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Only pike! Only hardcore!

There is a fish, you need to catch

Hello everyone, finally there was time to sit at the computer, and all because after the competition I left for IK for Karasm)
I am glad that he participated in MK Konstantin, after he began to pay more attention to the wobbler wiring, well, he radically changed the animation, because before, mostly, there was an equivalent. I hope that this season I will destroy those wobblers that I have never caught.
Of course, the weather was different on May 2 and 3, she taught that the weather conditions should be prepared: 7 m/s – now I will always take with me an additional suit is moisture and wind -produced (the good of taking with me). And what a pleasant weather was on the day of the competition, beauty and nothing more. It was nice to see familiar faces in the competition, someone in the eyes of excitement, someone had calmness, and I was simply eager to leave the spinning with Popper while I was calm. And it turned out that a small wave nevertheless rose from behind the breeze to the start. I tried many different lures in the first 1.5 hours, the turn came to Spinnerbait, and put it because I remembered last year’s trip to the Selts in the KZ, where it was this bait most steering. And my Chinese spinnerbeit did not let me down again
The bait flew away by 25 meters, pulled out slowly from the dump, spent 5 meters and a good blow, hung the severity at the end of the cord, cracked, twisted it a little, spent 3 meters and the pike appeared on the surface, seeing me immediately, saw that the end The leash sticks out of the mouth, so I got a good job, did not force much, I again wanted to go deeper by the shore, I didn’t let the friction fruit again, I dragged 3 meters – a steep candle performed by the predator, I calmly continue to keep it up, there’s no lingering, and therefore I take my pike with my hands . The judge was just watching, did not even notice how he appeared nearby. As a result, after measuring – 59 cm, I think for the weight for 2 kilos. Photo with a beauty and returning to his native element. And only after a small trembling through the body passed, and the realization that I let go of the pike for 2 kilos, and not go home to steaks.
Thanks to the organizer for the competition! Especially thanks to Evgeny Samokhvalov for the advice and instruction – Andrey, you must catch one pike today! Image