Firefighters held another raid

Firefighters held another raid

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Firefighters held another raid

Firefighters held another raid

Today, the personnel of the 10 fire and rescue detachment of the FPS of the GPS of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia in the Sverdlovsk Region held preventive measures in the residential private sector of the city of Pervouralsk and the village of Novutkinsk.

In the winter, employees of the Russian Emergencies Ministry strengthen measures to prevent fires and promote knowledge in the field of fire safety. The main causes of fires today remain – careless handling of fire, including smoking, violation of the rules for the device and operation of electrical equipment and furnace heating.

Carrying out preventive measures, employees talked with residents about the fire safety rules, reminded that in the winter it was necessary to operate gas and heating furnaces, heating electrical appliances, explained the procedure for the detection of fire.

In order to protect yourself, your loved ones and relatives must follow simple fire safety rules:

– Do not use open fire near wooden buildings, shrubs;

– timely clean the adjacent territory of garbage, building material;

– Carry out explanatory work with children and adolescents, never let the children play matches;

– observe caution during the operation of heating devices and furnaces, as well as during the operation of baths;

– use only serviceable electrical appliances, plug outlets, monitor the state of electrical wiring insulation;

– Do not use non -standard electric heating devices, non -captured fuster inserts or other home -made devices to protect against overload and short circuit;

– Do not smoke in sheds, in attics in places of storage of combustible materials, do not throw outsidized matches, cigarette butts;

– have the primary fire extinguishing means at home and in the courtyard; fire extinguisher, a container of water, a bucket of sand;

– When leaving the house, make sure that the TV, lighting lamps, all electric heaters and gas devices are turned off.

In addition to the conversation, to each resident of the GO Pervouralsk, the firefighters presented memos with fire safety rules during the heating season.

If, nevertheless, it happened that it was not possible to avoid a fire, immediately report the incident from a single call of emergency services “112” or “101”.