First aid


First aid in Krasnoyarsk

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Departures of brigades are carried out around the clock
Placement of brigades in different districts of the city
Trips outside the city
Daily quality control

home doctor

Pediatricians and surgeons of the highest category

medical transportation

to the clinic, for examination, home (at discharge) Various manual transport systems: rigid, chair, soft and main stretcher The vehicles are equipped according to a high European standard

attendance at events

Extensive experience in conducting duty at various events: sports competitions, mourning ceremonies, corporate events and holidays Departure for events outside the city Per-minute payment for the event

Medical manipulations

Discounts when choosing a full course of injection

Pre-Trip Inspections

Inspections are carried out both on the territory of the customer enterprise and in a specialized office on the territory of the substation

children's ambulance

The pediatrician on duty is on call around the clock; Specialized pediatric set of tools and medicines

Tests at home

Departure of a specialist at the right place and time for the patient.


Tests at home


Ambulance service at events

A prerequisite for organizing any mass events, concerts or sports competitions, events associated with a large crowd of people in a limited space, is the presence of an ambulance team. This requirement, in accordance with the Order of the Ministry of Health and Social Development of the Russian Federation dated 9 …

09 September 2021

Service at public events

Any mass event gathering more than 100 people implies the mandatory duty of an ambulance and medical personnel. This requirement is contained in the Order of the Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation No. 388n of 06/20/2013. Providing full medical support for events is a guarantee of safety, and,…