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fishing in Chuvash suskan

We planned fishing for weeks, guessed that the maximum number of people would have a day off, and now it happened, we are going. We are going to a new place for us, Chuvash Suskan, we have not fished here yet. Anxious anticipation of the early morning and, and we leave! The day before it became known what happened to us.
Valery, the village of Chuvashsky Suskan, in the Ulyanovsk region, the Kuibyshev reservoir. In the common people, Suskan Bay. Likes Show the list of likes. Valery Nikiforov to visit. Likes Show the list of likes. Sanyok Tinted 2 Sep
Where to go fishing and what kind of fish will bite better. Fishing in the Smolensk region. Fishing jokes. Fishing safety. What to cook from fish. Find out how the fish will peck at the pier Chuvashsky Suskan in the coming days. The forecast for biting takes into account the weather, the phase of the moon, the temperature of the water, the seasonal activity of the fish. Berth Pier Chuvash Suskan on the map: Expand the map.
Everything about fishing in Russia: photo and video reports, discussions and communication between fishermen, news from water bodies. Chuvashsky Suska?n – a village in the Melekessky district of the Ulyanovsk region. It is located on the banks of the Kuibyshev reservoir, 56 kilometers southwest of the district center of the city of Dimitrovgrad. Until a year ago, the village was located on the banks of the Suskan River (several tens of meters below the current location of the village).
Today I would like to share my impressions of the Chuvash Suskan – this is a village on the very border of the Melekessky district of the Ulyanovsk region. On the bank of the Kuibyshev reservoir. The village was founded in the first half of the 18th century, the name in Chuvash is consonant with the word satkan = “greedy”, “greedy” (or in Tatar – actually suskan = “thirst”), but in fact it seems to be translated as “wolf river” The place is appreciated by lovers fishing and natural beauties in general from the Samara region (mostly Togliatti residents buy houses there – and I understand them very well – it’s great there!) Bank of the Kuibyshev reservoir in summer and winter Among the sights there is the Kuibyshev reservoir.
Fishing in the Chuvash suskan. Here is another outing on the ice, and the company gathered not a small one, at the entrance to the agreed place several cars were already waiting for us, but for the first time in such a column, okay, upon arrival at the place, everyone chose their side where to go after a small toast to be a beaver and raising not empty glasses, everyone went fishing, not far to go and having drilled the first hole, the first bite was not. made me wait a long time but the gathering, I caught two perch in the battle, I thought it was flooded, there were two more gatherings and until the evening, nothing, I tried all my mormykhs, which never let me down, but to no avail.
A few kilometers from the village of Chuvash Suskan there is a recreation center Sashulya. Cozy houses, a round-the-clock buffet, a cinema hall, and guarded parking await guests. The administration is located on the territory in a separate building. A few kilometers from the village of Chuvash Suskan there is a recreation center Sashulya. Cozy houses, a round-the-clock buffet, a cinema hall, and guarded parking await guests. The administration is located on the territory in a separate building.
Biting forecast for anglers – Chuvash Suskan.

Recreation center Sashulya

When I was choosing my suit, I paid special attention to these points and chose a model that has inserts in both the knees and the seat. Compact with plywood payol. This is not surprising, because the fish that has eaten in the channels of smaller reservoirs rushes to the depth, where it begins to prepare for hibernation. But we proceed from the fact that all fishing factors have already been taken into account when choosing a rod, and the reel is selected as a harmonious addition.
Pour cognac into the pan and immediately set fire to it. No less promising will be places where streams and small rivers flow into the bed of a large river.
Since April, this place has been one of my favorite spots on my list of fishing dreams. Chairs are tourist children's. You can use coarse salt for this. We select them at a considerable distance from each other.
However, in dry weather, almost any car can drive carefully. Off-road driving requires special attention. The combination of polyester, nylon, spandex and lycra allows you to make underwear not only affordable, but also functional. To protect various crops from aphids, a tincture is made. How will I, for example, weigh and register, if the nearest city where this is, at least a couple of days' journey, and this is at best.

On the tags with only two. Although everything is relative here, it is necessary to look at the characteristics of rubber. Often throws itself at a falling bait.
Is it possible to withdraw the interest added to the deposit amount and in what way? This is a very important property, since many animals, for example, are sensitive to the presence of other animals or humans precisely by smell. Indoors there is a swimming pool with a countercurrent and a comfortable lounge with a fireplace and TV. While I do not know any details and can not comment on anything.
Pneumatic grinders eccentric. In cold water, fish are often less frisky and active, so it is easier to play them.
I see a small groove closer to the middle of the river. Of course, if you do not have the opportunity to purchase chilled wings, then frozen ones can also be used, but then they should be properly thawed to minimize the negative effects of freezing. I start playing with weight, geometry, size of lures. It has an exquisite taste of meat, which contributes to the increased attention of anglers.
Turn seals inside out.After bending the workpiece, you need to drill holes at a distance of fifty millimeters. The maximum limit will be set for a day, and its definition will depend on many nuances.