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Review of the owner of Chery Tiggo 8 – Travel. It just so happened that 2020 was marked by Pandemia, inaccurate in the army and to a heap with my marriage … again). And therefore it was decided, it was me, they allowed me to decide like that), will go on a wedding trip to the Crimea. I always wanted to go there, to be honest, but so far he was at the fraternal people, something …

Crimea 2020. Part one. Road.

It just so happened that 2020 was marked by Pandemia, inaccurate in the army and to a heap with my marriage … again). And therefore it was decided, it was me, they allowed me to decide like that), will go on a wedding trip to the Crimea. I always wanted to go there, to be honest, but while he was with the fraternal people, I didn’t want to go there at all, firstly, not ours, you never know what could be in a foreign land, and secondly, steam. And judging by the stories there, a lot of fools climb through all the cracks and corners, and I try to avoid such gentlemen. But it so happened that both our peninsula and ours made the bridge, which pleases, and I love bridges more than ferries. In addition, I really wanted to look at this outlandish structure until it washed away))), as some sofa experts say.
And since I am a noble lover of YouTubov and Tyskav and watch all sorts of things about cars once, back in 2018, video for adults of the Club Service channel, where adult man Ilya, tells how funny to relax in Crimea , and especially in Koktebel at the Lexx hotel, but indicated that the rest in this place is not cheap, but pleasant, which bribed me. I love pleasantly. And the thought crept in to me that it would be necessary to drive Lexx to that hotel

I saw the price tag and changed my mind, for such a price in 2018 I have a vacation in Turkey for 10 days and I will not go to Crimea, I am in my mind.
So, on the nose, the wedding, a month later, and I look again that the most notorious channel. And again, Ilya is an adult, broadcasts for rest in the Crimea. I am like that – or can drive, well, at least for a few days, suddenly it will not be so expensive in the season. And yes, in September it is not a season and the price below and the price decided not to take a lot, and then I also came up with, since we’ll go by car, live in Crimea in different places. Since the wedding was scheduled for September, at the beginning of the second decade, I became preparing for our journey. He notified almost his wife about our trip, which she was very happy, notified the authorities, which she reacted monopisualistically, got acquainted with the weather archive over the past years, realized that it was possible to go, the weather of the norms, booked places in the guests and built the route with the help of the Divine Yandex. Navigator. And he began to wait for the wedding day, not because the wedding, but because on this day we start on vacation.
This is not the first time to go to the south by car, I love the distant ligs by car, I like the process itself. New places, new cities, people, deer on the roads in each area are special. In short, interesting.This time I decided to change the route of movement, asked people, smoked forums and composed a relatively new path. In most cases, I traveled like this: Perm-Votkinsk-Izhevsk-Naberezhnye Chelny-Samara-Saratov-Pushkin-Volgograd, after Volgograd, if on the Black Sea, then Elista is Stavropol-Maykop-Shamyani Pass-Motupsa, if the Sea of ​​Azov: Kalach -On-Don, Morozovsk, Rostov-on-Don-Kanevskaya-Primorsko-Akhtarsk, a good town, we like it there. This time, after Izhevsk, he decided to leave, like Ivan the Terrible, to Kazan, only from the diameter side. Before reaching Kazan, he turned to Alekseevskoye- Bulgarians- Ulyanovsk- Inza- Penza (there is no need to go there between Rtishchevo and Balashov such an ass in 2019, it is not necessary)- Borisoglebsk- Boguchars- Shakhty-Rostov- Podna – Bypass of the scarves through Starominskaya – Timashevsk – Slavyansk – on -Kuban – Bridge – Koktebel.

Separately, I want to say what I used on a trip for navigation and compliance with the speed mode. First, Yandex. The navigator has been traveling to the south for several years. I download off-line cards just in case and perfectly food even if there is no Internet. Initially, for convenience, I am a route in Yandex thoroughly. Maps on my computer, then I send the route to the mail, I open it in mobile Yandex. Maps route and starting to move already in the navigator. Secondly, in order to comply with the speed mode in parallel with warnings from Yandex. I put the navigator with an old radar detector, it is useful every year less and less active radars are almost gone, and additionally use the program “Strelka” (for the iPhone) for Android, too, but somehow called differently. As a result, I brought 2 fines, but it was guilty of ignoring the warnings. In past times, I usually did not bring anything
So the long -awaited start day came. In the evening, at 19-20 hours we plunged into the car. Of course, they took with them all the flowers from the wedding, as not, a wedding dress, and everyone on the road and hit the road. The goal was to get to Mozhga to the night. Many people know this small PGT located almost on the border of Udmurtia and Tataria in the subject that every student has or was in my childhood) and

. They never spent the night from the start, like 280 km from Perm, but it saved us 4-5 hours, and my wife does not allow me to ride at night and so as not to profess the whole paid day in Koktebel decided to do so. Leave in the evening and spend the night in Mozhga.
We slept sweetly, because on the eve the day was shabby and vain, but cold. Nights are already cold in September, and heating was economical in the room, i.e. There was no one) they gave 550 r from the face of the face, which is not expensive. And the wife began to swap in the morning and this is all against the backdrop of coronavirus). Almost nothing interesting happened on the way. The usual track, few cars, vacationers, traveling south, I don’t want to go in short. I enjoy the food, a new car, my wife, again, rejoice at the sun and not very hot weather (about +20) on the way it is, I look forward to rest in the Crimea.And suddenly somewhere in Tataria in the fields, a warning on the tidy caught fire. Hop-hop. The pressure in the rear wheel 0 and the temperature minus 39 (photo of the removal). The first thought was struck, struck, but the benefit of the repair kit with himself. Then look again the temperature minus 39 … Gluck, I thought joyfully. I brake, go out, go around the car, it is. The cylinder is working, pumped up. He drowned the car, stood, started. Did not help. Yes, and dick with him, the Chinese, what will you take from them. I'll go like that. We went literally 100 meters and Voel, everything was repaired. Fixiki is not otherwise. In addition to this annoying incident, other jamb from the car was not noticed. Separately, the gasoline consumption was pleased, in some areas the average consumption was 7.4 liters per 100, on average 7.8 came out in the entire train. Not VAG, of course, but also very worthy.

