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Football field heating systems

Services for the design and installation of heating systems for football fields using heating electric cables of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers from the Teplokabel-M company.

Football field heating

Football field heating systems

The Teplokabel-M company provides services for the design and installation of heating systems for football fields using heating electric cables from the best domestic and foreign manufacturers.

A necessary condition for certification of a stadium for holding international games, according to the rules of UEFA and FIFA, is the presence of a field heating system. To date, more than half of European football fields are equipped with heating systems. In countries whose climatic conditions do not allow football fields to be kept in the right condition for most of the year, and Russia is one of them, a heating system is the only way to prepare the field in time for the start of the playing season.

Football field heating

Heating systems are installed both on fields with natural grass and on fields with artificial grass. But in any case, the heating system increases the life of the field, and in a number of stadiums it allows the use of the field throughout the year.

Design of heating systems

When designing a football field heating system, the following features of this object are taken into account:

  • big square – according to international standards, the field should be 100-110 m long, 65-74 m wide;
  • active exploitation – not only games are held here, but also athletes from beginners to eminent ones constantly train;
  • the presence of green spaces – lawn grass, which is periodically moistened and trimmed using special equipment.

Taking into account all these features, a heating cable is selected, which is the basis of the entire heating complex. When choosing heating cables or mats with the required technical and operational characteristics, designing their layout under a grassy lawn, when determining the depth of their laying, the field area, load intensity, and climatic conditions are taken into account.

The football field electric heating system includes:

  1. heating cable, section or mat;
  2. control, signaling, control devices that set parameters and control the operation of the heating system;
  3. temperature sensors installed throughout the field;
  4. thermostat that responds to signals from sensors;
  5. power supply system, distribution with a mandatory ground loop;
  6. protection system and emergency connection system.

Installation of a football field heating system

The installation scheme may vary depending on the specific characteristics of the stadium, but several intermediate protective layers are necessarily laid between the heating elements (cable or mats).An example of organizing a football field with electric heating:

  • pillow of crushed stone of a large fraction of 20–40 mm;
  • a layer of sand;
  • a layer of reinforcing mesh or geotextile;
  • heating electric cable or mats;
  • geotextile layer
  • crushed stone layer 5–20 mm;
  • a layer of fine gravel 1–5 mm;
  • a layer of natural soil;
  • lawn.

Organization of a football field with electric heating

Such work can be carried out either during the construction of a new stadium or during the reconstruction of an old one.

Benefits of electric football field heating

An electric heated football field has a number of advantages over both an unheated field and a water heated field.