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The Mail.Ru Game Center is a service from a domestic IT giant containing a large number of free games.

Game Center 3.1285

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Like many others, I am quite skeptical about the products of An important role in the formation of such a stereotype was played by their aggressive policy in the spread of their software. Nevertheless, the game center still managed to pleasantly surprise.

The product of domestic development is quite different from foreign analogues, such as Steam and Origin. There are no games from eminent developers, but most of the positions of the local store are free. More precisely, these are mainly representatives of the Free2Play Ugro, but now this is not about. Let's look at the client himself.


Game Catalog in the Game Center

A variety of games, surprisingly, rather big. First of all, there is a division into client, browser, mini-games, simple, TCP (public test server). Also in the invested menu you can choose a specific genre that interests you. When choosing a product, you will be redirected to its page, where you can familiarize yourself with the description, screenshots, videos, secrets and articles on the game. Prices due to the reason indicated above are absent. It is worth noting an interesting feature – when choosing some positions, they immediately start, without installation. Of course, this works only in the case of lightweight incidents.

List of your games

My games in the game center

All downloaded or at least once running products fall into the My Games section. From here you can quickly run them, create shortcuts on the desktop or in the Start menu, as well as delete installation files and the game itself (separately). Here you can monitor the process of downloading and installing new games. Unfortunately, you will not find any statistics on specific products.

Aggregation of thematic articles, news and video

News in the game center

In the “All About Games” section, you can quickly learn about the latest news, as well as read various articles and watch the video. The lion's share of all this diversity was created, obviously, the Mail.Ru, more precisely, its game unit. You can read all these articles on the site, but the game center collects all the materials in a convenient digest. The possibility of sorting is pleasing. For example, in the news section, you can specify a specific date for the search, and in the articles they highlight reviews, previews, secrets and other types.

Game community tape

Ribbon in the game center

Of course, the game community is also not asleep. All screenshots, videos, articles can be shared with the whole community. After that, all the shaved materials fall into the general tape, and so that users do not get lost in the heap of all this, the developers provide several filters. First of all, you can include only friends of friends. Next, you can specify a specific game, set the minimum rating and type of materials.

Chat in the game center

Yes, again. That's just in the game center, he has one small feature – integration with the “My World” from the same allows you to quickly invite your friends from a social network to chat. Unfortunately, this chat does not work inside the games.

Listening to music

Music in the game center

For this it is worth saying thanks to the same social networks. You can listen to your collection, or you can choose recommendations. There is also a search here and, more interestingly, a system of recommendations. In general, everything is organized quite convenient and beautiful.

Video broadcasts

Video broadcasts in the game center

Game screenshots have long been not surprised. Now the stream of games on such popular platforms as Twitch and YouTube are increasingly gaining popularity. Using the Mail.Ru gaming center, you can just start a broadcast by pressing the hot keys (Alt + F6). In the settings, you can set the quality of the video, the bitrate and the broadcast service. In the case of Twitch, you can also select the broadcast server, copy the link to it and give the name to the channel. It is also worth noting that the program is able to record the video in parallel from the webcam-in this case, your image will be broadcast to one of the angles of the video.

The advantages of the program

• Free offers
• Integration with My World
• Ability to listen to music
• news aggregator
• Video broadcasts

The disadvantages of the program

• Lack of personal statistics
• Inability to communicate in the chat during the game