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Fire and Water

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The page contains free online games for boys and boys. Fascinating adventures are delayed from the first seconds, and high -quality graphics pleasantly pleases the players. Choose your favorite flash game, go through interesting levels, find logical solutions and collect valuable items to get points. There is a wide variety of styles. You can play for two and go through quests together at the computer. You can explore the mysterious levels alone. This is a great opportunity to see popular heroes and help in their difficult adventures. Each genre lover can now play for free of gunfire without registration. Each online game easily opens throughout the screen. This function makes gameplay more pleasant, maintaining high quality graphics.


Fire and Water

Exlaim it

Snail Bob


My neighbors zombies

Tom and Jerry Armor

Sonic Armor

Skubi-do a ferment

Mario Armor

Sponge Bob Armor

Dolphin show

Hands of war

Balls of a ferment

Armors for two

Online Games

Delphin show 7 Feel like a clever dolphin, try to impress people with your ideas. Follow all levels for maximum assessment and open the quest bonus.

Dolphin show 6 Significant updating of the famous online game. New levels with higher complexity appeared. Stylish outfits for the pet are more points, make efforts!

Dolphin show 5 The novelty continues fascinating performances when people need to impress their abilities. Flawless graphics and new difficult techniques on the water were made.

Delphin show 4 The fourth part of the online game has unique graphics, the colorful world of water adventures opens here. Arrange a better performance in history.

Delphin show 3 Show first -class performances, performing complex tricks. Attract more spectators to get glasses, and then buy beautiful outfits for a pet.

Delphin show 2 Continuation of fascinating performances when it is necessary to hit the audience and show first -class tricks on the water. Collect a unique outfit for your hero.

Dolphin show 1 Arrange a spectacular show of your talents on the water. Manage dexterous dolphins, show chic tricks and receive means to buy stylish clothes.

Fire and water Sonic Chinese version of the game with Sonic. General rules remained the same, but new levels with more difficult traps and logical tasks appeared.

Fire and water panda A funny option for a popular game, where the main role was occupied by two pandas. The characters are trying to collect valuable objects in the maze, but many traps are around.

Fire and water in a magical country Collect fruits to save a fabulous country. It is ahead to play together and fulfill a single goal. With each level it becomes more difficult.

Fire and water in the maze Play together on a computer, become rivals and try to go a confusing road faster. There are three complexity modes, they are very different in the size of the card.

Fire and water 7 The popular gunfire continues to develop, now the opportunity opens up to go through new adventures. The heroes have to act together and solve common problems.

Fire and water 6 The Japanese version of the popular boil, where you need to go through levels for two. Collect valuable items and try to find a way out of the maze with a bunch of dangerous traps.

Fire and water 5 The fifth of the online game takes place in the horror temple, where heroes should destroy ghosts. Learn to aim aiming and perfectly in these goals for the sake of victory.

Fire and water 4 A confused crystal temple consists of labyrinths, where you need to find the correct passage. Two characters should work together in order to pass the quests.

Fire and water in the forest temple 3 The boy and the girl returned to the forest temple, which has changed a lot. Unusual labyrinths and complex mechanisms appeared. Play together and think.

Fire and water in the icy temple The third part of the game offers a walk around the cold temple, where you need to use a new tactic to perform levels. Play together on a computer and win.

Fire and water 2 Two characters go to the temple of light, where difficult labyrinths are expected with logical tasks. Play together on a computer and go through interesting quests.

Fire and water 1 The first part of the online game, where the girl is water and a boy of fire will visit the mysterious temple of the forest. Passage is done for two, each level requires coordinated work together.

Exlaim it 7 Warrior bombers are again ready to fight in labyrinths. Prepared high -quality graphics, many weapons and fascinating maps for quick battles of heroes.