Comics in Russia. Where to get it?

Comics in Russia. Where to get it? The root cause of the indiscretion of the comic industry in Russia is not the unpreparedness of the market, but the fact that very few stores want to purchase comics and put them on

Comics in Russia. Where to get it?


The root cause of the indiscretion of the comic industry in Russia is not the unpreparedness of the market, but the fact that very few stores want to purchase comics and put them on their regiments. Take at least one of the most common chains of bookstores (and it is in bookstores that comics are sold) – a book labyrinth.
Personally, I am a regular in the stores of this network, since one of them is only 100 meters from my house, and I saw a section (or rather three shelves) only a couple of months ago. In this section there are only “large” comics in with solid covers and glossy pages. It would be okay, but they are much more expensive than recommended by the publishing house!

Such a lyrical digression that came out somewhat clumsy. As you already understood, to take comics in bookstores-how to buy a Chinese smartphone in Russia (who does not understand a joke-even Chinese phones in our country put a non-fingered margin), so you need to buy in specialized comic shops, of which there are not many in Moscow. but quite enough:

Comics store Chuk and GIK
The first store I visited. Located in the heart of Moscow, at the metro station Tverskaya. The store is small, but offers a fairly wide range of comics, books, artbooks and other things that are pleasant for the geek. And there is a cool girl-seller.
If you do not have enough assortment offered by this store, you can drive literally two stations and find the second chain store, which is located at Novokuznetskaya station. There is a larger assortment and even there are sets of Warhammer 40,000.

Comics store 28th
The store located at the Dmitrovskaya station on the territory of the Flacon design plant (in which your humble servant works in the buildings. ”
The assortment of the store is also not very large, but everyone can find something to their liking. If you understand the comics a little more than in any way, good consultants will help you.

Rocket Comics store (now closed, but promised to return)
Alas, I have never been with them. Closed in the summer for unknown reasons.

Online store Ozon
No, I did not in vain attribute Ozone here, because it is in this store that you can order almost any comics with a minimum margin with delivery to some cities (it will already need to be clarified here).

In principle, everything. I described only the shops that are in Moscow, so I provide you with the search for a comic shops in my city. I did not describe where you can buy digital versions and where to get the originals of some publications purely because I am a fan of physical publications in Russian.

Where are you buying?

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Yes, in general, the choice is small-“Chuk and Huck”, and “28th”. There was no Magazi themselves, but the first site makes a completely depressing impression – the assortment is simply nothing. The 28th is a little better, but when I bought comics from them, they brought them to me for almost a week and a half some kind of courier service, despite the fact that the store is in Moscow time. In short, this is some kind of total fucked up. Or you really have to go to them alive and gutting warehouses – I heard that both dick stores are put on updating the catalog on the sites.

You are right, on the sites of both are rarely updates and they post updates to VK groups. Alive at both stores, the assortment is enough for you to find something interesting for yourself. This is especially true for Chuk and GIK, which is on Novokuznetsk.

I would add psto with links for sites/groups and other interesting places. Dick with her with advertising, here all his own =) Simple, damn it, is it really so difficult for them to do and at least the Exlevsky catalog? They have one hell with accounting, you can just make unloading out of it. And then, damn it, to drive the magazines in search of a specific thing, well, it does not end at all.