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Errors in the treatment of nail fungus. How not to stretch the disease for years? We get rid of onychomycosis.

Errors in the treatment of nail fungus

The damage to the nails with a fungus or onychomycosis is an unpleasant disease that can not be seen immediately. The fungus destroys your nail plate, causes discomfort and pain, if you start the treatment of onychomycosis, this can lead to soft tissue pathologies. The fungus can easily spread to healthy nails of the arms or legs, and this is a great danger to your health and health of others.

If you have doubts about the health of your nails, then it will be best to sign up for a dermatologist. Only when conducting a complex treatment consisting of a medical course, regular legs hygiene and special treatment of nail plates, treatment will bring a positive result.

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The main symptoms of fungal infections:

● brittle, rough nails

● deformation of the nail plate

● the presence of inflamed tissues around the nail

● Relaxing, thickening or thinning of the nail plate

● the presence of brown, black or yellow areas on the nails.

How are they infected with nail fungus?

Ways of infection with onychomycosis. Subject to hygiene rules, the presence of good immunity, with healthy and well -groomed skin, the risk of infection with a fungal infection is not large. The fungus often penetrates the body through abrasions, cuts, cracks, altered injured areas of nails and skin. Excessive sweating or dry skin, wearing tight shoes can promote the breeding of the fungus.

You are more vulnerable to the fungus of nails if:

● you have varicose veins

● you wear rubber shoes that do not breathe

● there are endocrine and vascular diseases

● contacted a person infected with a fungus

What is the danger to a person’s nail fungus?

With the advanced stage of onycochomycosis, the nail fungus causes an allergic reaction, it has intoxication to the body, and can affect the internal organs.

How to cure nail fungus?

In the treatment of nail fungus, local drugs can be used – creams, ointments, patchings that can be used at home. Various options for sprays are available, which have pronounced antifungal, anti -inflammatory and antiseptic properties.

At the early stage of the disease, the use of sprays or creams is recommended. Do not forget that the treatment of the nail fungus is not only getting rid of external manifestations. During treatment, a dermatologist prescribes systemic drugs. The drug can be prescribed in the form of tablets, which will be taken from three to six months.

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The most common errors in the treatment of nail fungus on the legs.

The humidity of your legs. The fungus in the form of a dispute is everywhere around us.At moisture of the skin of more than 80%, the spores of mushrooms begin to multiply, affect the nail plate and its surrounding skin. [I]

The presence of a spores of the fungus on things. When ironing socks with steam, you kill the active disputes of fungi that preserved there. If this is not done, then from the dispute, in the presence of wet skin of the legs (favorable environment), high humidity, the fungus actively begins to multiply.

Hygiene of shoes. At the beginning of treatment, the nail fungus must be treated with all the shoes that you wear. Use an individual towel intended only for the legs.

Residual fungus disputes on the tools. All tools for cutting nails should be treated with disinfecting solutions, it is recommended to use disposable files to care for the affected nails. If the spores of the fungus will remain on the tools, then you can manually remove it, cut traces of the fungus with your nail, but this will not bring any result.

What should you adhere to the treatment of nail fungus on the legs?

If you do not follow the recommendations during the treatment of the nail fungus, then the manifestation of relapse is possible. Try to always keep your legs clean, change your socks daily. It will be important for your legs to wearing proper shoes in order to prevent your feet sweating. After accepting any water procedures, wipe your legs dry, special attention should be paid to the area between the fingers.

Use an individual towel for the legs, which must be dried after use. If your shoes become wet, then dry it immediately. During treatment, domestic shoes are recommended to be changed at least twice a year. Baths for the legs with soda and salt will be useful. The legs need to be washed daily using household or tar soap.

Always follow the rules of hygiene when visiting public places: saunas, baths, hammam, pools. Do not self -medicate, it will be the best to contact a dermatologist who will prescribe a course of treatment for you so that you will soon get rid of your nails on your feet, retain your time and nerves.