Forecast for the match Londrin-Vila-Nova Gyonia from the expert 04/30/22


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Forecast for the match Londrin-Vila-Nova Gyonia from the expert 04/30/22

Londrin-Vila-Nova Goyia. 04/30/22. Forecast and rates for the match

On April 30, a large number of football matches will be held, but among all the most suitable for the bet, the meeting of Londer-Vila-Nova Goyia. In the bookmakers, it will not be the reception of pre -match rates up to 01:00 in Moscow. The hosts are considered the favorite who have already managed to win this confrontation this year, having won with a score of 2-0. Last year, the teams met twice, and if the first match ended with a draw, then in the second there was also a stronger football club Vila-Nova Goyia.

The meeting of the Londrin team and the Vila-Nova Goyia team, which will be held as part of the football championship, promises to give football fans a real burned extravaganza. Both clubs in the starting matches of this season showed a great shape, attacking teams are ready to implement all the moments that partners create for them. It seems that for them there is no protection that they could not replay. The full -time confrontations of these football clubs also take place efficiently. Last season, the teams broke the total heads offered by bookmakers even before the break, so it makes sense to play total in this match. Of course, this is far from all the forecasts that we have prepared for this match, detailed information about the choice of our experts can be found below. Note that at the start of the season, club managers pay special attention to a set of points in every match. This is a kind of foundation, the success of which will be based on the success of clubs throughout the season. Considering that football experts consider the teams as some of the applicants for the fight for the first place following the results of the championship, our forecasters concluded that victory in this match is extremely important to both clubs. Recall that well -known football players act as part of the teams, therefore, it makes sense to assume that they will try to demonstrate all their skills in this match, therefore, there will be something to see.

Betting/coefficients of bookmakers for the match Londrin-Vila-Nova Goyia:

Victory Londrin-2.67, draw-2.7, Vila-Nova Vila Vila-3.26

Forecast for the match of Londer-Vila-Nova Goynia (Brazilian Championship, National Pereventsva, Sunday, September 22): September 22):The Londrin football club received from the bookmakers for his victory 2.67, and at the coefficient 3.26 you can bet on the winning of FC Vilanov Govia. By quotation [KEFDREW], bets on a draw are accepted.

The history of personal meetings

Over the past years, the matches of the Londrin team and the Vila-Nova team have been attracting football lovers. And the point here is not only that the confrontation between the Londrin team and the Vila-Nova team of Goyia has long grown up the level of the championship. This is something larger, since with every new meeting these clubs demonstrate all the higher football standards, watching which you get true pleasure. Therefore, our forecasters could not pass by the match, rivals in which will be not only famous football teams, but also no less famous football players. In the matches of last season between these football clubs, there were many interesting events. A lot of goals were scored, the players received many yellow and red cards, the referees assigned a penalty. In general, the atmosphere at the matches themselves was akin to the atmosphere on the eve of these matches – the fans proved each other that it was their idols that would win. And in the football field itself something unimaginable was happening, the teams simply replaced each other in an attacking impulse, not allowing the defense of the opponent to rest for a minute. I would like to observe such football in this confrontation, because in order not to talk, and a successful start means a lot, it can be compared with the foundation, the strength of which allows you to build the structure of any height and structure. Undoubtedly, the players will be nervous for a while, but then, when the passions will settle down, they will give all football fans a great match with many dangerous moments and scored goals.

Londrin-Vila-Nova Goynia 04/30/22

On April 30, the third football match between the teams of Londrin and Vila-Nova Goyia will take place this season. In the first meeting, 2-0 players won the Londer Club, but in the second match, FC Vila-Nova Gohania was stronger, winning 3-2. This match will begin at 01:00 in Moscow and should show which team is stronger this season. The duel takes place as part of the national cup, so the title is at stake.

Pre -match analysis and forecasts of bookmakers

For the team of Londrin and the team of Vila-Nova Govania, who will play among themselves in the nearest match of the championship, the meeting will be of a fundamental character. Both clubs significantly intensified in the offseason, which means that the leadership set high goals for the teams.This match will determine the readiness of the teams for the season and the struggle for high places in the championship, so the Londrin team and the Vila-Nova Goyia team will operate on the field extremely carefully, first of all, thinking about the defense of their own gates. Although, if we consider the matches of the teams last season, they always acted with an eye on the defense, but at the same time they managed to score to the rivals a lot of goals. But now the match is a completely different plan, so the most likely bet here will be the rate on the total of less scored heads. But the favorite in such a confrontation is very difficult to determine. In fact, besides the advantage of their field, the Londer team has nothing more. Opponents are not inferior to each other in the selection of players, and in coordinated actions on the field. This means that the outcome of the match can solve one exact blow, so it is difficult to give preference to any of the rivals. But what you can talk about confidently is about the number of yellow cards. Opponents will try to tear each other’s attacks in the center of the field, which will lead to a large number of violations. Given the status of the match, the referee will be forced to punish the rude warnings, so this bet is quite justified.

