about a sport star, but about a little -known player.
  • Determine which coefficients have the best statistics on patency for a particular BC.
  • Calculate the margin of the offices.Marge is a percentage that BC takes from each rate as a commission for organizing a bet. The lower the margin, the higher the cuff for the event at the same level of risk. This means that a potential gain is greater. Bookmakers do not hide data on their percentage of the commission, but do not officially publish it. You can find out the size of the margin by assessing the operator line. The greater the evaluated amount of data, the more accurate the result. The player can evaluate the current commission in the line, but the archive allows you to find out if it has changed over time.

It is noticeable that having a collection of quotes, Bettor is able to get a large amount of information both about the bookmaker in which he is going to put, and about the sport planned for the bet.

How to use data from archives in strategy

The archive can be used to collect statistical data for the game strategy. For example, Bettor can test the new “retroactive” technique. To evaluate the old coefficients and calculate, they would play his bet if he used this strategy. Such a simulation of the results can replace a demoset with free bets.

Tennis quotes history

An example of recording cuffs of a tennis match. Red is highlighted a strong growth of quotations on p2

Another method of applying the archive is the calculation of the error of BC analysis, which will come in handy when searching for vauly bets. For example, the hockey team too often plays the main time of the match in a draw. In the archive, we see that the coefficients for a draw in the matches of this team did not change, although statistically the likelihood of such an outcome can grow.

Everemes series in hockey

In this segment of the Barys season, he played 7 overtime in 9 meetings. But the kefs on X remained approximately 3.80 – 3.90.

Accordingly, the next time, if the bookmaker publishes the line and gives the X standard keters, the bettor has the right to believe that here the probability of a draw is underestimated. Especially if the quotes for other outcomes are approximately equal in that they were offered in past games completed with a draw in the main time of the match.

Hockey kefs

Quotes on a draw in the meeting Barys

Another way to use old coefficients is to look for a comparative favorite. For example, two little -known tennis players play, the chances of victory are evaluated approximately the same and quoted P1 – 1.90, P2 – 1.90. Given that Bettor does not have great information about athletes, he can compare them with the help of old coefficients.

Example: The first tennis player won 8 out of 10 matches with similar coefficients. That is, it with a probability of 80% passes nominally equal opponents. But his current opponent, playing in matches, which BC assessed as 50/50, lost half the meetings. Accordingly, P1 bet on P1 looks more attractive, since the first tennis player often beats equal rivals.

Such a strategy, based only on comparison of cuffs, does not guarantee success. It is desirable that the BC client conduct more analytical actions and reinforce his position with facts. Nevertheless, a comparison of old quotes and the analysis of the line change is quite capable of adding confidence in the forecast.