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Tango tango -tail

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Tagglass tango beaver tail autumn from intacstroy.

Tango tango -tail Tangglus tango beaver tail autumn. Photo 2 Tangglus tango beaver tail autumn. Photo 3 Tangglus tango beaver tail autumn. Photo 4 Tangglus tango beaver tail autumn. Photo 5

Flexible tiles Tangglus tango autumn This is a piece, bitumen containing roofing material. It is used as the main roofing, with an angle of inclination of a slope from 12 degrees to negative angles. The pattern of the finished roof is orthogonal. And the shape of the cut Beaver tail.

Tanglas Tango Autumn is a single -layer flexible tile. The basis is fiberglass canvas with a bitumen -polymond -bustling impregnation, the coating is basalt crumbs.


  • Resistant to decay, mold, corrosion;
  • Durable (warranty period – 30 years)
  • Resistant to temperature drops
  • Frost -resistant
  • Not exposed to burnout
  • It has excellent soundproofing characteristics (in the attic or in the attic, the sound of drops of rain or hail is not heard)
  • Simple in installation
  • Convenient in storage and transportation

Packaging and storage

The name of the parameter Meaning
Package 3 m2
Summer hounds in packaging 21 pcs
Estimated mass packaging 31.5 kg.
Estimated mass coating 1m2 10.5 kg.
Patient weight (gross) 1159 kg
Number of sq. meters of roof on the pallet 108 m2

Autumn tango tanglas is stored in dry closed rooms closed from direct sunlight.

Shelf life – 18 months

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