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Ads for the sale of two -room apartments in Belarus. Two -room apartments, kopecks from the owners and agencies in Belarus. Apartments in any area of ​​Belarus. Addictions are ordered from 61 to 120

Sale of two -room apartments in Belarus

I will sell 2 room apartment in Orsha St. Komsomolskaya 13/15 sq. 6 with a barn in the yard. 50 m.

I will sell a 2-room apartment in Orsha along Karl Marx Street d. 28 (first floor) for an office or a store. A metal door, an intercom, water meters, double -glazed windows, a dignity is combined. Total area of ​​40 square meters.

apartment 2-room, 50 kV, on the 3rd floor, 3-storey brick house

Net sale. Fast to get a deal. Minsk, Leonida Street Bedya house 29, Sovetsky district (district of Y. Kolasa-Riga, Nekrasov, East) House of 2006. The apartment has a good repair. Double -glazed windows.

Selling a two -room apartment. Address st. Central 42. The apartment has 1 balcony, a garbage chute, a basement, partial repair (new wallpaper, stretch ceilings, double -glazed windows). Branded yard, there is nearby.

A bright, warm apartment in a well -maintained area, a living condition, but without much repair

I will sell a 2-room apartment 53.24/10.5/16.3/8.6. The large loggia l = 6.2 with installed double-glazed windows. The infrostructure is in walking distance.

I will sell a 2-room apartment in the city of Khoyniki. G. G. General area 51.48 sq.m. in a five-story brick house, there are water meters, telephone, there is an infrastructure nearby: transport, kindergarten, school, lyceum, recreation center.

I will sell a two -room apartment on Yubileinaya Street. The total area of ​​53 sq. 2 floor of the 5th floor house. San Knot is separate, double -glazed windows, metal. a door. The house was rented in 1990. Nearby is a school, kindergarten.

2x kV in South 4/5, brick. 1968, replaced-the-bed, door, plumbing, laminate, linolium in the kitchen, siding, stretch ceilings, column., Counters. Basement, balcony. Stextual with furniture-kitchen, wardrobe. (Animals.

Selling 2 room apartment 8/9-storey building. Near SS No. 10, Priorbank, Meat-Ryba store, etc. The price is contractual.

Selling 2 apartment in the area of ​​4 schools. General submarine 39 sq.m rooms of separate 17 sq.m kitchen7 sq.m Balcony glazed

A 2-room apartment with a good repair, without furniture, is completely ready for living in a neatly well-groomed house of 1968 Adjacent rooms 45/30/5.6, 2et. 9 floor. Houses. Wooden double -glazed windows.

I will urgently sell! Apartment in the center of Verkhnedvinsk. Two-roomed flat. All communications. 2nd floor of a 2-storey building. Square: 38.62/27.36 stove (under the fireplace) nearby: stop, river, shop, pharmacy, school.

Stalinka, Lenin Ave. 4/4. Brick, balcony with a canopy, SUS SOM. shower-kabina, kitchen-studio, European repair, additionally inside the apartment there is a heated attic of three rooms (43KV.M)

Cozy apartment located in the heart of Minsk, on the Svisloch embankment. The total area of ​​52 m2, separate rooms, ceilings 3 m, overlapping of iron-concrete, there are no supporting walls.The apartment is located on the 2nd floor.

2-room apartment in a new house on Mayakovsky Street, a guarded house with a parking lot. The total area of ​​the apartment is 68 m2, a built -in modern cuisine with household appliances, loggia, European repair, and a picturesque place.

I will sell a 2-room apartment in Molodechno (V. Gastinets, 121) in perfect condition with a new European-European repair and built-in furniture. Sale from the owner. Glazed loggia. The apartment is warm and spacious. The vestibule.

A two -room apartment is sold in Verkhnedvinsk Vitebsk region. House 2000. Buildings, a brick 5-storey. The area of ​​the apartment is 48.6 sq.m., residential 26.6 sq.m., kitchen 8.2. sq.m. Separate bathroom. 2nd.

A 2-room apartment is sold in a brick house in the city center of Rechitsa on the street, 1. The total area is 50.6 sq.m., living area – 32 sq.m. Not a corner very warm and bright apartment. Separate bathroom. AT.

I will sell a 2-room, not privatized apartment without repair on the 5th floor, in a brick, a dignity of separate, privatization at the expense of the buyer.

A 2-room apartment is sold in the city of Khoiyniki. Gomelskaya region of Belarus. The total area is 51.48 sq.m. in a five-story brick house, the second floor, there are water meters, telephone, there is an infrastructure nearby: transport, children's.

A privatized two -room apartment in the northern microdistrict is sold, on the street. Ilyina, d. 30. 1989 construction. 8th floor of a 9-storey building. Lodge, counters, security alarm. Near school No. 15.

A cozy, warm two-room apartment on the 5th floor of a 19-storey building. The year of construction of the house is 2009. Video surveillance was installed in the house and in the adjacent territory. Excellent condition of the apartment! Double -glazed windows.