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Radicalization in honor of November 7, the Communists postponed the Action in memory of the Komsomol Communist Party presents as a real procession on Red Square. Photo by the Moskva agency of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, on the one hand,

Radicalization in honor of November 7, the communists postponed

holiday, revolution, Communist Party, street shares, regions

The action in memory of the Komsomol is presented by the Communist Party as a real procession along Red Square. Photo by Moscow agency

The Communist Party, on the one hand, does not refuse to celebrate the key holiday of the left forces – the next anniversary of the revolution on November 7th. Moreover, the Communist Party declares that they do not intend to refrain from going out into the streets in honor of the main red day of the calendar. But, on the other hand, next Sunday the communists, according to NG, will focus not on the current political agenda, as in the old days, but on the memorial component.

As it became known to NG, the Communist Party of the Russian Federation did not submit applications for rallies and marches in Moscow on November 7. It was announced on the party website that on this day, flowers will be laid at the Lenin Mausoleum and the memorial complex to the heroes of the revolution near the Kremlin wall.

In general, most likely there will be a repetition of the events of October 29, when a solemn event was held in the same place in honor of the next anniversary of the creation of the Komsomol, but not the current one, but still the former one – Lenin's. On that day, a fairly large group of people with red flags moved freely around this corner of Red Square, as if depicting both a procession and a rally. Interestingly, the leader of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation Gennady Zyuganov was not at the Kremlin wall last Friday, but on November 7 he will definitely arrive. Because the Komsomol experiment, of course, agreed with the authorities – everything is decided by the FSO on Red Square, the communists recognized it as successful.

In Moscow, the entire faction of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation in the State Duma, members of the Central Committee, the Moscow city committee and the regional committee near Moscow, as well as left-wing allies from the people's patriotic bloc, for example, the Left Front of Sergei and Anastasia Udaltsov, will take part in the day of the revolution. However, the celebration in the regions remains a big question due to the non-working days announced in the country due to covid, that is, some kind of soft lockdown. Even when it was not officially there, the communists could not get approvals for street actions practically anywhere. It is clear that now they most likely will not even accept applications.

Mukhamed Bidzhev, a lawyer for the Moscow city committee, told NG that this time no applications for rallies and marches were filed due to senselessness, since the last time we were denied a rally. Therefore, it was initially decided not to try to organize a rally, not to interact with the mayor's office and the prefectures of the capital, but to agree with the commandant of the Kremlin on holding a rally, since, according to the law, no approval from the authorities is required.At the same time, Bidzhev added that the head of the headquarters of protest actions, deputy chairman of the Central Committee, Vladimir Kashin, gave the regions the installation of laying flowers in Lenin's monuments and other memorials of the revolution. “It will be not so much political as a solemn and memorable event. But the regions are different, everywhere there are different conditions, where it is possible, or where they previously coordinated something, applications were submitted, ”he said.

Moreover, the deputy chairman of the Central Committee Dmitry Novikov claimed NG that since November 7 is “one of the main holidays”, and the Kovid restraints of the Communists “never stopped”, then the headquarters and the Central Committee, they say, gave the team to celebrate the anniversary of the revolution on the streets . “The dynamics with the epidemic is different everywhere, in the regions there are different restrictions – and from the degree of rigidity of these restrictions, we tidied in the field. Where it is possible, they also submitted applications to rallies, pickets, demonstrations. Where they refuse traditional demonstrations, it was decided to hold events in the form of solemn meetings, single pickets and laying flowers to the monuments to the heroes of the revolution. In any case, we do not forget about the red dates of the calendar and do not leave the street. And the presentation procedure is the same everywhere, but now there are few approvals. In any case, we held a powerful event in Moscow and regions on October 29 and now we will spend, ”Novikov said.

Meanwhile, NG did not find information about submitted applications for street shares. It remains only to guess whether the Communist Party decided to establish relations with the authorities, which means to stop frontal to better times. Or the Communist Party is simply afraid to show its weakness by the fact that each time in response to mass refusals in approvals, it does not bring people to protests at least against restricting the constitutional right to freedom of assembly.

The President of the Russian Association of Political Consultants, Alexei Kurtov, explained NG: “The Communist Party of the Communist Party and remains the opposition party and, of course, it will not stop any front, because the Communists are not beneficial from the point of view of electoral prospects. But now the situation is such that non-working days are announced, in the country again some special situation. Why make a decision that will turn against the party? The Communists simply decided not to configure public opinion against themselves by insisting on broad street demonstrations. Therefore, as last year, the leaders of the Communist Party will go to the leaders of the revolution, relations with the authorities have nothing to do with it. ”