Corporate volleyball team Intop-Media.

Individual volleyball training

Our company has employees with an active life position. We love to actively spend their free time and created our corporate volleyball team in St. Petersburg.

Volleyball team

Individual volleyball training

Inter-media employees regularly take part in rolporian volleyball tournaments. To take first places, you need to train regularly. The most effective and quick way to obtain the highest sports results is an individual training with a professional beach volleyball coach. After you learn how to play at the amateur level, it will be very effective to participate in tournaments paired with a coach. He […]

Volleyball Cup 2020

As many have known for a long time, our company is not only engaged in promoting and optimizing sites, but also actively fond of sports. Our next victory is the Silver Final Cup in the anniversary volleyball tournament on the sand from Work Sport, which was held on March 15, 2020! We defeated the enemy with a score of 2: 0!

Volleyball Cup

The Corporate Volleyball Team of Intop-Media took first place in the amateur tournament of the North Coast Cup on September 1, 2019. The winners were not only awarded with diplomas and medals, but also presented a day of residence in the cottage on the lake. Video from awarding:

Volleyball Summer Cup 2019

The Inter-Media team in corporate volleyball took 1st place in the tournament “Summer Cup 2019”, which took place on June 15 in St. Petersburg. Video from the Corporate Tournament Summer Cup 2019

Tournament March 16, 2019

The Into-Media team took 2nd place in the volleyball tournament among corporations. The next tournament Rosglavport Cup was held in the Siber arena on March 16, 2019. Thank you all for the excellent game! Video from the tournament:

Tournament Sibur Arena

We are third at a prestigious volleyball tournament among corporate teams, which was held in the Siber arena on October 28.

On October 21, Intop Media took part in the largest IT volleyball tournament in St. Petersburg. 12 teams participated. In a stubborn and honest struggle, we managed to take an honorable second place. Closed the event TV channel 78.

On May 19, 2018, the final game of the League of the Champions of Business in volleyball, which ended with a bright award ceremony, was held. So during the hot struggle of the strongest corporate teams of St. Petersburg, the eighth volleyball season was completed. The final of the League of the Champions of Business in volleyball at the beginning of the tournament with a welcoming speech by the participants was addressed by the director of the tournament Igor Kiselev, a judge, a master of sports of international class, […]

The volleyball team of Intop-Media

On May 6, 2018, the national team of Intop-Media and the North-West plant won two strong-willed victories over the national teams of VTB Bank and Gazprom Corporate Sales. Both games ended with our victory with a score of 2-0 the most difficult turned out to be the second batch with the VTB team. At the end of the party, the opponent began to catch up with us. But the captain of the team in time showed the will to victory and skill […]

Last weekend, the all-Russian IT and Telecom Cup 2017 tournament in beach volleyball among corporate teams was held. In a very active and exciting fight, the volleyball team of Intop-Media LLC was able to show a worthy result and took an honorable 2nd place! Second place in the corporate volleyball tournament Such a very important tournament was attended by strong, well-known […]

Last Saturday, September 16, a corporate beach volleyball tournament was held at the All-Union Central Council of Trade Unions Pesok in a 4×4 format. 10 worthy teams competed for the Vyacheslav Krasilnikov Cup: NWRC of Concern VKO Almaz-Antey; Liman-trade; Armalite; StarLine; CompMechLab; ItopMedia; Veeam; Northern Design Bureau; Saima; STGT. After the grand opening of the competition, the teams introduced themselves to each other and the draw began, as a result of which the teams were distributed […]

Last Monday, February 6, the Intop-Media volleyball team played against the Petersburg Vodokanal team. The match was held at the Metrostroy Sports Complex at 11/7 Levashovsky Prospekt. Both teams have shown themselves at a decent level. The game was tense. In the first game, the opponent had the advantage, but in the second half of the match, the Intop-Media players seized the initiative and leveled the score. The decisive factor was […]

Regional television TKT-TV covered the final of the Open Championship in volleyball among mixed teams of the Krasnogvardeisky district, in which the Intop-Media team played against OBKP 21. The competition is held for the second year in a row. During this time, the number of participating teams has doubled. The battle for third place ended with a small difference of 1 point in favor of the OBKP 21 team. The […]

The 2nd Volleyball Championship of the Krasnogvardeisky District with the participation of Intop-Media has ended. “The competition lasted more than 3 months, the teams played 55 games. 10 teams participated in the tournament, which first held a one-round tournament, and then revealed the strongest in the playoff matches. As in any cup competition, it was not without surprises, the favorite teams had to work hard to prove their advantage. A real gem […]

Last Sunday, November 13, the match of the Open Championship of the Krasnogvardeisky district of St. Petersburg in volleyball among mixed teams between the teams of OBKP 21 and Intop-Media took place. OBKP 21 team won with a score of 3:2. Record of the match:

Already this Sunday, November 13 at 11:00, the Open Volleyball Championship among mixed teams of the Krasnogvardeisky district will take place. The Intop-Media team will take part in a serious fight for the 3rd place. Address: st. Metallistov, d. 19/30, SC Na Metallistov. Entrance to the game is FREE. Come, we are waiting for everyone!

OPEN VOLLEYBALL CHAMPIONSHIP OF THE KRASNOGVARDEYSKY REGION AMONG MIXED TEAMS PARTICIPANTS: OBKP -21 Ladoga – light Extreme Gatling No ideas Intop-Media volleyball tournament schedule) 1 round. August 17, 2016 […]