Fonbet registration via phone and computer.

Read all ⭐ about registering with Fonbet. ✅ Get step-by-step instructions on how to register with Fonbet.

How to register in Fonbet

To place bets on the Fonbet BC website or in clubs located in Moscow, you must go through the registration procedure. In this article, we will consider in detail how and on what devices you can do this. Let's say right away that everything is done quite quickly and conveniently, until it comes to identification. Everything is more complicated there.

How to register in Fonbet Transparent

How to register at Fonbet bookmaker

This can be done in several ways – on the website using a computer and mobile device, in the application and in one of the clubs. In the first two cases, the procedure will be almost the same, only the location of the buttons to be pressed differs. We briefly described the registration process in the review of the Fonbet bookmaker, however, many nuances were not taken into account there, for example, two-stage identification and the ability to register with the club.

What are the options for registering?

Those who decide to register will receive the full set of functions of this company. For example, without registration, you will not be able to replenish your account, engage in betting, withdraw money, use bonuses and promotions. . A nice bonus when registering with Fonbet – 15 thousand rubles, which can be received in the form of free bets, 500 units of Russian currency each . The conditions are quite difficult. In short, you need to win back 200 thousand rubles to get all these free bets. You can read the terms of this offer in detail on the Fonbet BC website.

Step-by-step instructions for registering on the site

Step-by-step instructions for registration on the site Transparent

To register on a computer, you must have constant and stable Internet access and pre-prepared passport photo files. However, you can take a picture of your document already during registration, but in order not to be distracted later, it is better to prepare. The registration procedure is simple, the same approach is used in most bookmakers, such as Betcity, 1xBet, Olympus, Parimatch and so on.

Step #1. Log in to the official website

The initial task of the player is to go to the Fonbet website. Please note that you need to open the fonbet ru address, not com . The portal with the ru domain belongs to a company that has a legal status in Russia. However, since the spring of 2020, the work of the Fonbet website with the “com” domain has been discontinued, at the moment it is not opening.

Step #2. Fill in personal data

To register, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Register button. You can find it on the top right.
  2. Fill in all the fields – name, phone number, e-mail, create a password. Click Next. Personal data must be real , as they will later be checked by the administration.
  3. The next action is the receipt of the code to the previously indicated number. When he comes, enter it in the corresponding field. In this way, you will confirm your phone. Press the button at the bottom of the page. By this, you show that you agree with the rules that the link to which is below.

In fact, registration on the official website is completed. Now follow further instructions to undergo identification, that is, confirm your identity. All legal bookmakers have a similar procedure, and you should not be afraid of it. The offices have all permits from the state to store confidential documents.

Step No. 3. Take the identification of a new account

As mentioned above, identification consists of two stages:

  1. Simplified identification in fonbet. When the registration is completed, the bookmaker website will automatically display the form to download the passport to turn with the photo and registration, that is, the address of registration. After that, you will be invited to choose a messenger (Skype or Viber) and the time when you can chat with the operator. He will ask questions that concern Betting in general and your experience in it. For example, why did you want to register in the Fonbet, how long you are betting, what you usually put, what amounts you use. Simplified identification allows you to spend no more than 200 thousand rubles per month on bets and replenish the account for no more than 60 thousand rubles per operation .
  2. Complete identification in Fonbet. She removes the restrictions indicated above. To fulfill it, you need to go with a passport to one of the departments of the Fonbet bookmaker, Contact communication salon or coherent. Choose the desired method, and a map of available points will appear in front of you, you can find the nearest one. There are PPS only in Moscow, and residents of other cities will have to pay 150-300 rubles when using communication salons . Tell the cashier that you want to identify for the bookmaker (in the coherent article of this service is 231695). After some time, you will receive a notification that the personality is confirmed. Reviews indicate that this process can be delayed for 120 days, which is quite a lot.

Step -by -step instructions for registration from mobile

Step-by-step instructions for registration with mobile Transparent

You can register using a mobile device. If you open the BC website on a smartphone or tablet, you will see a mobile version. The registration button in it will be in the same place as on the computer – right at the top . Only the location of other elements is distinguished. For example, sections “Sport”, “Live”, “Promotions”, “Statistics” and others you will see on the menu that opens after pressing the button in the form of three lanes in the left.

After you click the registration, you need to enter all the data in the form that appears. This is a name, email address, phone and password. Then you need to click the “Registration” button again, only this time it will be located below. SMS will come, enter the code from it and click “Next”.Pass the simplified, and then complete identification according to the instructions given above. In this case, file download will be loaded through a smartphone or tablet, so you need to transfer files to the device in advance. If you decide to put through the application, the registration instructions will look the same.

