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Justin Gatlin already came across doping twice.

The famous American runner Justin Gatlin got into the center of the scandal again

Cinema in repetition

Justin Gatlin already came across doping twice.

Gatlin has already twice served a disqualification for the use of prohibited drugs, and between the case became the Olympic champion of Athens. Now his coaches came across.

It turned out a real spy detective. American journalists, having pretended to be two filmmakers who are making a film about light athletics, came to the coach of Gatlin Dennis Mitchell and his agent Robert Wagner C, it would seem, a trifle request to prepare an actor for filming. No problems! – the coach and agent answered and suggested, in addition to training, to use doping – injections of testosterone and growth hormone. They promised everything they needed to import in the United States by smuggling from Austria under a fictional name and for everything about everything requested a modest 250 thousand dollars.

But God with them, if they limited themselves to a commercial offer. Along the way, in a fit of the bad truth, the coach and agent laid Gatlin himself: they say, he still uses testosterone, and in general it is in modern light athletics how to go for bread.

Immediately after the journalists published their investigation, Gatlin fired Dennis Mitchell. And his coach, by the way, is already well known to anti -doping services. He also won the Olympics in 1992. And in 1998, the International Athletics Federation (IAAF) banged him for too high the level of testosterone.

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