Five questions for a trampoline coach on a trampoline from the 16th Parkovaya | Eastern district

Five questions to the trampoline coach from 16th Parkovaya

Little statute of a small -length trampoline sport is easier. All details on the news portal of the Eastern District of Moscow

Five questions for a trampoline coach on a trampoline from the 16th Parkovaya

Five questions to the trampoline coach from 16th Parkovaya

The master of sports Ekaterina Trubacheva answered our questions. It has been working as a trampoline coach for a quarter of a century. Among her students are both young athletes and candidates for master of sports of the Olympic reserve sports school No. 1 on 16th Parkovaya Street.

1 at what age start?

I recommend to engage in this sport from about five years, not earlier: the reason is to listen to instructions. I myself have been in sports since four years, I started with jumps into the water, and at eight switched to the trampoline. She took part in the city championships and in all -Union competitions. Without attaching great importance to personal victories, she decided to devote herself to the coaching work.

For professional classes, a sports school is being carried out from the age of seven: the child requires a combination of physical strength and stretching. As for the natural data, people of small stature are easier for people of small stature.

2 what is the trampoline useful?

From my own experience, I will say: this sport allows you to develop good coordination when skating, for example, on skiing and a reaction when driving a car. Many come to jump into amateur sections to tighten the body, lose weight, get a charge of vigor. But classes should be carried out in combination with stretching and OFP.

3 What are the differences from other sports?

The trampoline requires a high concentration and a special level of body ownership. But this is a sport of intellectuals. The greatest successes are achieved by athletes who are strong in mathematics: they have the ability to calculate the force of jump, trajectory and rotation speed in their subconscious. Classes are accompanied by a high power load, especially on the legs and spine, so the training complex includes stretching exercises and pumping muscles. It happens that athletes switch from a trampoline to jumping with a pole.

4 is the risk of injury great?

Much depends on the general sports training. The trampoline refers to species with complex coordination of movements, and hence with a relatively high level of injuries. We gain children's groups with the calculation that each child is in sight, and give tasks according to the capabilities.

In amateur classes, you can get dislocation or stretching if you start jumping without preliminary warm -up. The injuries of professionals are primarily associated with the miscalculations of the athletes themselves: jumping 2-3 meters in height, double-three “screws” and somersaults-all these are rather complex things, the mistake can lead to an unsuccessful landing.

5 How much does it cost?

The price of one amateur lesson in Moscow starts from 600 rubles. As for the form and ammunition, you need Czechs or white socks that will not get the net.Clothing should be comfortable, without hard elements in the form of zippers and buttons.

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