Flash season 4 Episode 17 Date of exit, announcement, promo, video teaser

Flash season 4 episode 17 promo announcement

See the release date and announcement for the 17th series of the 4th season of the series Flash with us. Video trailer, details and spoilers of the plot from The CW channel, the latest news about the show

Flash season 4 Episode 17 Announcement

The CW TV channel will continue the show of the 4th season of the Flash series with the 17th series of April 10th. What awaits the protagonist of this show see in our review and attached teasers.

Flash season 4 episode 17 promo announcement

Announcement season 4 episode 17 – insignificant and annoyed

The meeting with the new meta-man greatly influenced Barry Allen. The girl was able to make him literally weightless. Now Flash will fight not only the threat of universal evil, but also with the power of attraction. Miraculously, the hero’s body behaves like a ball with helium. In fact, this makes him superpowers useless on Earth-3. The only thing that separates him from a possible flight to the stratosphere is a rope, which was tied to the leg and at the other end was wound up to heavy objects.

Video promo

The release date of the 17th series of the 4th season Flash is scheduled for the evening, 04/10/18. The CW TV channel broadcasts in North America, so due to the difference in time zones in the original, this episode can be seen only on the Sutra environment. Waiting for a translation from Lostfilm, IDEAFILM or a wardph of studios will have to be until the evening or the next day. See the detailed schedule of this fantastic drama on our advanced article on the project.

When show 17 episode 4 seasons flash

Number and name of the series Language / translation release date
04 × 17 – NULL and Annoyed English / original 10.04.2018
04 × 17 – insignificant and annoyed Russian / Fox, coldfilm 11.04.2018
04 × 17 – insignificant and annoyed Russian / AlexFilm, Lostfilm and Ideafilm 12.04.2018

Candice Patton, the performer of one of the main roles (Iris), shared with the audience her guesses about the further development of the plot. After the appearance of a mysterious girl in the script, the theories appeared that she could be the daughter of Barry from the future. This means that Allena may soon acquire a child, but this will happen definitely not in the 4th season. The final of this part of the show was announced on May 22, 2018.

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