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Trier 420 photos

Looking for where to buy a boat? We can order aluminum and plastic boats on installments and loan from us. Sale of boats at the best prices in St. Petersburg, Moscow and Russia!

Boats. Aluminum and plastic.

Trier 420 photos

Those who want to buy a boat will definitely delight the assortment of Motomarin. More than 550 models from various manufacturers are collected here. Among them, you will find as solutions from eminent foreign companies: Grizzly, Buster, Quicksilver, River Craft, etc.; So products created by skillful domestic shipbuilders: Wyatboat, Vympel or Neman.

Popular motor boats presented in our catalog

Fishing models are the most affordable type of boats in its class. The length of such products is in the range from 4 to 6 meters. During the configuration, engines with a capacity of 40 or 50 horsepower are used (less often you can find solutions for 100 hp). The main task of the fishing boat is to provide the owner with maximum comfort, which implies a lot of interesting options. For example, often rods are installed around the perimeter of the vessel, and some configurations include aquarium with water where you can add caught fish. The most advanced solutions in this class are equipped with a cab (the minimum cost of the boat in this case will increase by about 150 thousand rubles).

Sports and rugging models designed for swimming in open waterquakes. It is allowed to remove from the shore to a distance of a kilometer (in some cases more). The dimensions of the ships from this class are diverse: from 5 to 8 meters. Most models are equipped with a persistent for towing a skier or a vakeboarder. The package of sports and rugging models can include not only the control cabin, but also small cabins, designed for one or two people. Despite the fact that the products are more focused on speed than comfort, decks are often found here for the acceptance of sunbathing and platforms for lowering into water.

What to choose: plastic or aluminum

Consider the main features.

The aluminum boat is not subject to corrosion, it retains its original appearance over many seasons of operation. Another advantage is that this material does not crack, but bends (the decisive factor in a collision with pitfalls). It should also be noted that the aluminum ship is not required to prepare for the winter downtime, which significantly facilitates the process of caring for it.

A plastic boat has a more attractive appearance, but, unfortunately, is very subject to corrosion. The fiberglass is corroded, entering into contact with water. That is why the owner will have to carefully monitor the condition of the vessel and close each crack or scratch on time. Not the last advantage of a plastic boat is that you can buy it inexpensively (in comparison with aluminum).

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