How to register in BC Fonbet through TsUPis

When performing registration instructions described above, you automatically created a QIWI wallet, if you did not have it before. But If you already have an account on with the status of professional, then you can register with its help. Then you do not have to perform full identification, only simplified, that is, only the first stage . This registration method is as follows:

  1. Click the registration button on the site.
  2. The further procedure occurs by entering a name, e-mail and the same phone that is tied to kiwi . Do all this and press the button below.
  3. You will receive an SMS with a code that needs to be entered on the next page.
  4. It remains only to undergo primary identification, which is performed by sending documents and communicating with an employee of Fonbet on video communication.

This instruction is relevant for both the mobile version and the site on the computer, as well as in cases where customers use the Fonbet application.

Using the club

If you live in Moscow or a suburb of the capital, you have the opportunity to use one of the Fonbet clubs. You can find a full list of addresses here or on the operator’s website. For example, PPS is on Leningradsky Prospekt and Pugachevskaya Street. Just come there with a passport and say that you want to start betting on Fonbet. You will fill out a small questionnaire with the same data as on the computer (name and e-mail), and confirm the identity by code from the phone and submit documents to the cashier. There you will also pass the full identification procedure. You will no longer need to communicate with the operator.

Other ways to create an account in Fonbet

Other ways to create an account in Fonbet Transparent

Let's say right away – other methods, except for those described above, are not . You can use programs for mobile devices, a mobile version of the site, computer or club. In all cases, you will indicate the same data. On the Internet they write that you can also create an account with alternative methods-for example, in one click, using social networks, only by phone number, by e-mail or by promotional code. But this is not so. Similar methods are usually available in offshore BC type 1xbet. In legal organizations, it is always necessary to indicate truthful data and confirm it by presenting documents.

Only on the passport can you create an account in the club. As for the promotional codes, they really are in Fonbet, but the situation with them is very interesting. You can get them only with participation in shares. To do this, you need to be a registered user of Fonbet.Promo codes can only be used when creating an account. It turns out that bettors simply do not need these codes. But it’s impossible to create an account only using a promotional code, even through a mobile one, it’s just an additional option.

Personal Area

After completing all the instructions described above, your personal account will become available to you. To log in, you need to click the Login button at the top right and enter the required data. For example, you can use an account identifier (a set of numbers unique for each user that can be viewed in your personal account) and e-mail. After that, click Login in the window that appears. This procedure is described in more detail here.


You can deposit funds to your Fonbet account from your phone, Qiwi wallet, Visa, MasterCard and MIR, Yumani bank cards and through Qiwi, Svyaznoy, TelePay and MTS terminals. To do this, you need to go to the Deposit section in your personal account, select the desired method and enter the amount, as well as details. For example, for a bank card, this will be a 16-digit code, CVV-2 and expiration date.

Line in prematch

The line here is very good by Russian standards. . Up to 30 sports are available at the same time, special attention is paid to the top championships. The margin is 2-10%, its lowest level can be seen just in the most popular competitions. For example, these are the Premier League, La Liga, Bundesliga, Serie A, NBA, NHL.

According to this criterion, BC is one of the leaders of the Russian market. Every day you can bet on 1700 or more events. The painting is replenished with various options as the fight progresses. For example, in a football match, you can bet on who will score the next goal, how it will be done, who will get a yellow card, sending off, and the like.


In Russia, the site is not blocked, this also applies to the simplified version for smartphones and tablets. Problems can only arise if you are in another country. For example, in Ukraine, the bookmaker portal is regularly blocked by some providers, such as Volia. As such, there are no mirrors, it is better to use VPN and proxy.


Conclusion of funds Transparent

Payments also take place in your personal account. You need to choose a method, specify the amount and follow the further instructions of the bookmaker. The same methods are available as for replenishment, except for terminals (they do not provide the ability to withdraw money). In this case, you need to pay a tax of 13% in favor of the Federal Tax Service, but only if the amount of winnings is 4-15 thousand rubles. You can claim a tax refund, you just need to write an appeal to support .

How much can you earn with Fonbet

We recommend betting on the top leagues, as they offer the lowest margins. It is better to bet such amounts that you declared during the initial identification. For example, if you said that you usually bet 100-500 rubles, do not exceed this figure by more than 2 times. Otherwise, the administration may consider this action strange and initiate a check.

At the same time, there are limits: in the prematch you will not win more than 3 million rubles, in liva – more than 1 million . For example, if you decide to put 500 thousand with a 3 -liva coefficient, you will get only 1 million instead of 1.5 million. As in other BCs, we recommend not to put more than 5 % of the bank and use the bank management strategies.

Support service

If you have any problems, you can call 8 800 1007234 or write to [email protected]. There is also an online chat on the site right in the bottom right. For example, if the fields do not appear in the simplified version to create an account, the application freezes, does not come SMS and so on, you can safely seek help.


Usually the whole process of creating an account does not cause any difficulties for players, but they really do not like two -stage identification. For example, they write that even after its passage, the administration sometimes again demands to confirm the personality. There are also limits that were mentioned above. Because of them, professional players will not like it here. Some users do not manage to upload photos of the desired size or expansion. You can find in detail with reviews here. Some of them are given below.