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Author: Nikita Chesnokov Title: Cinema 4D. A basic level of. Hybrid Course (2021) Description: Practice from scratch in Cinema 4D Studio This is a hybrid online course of 12 lessons where theory…

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Get practice from scratch in Cinema 4D Studio
This is a hybrid online course of 12 lessons, where theory is given in the format of high-quality video lessons, and in online classes the emphasis is on reviewing homework and working on specific techniques and techniques.

Do you want to create the design products of the future? In this online course, practice starts from the first lesson. You will master the program step by step, creating stylish animations, which will then be included in your new portfolio. The course is perfect for anyone who wants to master Cinema 4D Studio from scratch and learn how to create a super-complex product using two or three tools. Stuck on a certain level? Do you want to make a qualitative leap and finally raise the price tag for your services? Learn how to make 3D for motion design, master modeling and visualization and your skills will grow in value.

Do you want to create not only beautiful, but also successful projects? The course is taught by Nikita Chesnokov, a stubborn practitioner whose courses are extremely focused on a commercially acceptable result. He immediately sharpened the program to create such still-shots and animations that will allow you to justify the high price tag for your services immediately after the end of the course. At the same time, an understanding will come of what exactly needs to be done in the market in order to be expensive. Right on the course, you will create relevant, bold, fun and daring projects in the field of design, motion, broadcasting and realize which area is most interesting to move into. All projects created by you under the supervision of a teacher, you can use for your personal portfolio.

  1. Basic concepts 3d.
  2. Arrangement of lighting in motion design scenes.
  3. Use the Mo-graph module.
  4. Use Mo-Text and compose scenes based on it.
  5. Customize lighting with or without Global Illumination.
  6. Use generators, effectors and modeling tools.
  7. Apply deformers to different types of objects.
  8. Animate.
  9. Work with the camera, morphing multiple cameras.
  10. Consider the dynamics of both rigid and soft bodies.
  11. Basic compositing in Photoshop and After Effects to choose from.

How does the hybrid course work?
This is a hybrid course of 12 lessons, where the theoretical part is collected in the format of video lessons, and the entire practical part is taken out in 6 interactive online lessons. The emphasis is on high-quality feedback and interactive work on specific techniques and techniques.

This is a new online course format, thanks to which you will have maximum personal time of the teacher when working on specific cases.
Video lessons open during the course, online classes are held at the appointed time according to the schedule.
You get more feedback from the teacher: more work on the mistakes and more answers to your questions.
In your Personal Account you have unlimited access to video lessons. The whole theory will remain with you for life and you can repeat it at any time.

Who is it for?
The online course is designed for beginner CG professionals who have long been looking for a useful and most practical 3D course in a comfortable and modern program.