They wanted to spend the night somewhere in the area of ​​the Voronezh, Rostov regions in the hope that it is no longer a season and relax 5-6 hours no more for sane money, as in Mozhga. The night, or rather the final fatigue overtook me under the city of Kalach, in the Voronezh region. While approaching the village of a peasant (we call him a peasant to anyone in offense), they began to look for an overnight stay, they found nothing there, or there was nothing, the felts were already busy and I don’t remember. Further before us there was a village, also with a poetic name, a ruff. In it, I was able to sing the hotel guest yard of the holes. Two people were gnawing in the parking lot, smoked, a guy and a girl both about 20+ years. I went out to find out for the night, they immediately told me 1800 r from the face! I already swept, even the rural finally lost shame. Che is so expensive, we need to sleep for 5-6 hours. Well then, 1300 r from the face. For example, in Yalta for a day, 2100 seemed to be for two. Of course, he switched them in his head and went into the car. He told his wife for prices. She swept them already in hearing, and we went on. It should be replaced that the whole second day to the wife was very uneasy of her and there was a temperature, his throat and head was sick. Still, a walk on the day of a wedding at +12 in one dress and night in Mozhga affected. We reached Kalach 5 kilometers, probably, at the ship’s gas station, they stopped spending the night right in the car. Fortunately, they took with them specially sleeping bags for such a case. They thought if we lay out the back row of seats and there will be a two -meter bed, but no. There were a lot of things, flowers and other nonsense, and it was too lazy to throw a gear to the front, and there was already 2 nights. So they fell asleep on the front seats wrapped in the sleeping bags. We slept little for not more than 5 hours, and maybe 4x. With dawn, they drove further. The wife became a garbage: acute sore throat, runny nose, temperature under 39. It lies with a lying, kicked out onto the back row, which was better for her, there the sun tinted so bakes and you can get more comfortable. I didn’t want to leave, I was with my husband, I and my husband. I also have the wife of the Decembrist. It starts to drink to me as a professional pharmacist’s pharmacist last, if it doesn’t pass by itself)) Fortunately, this time it was tilted strongly and began to drink the wheels already on the day of the second day, which surprised me. Maybe I didn't want to get sick on vacation).
The third day of the journey.The wife is storm, the next pharmacy in the Rostov region is the next wheels and another pharmacy already in the Krasnodar Territory and again the wheels. In the car, the heat, and the wife is shivering, does not allow the condo to turn it on, with open windows it is also not a varik on the street under 30 plus noise, dust, in short, infuriates everything. Time for 3-4 days we drive to the Crimean bridge. Traffic jams, road repair, nuts, deer are not roads – high. The wife begins to release medicines and the dream brought their results, but for another day she will not be very, but already very tolerable. Already sitting not in a woolen jacket, begins to show signs of life and ask to eat. What pleases me very much. We enter the bridge. A chic structure, as a builder, I appreciated this structure. I can imagine how much money, labor, time is invested. How difficult it was to conduct research, to carry out the project and build this “Miracle of Light” the bridge is very worthy. I try to attract my wife's attention to the bridge, but it is difficult for her. She is half a day, but a bit turns her head and what she nods in response. I think out of politeness. We drove the bridge drove to the Tavrida highway. Fortunately, for our arrival, she was finally completed to Sevastopol. The road is chic, local and Mauscvichi fly along it like half -breath, which is not surprising. Well, slowly, we go to the appointed point. It is better to be at 5 at home than the fifth of the fifth in the cemetery. Safety is above all. And here is Koktebel, our hotel, time to the beginning of the seventh. The sun is already moving to the sunset hiding behind the coastal mountains.

They quickly got up, had dinner (dinner at the hotel until 19.00, it’s a shame that not until 20.00). And we went to the sea, I really wanted to buy in September.

Water is so-so about 20-22 degrees a buzz is not enough, to be honest. The air is already cool. But then there are no people almost on the beach, which is good. Once again or two, I bathed in the 4 days that we were in Koktebel, but I did not want it for a checkmark. The wife, because of the illness, was never bathed even once, but she wanted to. After the beach, we went to the room, I terribly wanted to relax from the road all the more with us, we had what was left of the wedding feast, and I also wanted to sleep, and the sun almost sat down.
We came to the room, let's lay out things. More precisely, I was lying on the bed and watched TV, and my wife was shocurning. A call by phone of the hotel. Like you are worried from the restaurant. We were told that you have a wedding. Like yes, we will bring you champagne. And yes, after 5 minutes they bring a local spill champagne (600 rubbish in the store).

A trifle, but nice. We went out onto the balcony sat down in chairs, drank a shampoo on a glass in complete night darkness, only the lighting of the pool diluted the nightmare. And then they cut the lighting of the courtyard of the hotel and ruined everything. Exhausted by the road and ailment, the wife went to bed. And I finished the bottle of champagne and began the second, brought with me, also began. That's how our road to the Crimea came to an end. Seven more days of stay to the Crimea, Safari Park Taigan, Bakhchisarai, the city of Sevastopol, Yalta, the Golitsyn path and much more were waiting for us ahead of us.