BC Winline – betting line, features and instructions for work

Winline betting line

Winline bookmaker line – how to work with a line for football, hockey, basketball, tennis and other sports. Winline settings and filters

How to work with Winline betting line?

Winline bookmaker is one of the best legal betting shops in the country and has a good reputation among bettors. Today we will tell you about everything related to the Winline line: a general idea of ​​it, its features in the most popular sports, working with a painted line, and much more.

What is a line?

The line is a collection of matches in the bookmaker, on which you can bet. Specifically, in the Winline bookmaker, the line includes about 30 disciplines that you can bet on. The Winline line opens immediately upon visiting the site. The menu with sports disciplines is on the left. At the very top of the list are the following buttons:

  • Home. Site start page. This page contains live matches with the most high-profile posters for top sports, below the line for the most rated matches;
  • Favorites. The player forms a list of important matches for him and can go to it at any time by clicking on the Favorites button;
  • Live now. List of currently running matches;
  • nearest. Games in various disciplines, which should begin in the very near future. You can sort matches that start in 2, 4, 6, 12 and 24 hours.

Below you can in one click go to the line to the most popular leagues in the world in various sports: Euroleague, NBA, KHL, NHL.

There is no corresponding section Line on the site. To see the odds for future matches, you need to use the filters by sport and time. More on this later.

Pre-match and live line

In the bookmaker under consideration, the pre-match line leaves a very pleasant impression. It is designed in such a way that the player does not miss a single important match for him. On the main page of the site, it opens a list of the most popular live matches, as well as the most interesting games that are starting soon.

Winline betting line

Also in a separate tab Upcoming you can see the list of matches that will start in the very near future. Events are sorted according to the proximity of the start from the nearest to the most distant in time.

Live line BC Winline

In addition, you can separately view matches by sport and matches with video broadcasts. There are also separate buttons for this. To see the lines for matches for a particular sport, you need to select it in the left column. To select matches with a “picture”, you need to click on the “Video broadcasts” button in the top menu, after that, in the line line of a specific match of interest, click on the playback icon on the left.

How to open a broadcast in BC Winline


The football line in BC Winline is quite wide, the bettor will find here many famous and even exotic leagues, as well as various competitions on a continental and planetary scale.The Winline football line is great structured: when you press the “Football” button in the menu on the left, the list of top championages first opens, and separate continents in the form of falling lists.

Winline football betting line

It is very convenient and quickly that you can find the competition of interest. The football line pleases with a wide painting. The list of bets on players is especially impressive: it will come out and score, the number of goals, etc. A very large number of players and bets on them. If top teams are found in the match, then you can go from the line to the event to long -term bets on these squads: the likelihood of victory in tournaments, the stage of departure from European competitions and much more.

Football bets in Vinline and their features are discussed in detail in a special note


In the tennis line, you can bet on the most rated international competitions for men and women: WTA, ATP, ITF, Chellengers and other tournaments. You can get into the tennis line either through the menu on the left or through the transition to tennis from the main events.

Tennis line in BC Winline

In tennis matches, BC Vinline can be put on a match, sets, an accurate score, a Totala handicap – standard for tennis, is somewhat inferior in the variety of top BCs.

Line and painting for tennis in BC Winline

Read more about tennis bets in the Winline BC can be found in a separate review


In the Hockey Line of the BC Vinline, you can bet on the strongest leagues in Europe and North America, as well as on European leagues, the largest international competitions. The most top leagues are taken into the top in the menu on the left (NHL and KHL).

The disadvantage of the BC Vinline hockey line is later the appearance here, compared with competitors, of such large competitions as the World Cup.

Hockey betting line at Winline

Features of hockey bets in Winline are available in special material

How to work with a line?

For the convenience of working with the line, the developers created a number of auxiliary buttons. Let's talk about the main ones:

  • Filters in sports. Everything is clear here. Pressing on the corresponding icon in the menu on the left means the transition to the line to the corresponding sport;
  • Time filters. Here, the mentioned mentioned mentioned by the time of the start of matches, as well as lives (only matches playing at the moment will be displayed). You can also sort matches by a specific date (all events, today, as well as in the next few weeks by days);

How to work with the BC Winline line

  • Search. With the help of a search, the line of which is located in the left vertical column, you can quickly find, for example, a specific team or athlete, and get acquainted with the lines on them;

Search by line BC Winline

  • Favorites. Marking your favorite matches with an asterisk (in a short form of the line on the right), you can add them to the favorites. After that, when moving to the “Favorites” section, only these matches will be displayed on the screen, and they will not be lost even when moving to other sections of the site until they are completed;

Selected events in the Winline line

  • Filters in markets. In Vinline, an interesting chip is organized.Right in the line there are a number of buttons with which you can quickly focus your attention on the most interesting markets of all matches. These are the buttons for outcome, handicap, total, favorite, as well as sorting by championship and by time. A very convenient option, when you click on the “Favorite” tab, for example, the favorites of all matches are immediately highlighted, which makes life easier for those who like to bet on favorites. Similarly for other sorting tabs.

BK Winline Line Filters


The bookmaker has taken care to provide the player with maximum convenience when navigating the site. And, it should be noted, he did it well. Having dealt with the site, you can save time, not miss important matches and make better deals.