Cut seven times; Chelsea; He fired the coach – the winner of the Champions League: Sport.

London Chelsea fired Roberto Di Matteo – a man who led the club a few months ago to victory in the Champions League. The reason for the resignation was bad results in recent matches: in the championship of England, Chelsea did not win since October, and in the Champions League was on the verge of departure, losing to Turin Juventus (0: 3). Dee Matteo became the seventh coach dismissed from Chelsea under Roman Abramovich.

Seven times cut the Chelsea fired the coach – the winner of the Champions League

The London Chelsea fired the head coach Roberto Di Matteo, a man who led the club a few months ago to the first victory in the Champions League in his history. The reason for the dismissal of Dee Matteo was unsatisfactory results in recent matches: in the championship of England, Chelsea did not win since October, and in the Champions League was on the verge of departure, losing to the Turin Juventus (0: 3) on November 20. Dee Matteo became the seventh coach who was fired from Chelsea under Roman Abramovich.

The Italian specialist headed Chelsea in March 2012 after the resignation of Andre Villasha-Boisha. It was assumed that Di Matteo, who worked as an assistant to the Portuguese, will remain the head coach until the end of the 2012/13 season, and then give way to a more experienced specialist (candidates for the position of mentor of the team called Fabio Capello, Rafael Benitsa and even Josep Guardiola). However, under the leadership of Dy Matteo, Chelsea spoke so that it became inconvenient to dismiss the Italian in the summer.

Soberly assessing the capabilities of the team, Di Matteo relied on defensive football. This did not bring “Chelsea” of great success in the championship of the country, but it worked in the Champions League. In the 1/4 finals of this tournament, the Londoners passed Benfica, and in the first semifinals with Barcelona were not ashamed to parish the bus in their penalty. “If you are the best, go through us. And we are not the best, and we know it very well. We are just in the League semifinals, and we are standing a wall for our finals,” wrote Vasily Utkin after the first game, which ended with the victory of Chelsea with an account 1: 0.

In a response, the Londoners missed the first, and then the referee expelled from the field of John Terry, but Chelsea managed to recoup, defended a draw to the Campa Nou and went to the final. Sportalo's Catalan newspaper came out with the heading “How unfair football!”, And Guardiola announced the departure from Barcelona.

In early May, Chelsea won the Liverpool in the final of the Cup of England. After that, the Londoners held two matches in the championship of England, completing this tournament in sixth place, and then played in their main final. The opponent of Chelsea in the decisive match of the Champions League was a brilliant Bavaria, and few put on the victory of the British.

Abramovich's latest victims are Roberto di Matteo and Andre Villas-Boas. Reuters photo

The last victims of Abramovich – Roberto Di Matteo and Andre Villash -Boash. Photo Reuters

The Dy Matteo team stood in their half of the field, and this again brought success.In the 83rd minute, Bayern scored what seemed to be the winning goal, but Drogba equalized and saved the match for Chelsea, and the Londoners were lucky in the penalty shootout. Roman Abramovich's dream came true at the most unexpected moment.

After winning the Champions League, di Matteo remained as a coach, Chelsea bought Belgian Hazard and Brazilian Oscar in midfield and let Didier Drogba go to China. Newcomers to the team quickly settled in, and in the first eight rounds of the English Championship, the Londoners scored seven victories.

Di Matteo's team has changed: the coach refused to bet on defense, Chelsea played beautiful attacking football, compensating for errors in defense with a powerful game in attack. At the start of the season, even Fernando Torres got in shape and finally began to hit the opponents' gates regularly. And when Torres couldn't cope, Juan Mata and Oscar scored.

The turning point was the Champions League match against Shakhtar in Donetsk. The Ukrainian Brazilians deservedly won (2:1), and Chelsea after that things went awry. With terrible refereeing, the Londoners lost in the championship to Manchester United (2:3), and in the next game of the national championship they failed to cope with Swansea (1:1).

In the home game against Shakhtar, Moses' goal in stoppage time gave Chelsea a 3-2 win, but things didn't improve for di Matteo and his team, but only got worse. A draw with Liverpool (1:1) was followed by a defeat against West Bromwich Albion (1:2). They say that after the game with the “WBA” di Matteo lost his nerve – the coach allegedly yelled at the players in the locker room.

The moment of truth for the Italian was to be a match with Juventus. At a press conference before this game, journalists asked di Matteo almost exclusively about a possible resignation. The bookmakers who put on Chelsea's victory were ready to pay out nine times the winnings, but the Londoners did not need to be heroic – in Turin, the team had enough of a draw. However, di Matteo could not achieve it.

Juventus scored their first goal in the 38th minute. In the second half, Turintsy scored twice more, but they could have put Chelsea on four goals. The advantage of Juve in the second half of the meeting was undivided. I chose a squad that I was sure would win or at least draw, di Matteo said after the match. I'm to blame and I take responsibility for the game and the result, the coach stressed. Forgive me, – read in his eyes. But Di Matteo worked at Chelsea, and at Chelsea it is not customary to forgive. In another team, di Matteo would have been given a job, but Abramovich remained true to his unofficial motto – Fire the coach in any incomprehensible situation.

Benitez, Guardiola and Harry Redknapp are considered the main contenders for Di Matteo's place. However, Guardiola, according to media reports, is not going to London, and Redknapp's candidacy is hardly worth considering seriously, especially since this coach seems to be invited to the Ukrainian national team.

There remains Benitez, who, after the failure at Inter in 2010, is afraid to call anywhere.The Spaniard is regarded as one of the most knowledgeable professionals in the world, but the complex nature and poor results of his teams in recent years have seriously undermined the reputation of this coach. Perhaps a contract with Chelsea is the last chance for Benitez to prove himself in a big club. As for the 42-year-old di Matteo, he will have no shortage of job offers. The winners of the Champions League are not lying on the road.