Clubs of Veliky Novgorod, their diversity and types

Clubs of Veliky Novgorod

Veliky Novgorod clubs, their variety and types – here everyone will find something suitable for themselves, from the brightest entertainment to relaxing in the company

Clubs in Veliky Novgorod

Clubs of Veliky Novgorod


The largest club association in Veliky Novgorod is Chudomama. The creators position themselves as a club of thrifty parents. Founders and members often hold charity events for various segments of the population. There are almost 80,000 members on the official website.

In Veliky Novgorod, many citizens try to maintain their health and ideal figure. Therefore, there are no problems with fitness clubs in the city. The most popular places to shape your body are: Record, women's clubs Aphrodite and Non Stop, family fitness center Atmosfera. As you can see, care is shown not only for young bachelors, but also for families and women.

Man lives not only by work alone. Rest is also important. It is especially good to have a rest for the still carefree youth. There are five most popular nightclubs in Veliky Novgorod, which are preferred by the townspeople. The White Nights club scored a high rating: here you can relax in safety, buy inexpensive drinks. The Bunker club has slightly lost its positions. The oldest nightclub is the Night Ocean – it is already 10 years old. LedNightClub is a place where a cozy atmosphere and relaxation reign.

Veliky Novgorod has its own football club. In 2019, the Electron football team took part in the Russian Football Cup. The match ended in defeat for the team. But the main thing is participation. Truth?

The Scarlet Sails Club has long proved itself positively from a pedagogical point of view. Children, teenagers, and just young people can take interest courses here, or you can attend circles at your discretion. Thus, the young man is busy and develops in the right direction.

If we are talking about clubs, then it is worth mentioning the computer clubs of Nizhny Novgorod and Internet cafes. They allow young people to spend their time usefully: play games, find and download the necessary information, and just chat with friends online. Some of them operate around the clock.

For preschool and school age there is a whole network of sports associations and sections.

Here are the main ones:

  • sports club Horizon. The main direction is rhythmic gymnastics;
  • the Manege sports complex trains children in acrobatics, basketball, and hockey;
  • developing studio Little genius leads the chess section;
  • the Kendo Club in Veliky Novgorod trains children in martial arts and martial arts;
  • DYuSSh No. 3 accepts and trains those wishing to sail;
  • The Ice Hockey Federation teaches children this sport.

And at their discretion, children can try their hand at gymnastics, equestrian sports, learn professional skiing, arm wrestling, swimming, acrobatics, darts, freestyle wrestling, cycling, fencing.And all this is on a professional basis, in the future with the assignment of the discharge.

The Club of Young Sailors or the Children's Sea Center Kum has existed in the region for more than 40 years. There is everything for the working atmosphere: training rooms, sports halls, workshops, their own base on the Volkhov River, Moor, boats, land plot. Club members train on real ships along the seas and lakes of Russia. Great Novgorod has something to be proud of!

Thus, it becomes clear that in the city every resident from small to great can find a club for his own individual interests.