City Day in Kazan 2021: The poster of the holiday.

Where to go to Kazan on August 30 – the program of the City Day and the Republic of Tatarstan 2021

City Day in Kazan 2021: The Poster of the holiday Updated guide

Tatcenter publishes the program of the City and Day of the Republic in the capital and large cities of Tatarstan.

On August 30, the City Day and Day of the Republic will celebrate in Kazan. In the poster – traditional folk festivities, film screenings, district holidays and a pyromusive show.

On a holiday, the opening of new objects is planned. Citizens and guests of the city are invited to take a walk at once in two landscaped sections of the Kazanka embankment.

The first of them is a walking area on the left bank: from the Kremlin to the Kirov Dam. The second is a plot from the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan to the Millennium bridge.

What to visit in Kazan August 30: Program

At 9:30, the Harley-Davidson motorcycle club starts on the square of the Kazan Family Family. For the audience, they prepared a motor-artillery show and a rock concert with the participation of the Hitoboi group.

At 11:00, the republican folk art Play, accordion! – Uinagiz, Garmunnar! The festival will be held for the 36th time.

At 12:00 on the embankment of Lake Kaban, the Festival of the National Costume of Milli Kiim starts. In addition to the traditional market, the organizers prepared a rich lecture and music programs.

At 14:00 in the Kazan Kremlin, the Tat Cult festival will begin. Among the headliners are alternative musicians Aigel, Electro Hafiz, Guido Mebius and others.

From 14:00 in the Staro-Tatar settlement will be held the festival of folk song and dance art “Kazan sөlges” (“Kazan towel”).

At the same time, traditional horse races will begin at the Kazan Hippodrome. In addition to races for the prize of the President of the Republic of Tatarstan and the Kazan City Hall, a concert program is waiting for the assembled.

At 16:00 in the cinema Mir the day of the Tatarstan cinema starts. Guests will be offered three local films. The entrance to the shows is free, you can book a place in the hall on the cinema website.

In the evening program of the holiday on August 30, concerts, performances, festivals and salute are planned.

At 17:00 at the center of the Kazan family, a festive concert program will begin. Among the participants, Rishat Tukhvatullin, Firtus Tyamaev, Brainstorm and Cream Soda groups are declared.

At 19:00 in the building of the City Hall, the artists of Kazan theaters will present a poetic performance – they will read excerpts from the most famous works of Russian and Tatar poets on the balconies of the building. Reading will be accompanied by a light show projected directly to the executive committee building.

At 20:00 in the square in front of the Palace of farmers, the Opera Open Autumn Open Autumn Festival will be held. Together with the State Symphony Orchestra of the Republic of Tatarstan, the soloists of the Bolshoi Theater Dmitry Cheblykov (baritone) and Maria Barakova (Mezzo-Soprano) will perform.

At 22:00, a traditional salute will begin over the area of ​​Kazanka.This year the organizers promise a real pyrotechnic show. Fireworks will be accompanied by musical accompaniment. It will be possible to hear it by connecting to the radio station Bolgar Radiosy (frequency 91.5 FM).

Those who do not want to travel to the central part of the city on August 30 will be able to have fun within their area. The Executive Committee has identified five venues that will host master classes, sports competitions, and concert programs as part of the City of Childhood project:

the area in front of the Center for Extracurricular Activities of the Aircraft Building District (12a Simonova St.);

playground in front of the center of preschool education Zarechye (st. Okolnaya, 23);

square on Avangardnaya street;

a playground in front of the children's art center Children's Academy (Pionerskaya St., 10);

What to visit in Kazan on August 28-29

This year, the holiday on August 30 fell on a Monday, which means that the inhabitants of the republic have two more days to have a good rest. We tell you which sites you can visit on the weekend of August 28 and 29.

By tradition, during the holidays, the Kamalovsky Theater will show several productions. You can visit the most popular performances any day from 25 to 29 August.

Kazan Youth Theater a month before the official opening of the season will show three performances. Performances can be viewed from 25 to 29 August.

On August 28-29, the National Library of the Republic of Tatarstan will host the All-Russian multi-genre festival of creative industries City – RE'ACTOR. The program includes educational lectures, discussions, master classes, a market and exhibitions of installations. Among the invited guests: businessman Donat Mukhametshin, fashion historian Vika Chuma Party and director Ilya Naishuller.

The traditional ethnic festival Krutushka will be held in the Baitik camp on August 28-29. The organizers promise performances by singer Namgar from Buryatia, Radik Tyulyush from Tyva, Mubai from Tatarstan. Master classes, lectures, a fair and exhibitions are also planned as part of the festival.

On August 28, the White Flower Day event, a symbol of the fight against tuberculosis, is planned in Black Lake Park. Guests will enjoy master classes and lectures by doctors, art performances and an evening of retro records. The organizers ask you to come to the festival in white clothes.

The opening of the All-Russian festival of Tatar folklore Tugarak uen will be held on August 28 at 19:00 in front of the Chulpan Cultural Center. The event will last until August 30 at the same venue.

On August 29, on the territory of the Old Tatar settlement, the festival of modern Tatar culture Pejan bazaary starts. There will be a design market, a food court and a lecture hall.

On August 29, opera lovers are invited to the National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan. Here at 19:00 the festival Good Music will begin. Soloists of the opera studio of the Kazan Conservatory will perform in the museum hall. Arias and duets from the performances Khoja Nasretdin, Ildar, Tyulyak, Blue Shawl, Hirer, Jalil will be performed.

Which streets will be blocked in Kazan on August 30

Road restrictions in Kazan will come into effect from August 27. Some streets near the Kremlin will be closed until September 2.

Automobile traffic will be suspended on the Millennium Square and May 1, on the street. Sh. Marjani, S. Hakim. A full list of blocked streets and a schedule for their closure can be found here.

On August 30, on the Day of the Republic and the City, the operating time of passenger transport will be increased in Kazan until 23:30.

Festive program in the cities of Tatarstan

AT Naberezhnye Chelny An equestrian sports festival, concert and theatrical programs and, of course, fireworks are planned for the Republic Day. TatCenter published a detailed poster of the city holiday earlier.

AT Nizhnekamsk part of the holiday program will be transferred online. A large festive telethon is scheduled to be broadcast live on the NTR channel, which will begin at 16:00. On August 30, Solnechnaya Polyana will host a football Friendship Match with the participation of representatives of small and medium-sized businesses and municipal authorities, as well as festive events dedicated to the streets of Nizhnekamsk.

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