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Fighting without rules is not a sport! Boxing developed from a fist fight – an original sports exercise, widespread among many peoples. As boxing has developed, they were developed

Fighting without rules is not a sport!

Boxing developed from a fist fight – an original sports exercise, widespread among many peoples. As boxing has developed, the rules, technique and tactics of battle, special teaching methods and training were developed. Now battles occur in soft gloves in a limited space called the ring, and are divided into several rounds. Boxers in age groups are allowed to competitions and only in equal weight categories and sports discharges that determine approximately the same correlation of the competing forces. Actions that can be hazardous to health are prohibited.

In technical and tactical terms, boxing is one of the most complex sports. Among the Slavic peoples, one of the means of educating stability, courage, dexterity and physical strength was fist fights – a wall on the wall. But in those battles the rules were strictly respected: the battle was fought in the mittens, it was allowed to attack only in front, it was forbidden to beat the bedridden, and hit with their foot, elbows or head. The fighters themselves strictly punished these rules, jealously protecting the traditional honesty of the fist fight.

The path of a young fighter from a beginner to a master is a way of stubborn and continuous work on a comprehensive development and improving his strong -willed abilities, sportsmanship. Even having achieved great success in competitions, the boxer should never stop there, but should engage in improving his technical skills and tactical skills.

In North Tajikistan, the boxing section appeared in 1937. It was organized by Konstantin Lipinsky, a native of Petrograd. Today, our boxers successfully storm sports heights. The achievements of the masters of the leather glove are impressive. The Khasanov brothers – Khurshed and Abdusal, Jahon Kurbanov became winners of world championships. And before them, back in the 30s of the last century, the basics of boxing was comprehended by Alexei Chudnovsky, Ochil Ibragimov, Vitold Lipinsky. A little later – Churik Sarallidze, Vladimir Litvinov, Ali Khojaev, Mikhail Gabdulmanov, Viktor Suvorkin, Mukhtor Dzhavkharov, Davron Sadrulin, Tursun Kodirov, Vakhid Rasulov, Alisher Rakhimov.

However, with the great popularity of boxing, there has long been talk about whether to be boxing or not to be. This question in the world often arises. They talk about a large number of injuries, including heavy ones.

According to the International Olympic Committee, 65 percent of athletes receive head injuries. Possible consequences: disorder of the nervous system, weakening of immunity, neurosis, dysarthria, slowdown in movements, unsteady gait, decreased intelligence, irritability and weakening of motivation.The results of x-ray studies indicate the presence of cerebral atrophy. Post-mortem studies of the brains of former boxers revealed significant loss of cortical neurons and neurofibrillary degeneration. A study by the International Olympic Committee conducted in 2008 says that boxing is the most traumatic Olympic sport.

Even minor microconcussions adversely affect the functioning of the brain. Any blow to the head leads to microconcussions of the brain. Sometimes a strong blow through the block shocks the boxer. Do not save from concussion and helmets that do not extinguish the impact energy. Dangerous injuries to the nose, ribs, kidneys, cuts near the eyes.

Heavyweight boxer Calvin Brock in a fight against Eddie Chambers received a severe blow, as a result, a retinal detachment occurred, and the boxer went blind. World-famous boxer Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali, has been suffering from Parkinson's disease for many years. But once his motto was the words flutter like a butterfly, and sting like a wasp. Yes, and we have had cases with serious consequences in the region. Boxer R.M., participating in the national championship, received a knockout blow, as a result of which he died. Another case, when a pupil of the Youth Sports School L.S. also received a blow in the ring, resulting in a brain hemorrhage. Doctors saved the 18-year-old boxer, but the young man remained an invalid of the 2nd group for the rest of his life.

The American and Canadian Pediatric Society advise against sending children to boxing. In their statement, pediatricians warn that children are more vulnerable to concussions and take longer to recover from such injuries. They also note that there is no evidence that helmets used in amateur boxing reduce the risk of injury.

But today there are sports in front of which boxing is just a small kitten. Fights without rules are already more serious here, elbows and knees are allowed, they finish off a lying person, which means more serious injuries.

Recently, the famous fighter Fedor Emelianenko also spoke negatively about fights without rules. He is categorically against the participation of boys under 18 in the so-called MMA fights. But the founder of the development of karate in the USSR Alexei Shturmin said it best. Fighting without rules is a sport of piece masters, and this can never be a system of mass education. It can't even be called a sport. What can fights without rules bring up in a young man? Rage, cruelty in terms of spiritual development, emptiness in physical development and trauma. We have to regret that pupils of the Youth Sports School participate in such competitions. If you carefully read the manual for children's sports schools, then the tasks of schools are clearly defined: “To carry out the training of comprehensively developed highly qualified athletes, to ensure the strengthening of their health and versatile physical development.Provide assistance to a comprehensive school in organizing mass work. ” Here are the tasks of the Sports School, and not to cripple children in battles who do not even have rules that cannot be called otherwise as a crime,

Recently, one acquaintance complained that his nephew, studying, received four times a concussion. Ask any neurosurgeon what it is. And he will answer you that the laurels of Fedor Emelianenko do not give rest to someone. But this fighter, entering the ring, signs a contract in which everything is specified: the amount received for victory, who will pay for treatment in case of injury and even the costs of the funeral in the case of death, because they are fighting without the rules, as gladiators many centuries ago .

For several years, the journalist of work came to the conclusion that if we collect all sports, and we had 42 until 1990, then most often serious health deviations are observed among former boxers, many of whom left this world. So do we need fights that have no rules? And the last widespread opinion that the income of professionals is very high. Wrong! Only very few get high fees. Most boxers are brutally exploited, which undermines their health. Today in our country there are already many sick and disabled people, why do we need problems with battles without rules?