Bronze Gym S900 Pro for 71990 rubles-buy with delivery in Moscow and regions of the Russian Federation

Bronze Gym S900 PRO spin-bike-at low prices in Moscow with delivery, assembly and official guarantee of the manufacturer. Bronze Gym S900 Pro-characteristics, description and reviews read on our website

Bronze Gym S900 Pro spin-bike

I ordered the Elliptical Sport Elit SE-502D. He was pleased with the work of the manager, thanks to him he helped to pick up and explained- everything in the tops.
Eduard, Apatity of the Murmansk Region, 12/28/18

In the store I purchased an elliptical simulator DFC Luna (We-1005 New). The purchase was the result of a long choice among various online stores.
Zubareva Tatyana Valerievna, 12/06/18

Hello! Finally, my dream came true – I bought an elliper simulator. Thanks to manager Leonid for their professional work, for their help in choosing an ellipsoid.
Love, 08/17/18

They purchased a treadmill, there are no problems with advice and recommendations, it was not very good with delivery (they were sent not “PEK”, but “DL”). The site is good, consultants understanding and knowing. We are satisfied with the choice.
Elena 11/30/18

Hello! I was looking for more than one day an elliptical simulator in different stores that would suit our family in all parameters for classes at home.
Lyudmila, G. Ramenskoye M.O., 02.05.18

Alexander, the equipment came. Thank you very much for the selection: I really liked the path and hyperextensia!
Elena, Kirov 04/27/18

Thanks to the consultant to Alexander! Cool exercise bike!
Leonenko 02/14/18

I ordered the NordICTRACK T12.2 treadmill (NETL12812). My gratitude to the manager Dmitry, who organized everything as agreed!
Salia 10.01.18

Good afternoon. A lot of sponsim to the consultant to Sidorov Alexei for the praze to us help us in the choice of simulators is very polite and sensitive.
Aza and Diana 11/19/16

Hello. We ordered the Elliptical simulator Diamond Fitness X-Rival Cross, came on time, in full configuration, packed perfectly.
Vyacheslav 09.11.16

I ordered the bar for the OV-1200 bar, everything came on time, thanks for the operational work of the managers, I was very pleased with everyone!
Soloviev Alexander 04/26/16

Hello! I ordered two tracks from you, both reached the time in full configuration! The employee Alexei Special thanks for the advice and explanations.
Pavel 04/18/16

I purchased the Dender Panamax T-1196 treadmill. Quickly delivered, works, no complaints. Thanks to the manager Rubtsov Vladimir and all the employees of the company!
Alexander 03/18/16

Good afternoon to everyone! There was of course doubts about the purchase, but took a chance. I did not buy large goods. They did everything wonderful and phoned, and advised what to take.
Sergey 26.01.16

Good afternoon! I purchased a Proxima Legia treadmill in this online store I am very pleased with the purchase.
Elnara 12/30/15

I thank the manager of Vladimir for the sensitive attitude and professional advice. Very nice.
Anastasia 12/28/15

I purchased a Diadora Fitness Circle Cross in your account! I live in Voronezh myself. There were fears that I would pay and they would not bring anything to me. The manager Yegor correctly explained everything to me, sent an account by e -mail, I paid, after I was sent TTN (information about cargo transportation) literally a couple of days later on my simulator.
Vaganov Anatoly Ivanovich 10.12.15

Thanks Vladimir! an expert in his field, responsible, respectful attitude towards the client!
Dmitry 07.12.15

Thank you very much ! Manager Herman advised the Bodi Skulptor treadmill, we are very pleased.
Almira 06.12.15

We received the track from the transport company Delovye Linii (advised in the store) from Moscow to Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug, everything came in perfect condition, packed with high quality, they issued a KKM check, we are very satisfied.
Uray 29.08.15

Thanks to Alexey Sidorov, Alexey chose a trampoline, Alexey advised which one is better, he recently assembled it, everything is really good in the kit and the quality is normal.
Vadim 11.08.15

We thank the manager Alexei Sidorov for his sensitive and attentive attitude, and professional advice when choosing an exercise bike. The goods were received quickly and the exercise bike is satisfied.
Lydia 09.07.15

Many thanks to Nikolai Nikolaevich! He gave good advice, answered all questions and helped with the choice. The whole family is very happy!
Alla 07.06.15

Many thanks to manager Maxim for professional advice and assistance in choosing an elliptical trainer. Thanks for the service and quality product!
Anatoly 21.04.15

I thank the manager Maxim for helping me choose the Montery B-755 Bicycle Ergometer. I want to note the professionalism and the right approach to customers.
George 09.04.15

. Everything was delivered on time, everything is intact and with all the necessary documents!! In our city, there is a similar simulator in TWO (!)! times more expensive! This PETRASPORT I RECOMMEND.
Natalya Petrovna Omsk 31.03.15

I want to thank manager Andrey for help in choosing the Deus elliptical trainer, as well as manager Svetlana for advice.
Julia 28.02.15

On the good recommendation of the manager Alexey, I purchased the Go Elliptical V-450 elliptical trainer in your store.
Victor Ivanovich 01/30/15

Got the treadmill today. Ran – did not regret – what you need.
Valery 02.02.15

Top notch advice. Nowhere have I met so much understanding, respect, professionalism and knowledge of the product.
Tochieva Leyla 21.02.15

Hello! I express my HUGE gratitude:1 to manager Nikolai Rybakov in choosing an elliptical trainer, approach and respect for clients.
Natalia 01.02.15

Many thanks to the manager consultant Alexey. Helped me choose a treadmill. I really liked the approach to the client.
Kirill Koval 28.01.15

Good evening, I express my deep gratitude to Andrey for the sensitivity, professionalism, human kindness shown to me when choosing a simulator.
Valentine 27.01.15

Thanks to the consultant Nikolay Nikolaevich! quickly, competently helped in choosing an exercise bike. I took into account the wishes of the client for the price) good luck to you.
Marina 01/27/15

I have enthusiastic emotions from the DFC M100 treadmill (I got spiritual joy and confidence – I will improve my health!).
Marina 24.01.15

I thank the manager of the consultant Sheshenin Nikolai Nikolaevich. He picked up a model of the simulator that meets all my interests.
L.S 23.01.2015

Good afternoon! . The treadmill, chosen with the help of Alexey, was delivered to me at exactly the appointed time and assembled in 30 minutes by an excellent assembler named Sergey, for which special thanks to him!
Natalia 01/20/2015

I am very pleased with the work of the Petersport store, especially with interaction with manager Alexei! He prompted the right decision when choosing a simulator, quickly sent documents for payment, quickly shipped the goods in the TK PEK, said the details of the shipment.
Sergeev B.L 11.01.15

Good evening, I would like to express my gratitude to Rybakov Nikolai for his ability to communicate with the client, competently and intelligibly.
Tatyana 12/25/14