Forecast of Londer-Vila-Nova Goyia (August 30, 2018), bets and coefficients

Bookmakers are already in full swing to take bets on Londer's football fight-Vila-Nova Goyia, despite the fact that it will not be held soon, because the organizers are going to hold it on April 30. The owners are considered a favorite, and this is not surprising if we take into account the statistics of previous meetings, because in the last ten matches between the teams it was the owners who won seven victories, suffering only one defeat. The live broadcast of the game in Moscow time will be carried out at 01:00.


Despite the fact that everyone expected Londer's football club in the debut season of failure, the team is still stable, which is not afraid of departure, taking third place in the standings, so there are still good chances to qualify in the European Cups. The successes of the hosts are due to the fact that in the offseason the coach managed to invite several experienced players to the team, who, although they are veterans, but significantly affect the game, helping their young and inexperienced partners. True, at the moment, the Londrin football club shows good results mainly at home, where there were already six victories with one defeat, but the visiting fights of the debutant are much more complicated. The mentor even adheres to the defensive model of the game at home, so only one striker plays in almost all matches for the owners. The attacking midfielder cannot play for FC Londrin, but in question the exit to the field of the left midfielder and the central defender.

Vila-Nova Goyia

Thanks to a series of four victories, the football club Vila-Nova Govia was able to come close to the European Cup zone, but then the next decline followed, so the team rolled away at once several lines, taking eighth place at the moment. For qualification in the Europa League, guests do not have enough six points, and this season the team is not pleasing with stability, alternating successful series with failures. At the moment, the football club Vila-Nova Goyia does not win three rounds, having suffered two major defeats, and also tied once. The head coach prefers too attacking football, which is why the guests miss a lot, although they delight the fans with regular goals. On the exit, the team also likes to attack more, but this does not often lead to success, so there were more defeats than victories. As part of the football club, Vila-Nova Goyia will not be able to play the two central and right midfielder, and the left defender may skip the match.

Interesting facts before the match of Londrin-Vila-Nova Goyia

The Londrin team and the Vila-Nova Goyia team last season showed high-quality football, the clubs were among the leaders of the championship in the number of goals scored. Thanks to the wise leadership policy, the teams managed to preserve almost all the main players, which means that in the new season the clubs will again delight the fans with attacking and productive football. Therefore, one of the best bets on this match, according to our forecasters, is the Total bet. Both teams have a wonderful attack and the middle line, while both clubs are in an attacking style. In general, a huge number of factors indicate in favor of our choice, so we recommend this bet. Choosing the favorite of this confrontation, we leaned towards the owners of the field, since last season the team performed very confidently in their native walls, and even the leaders of the championship to win the field of the Londdrin team was very, very difficult. We are sure that this season the team leadership will also make a bet on home matches, so the home fields in this game will have a certain advantage. Between themselves, the Londrin team and the Vila-Nova team always play hard, the players are not afraid to play to the end, so it is likely that the match can turn out rude. Based on this, we recommend another bet – total more yellow cards. In the personal meetings of the teams last season, they pierced the stated total, so our forecasters do not see anything that will not allow this to do this this season.

He will win in the match of Londer-2.67, will win in the Vila-Nova Goyia-3.26 Vila Nova match, the match will end in a draw-2.7.

Londrin-Vila-Nova Goyia. Forecast and rates for the match. Brazilian Championship April 30

On April 30, football players of the club Londrin will hold their next home duel, and everyone hopes that it will not be very difficult, since at home it will be necessary to take Vila-butn Goyia, and this is far from the strongest team in this tournament.Nevertheless, at 01:00 in Moscow, the owners fans will completely fill the stands of the stadium in order to support their favorites, as well as become witnesses to the next home victory. After all, the owners were not the last time to beat this opponent four years ago.


Previously, the key to the success of the Londrin football club was a strong home game, thanks to which the team even managed to finish in the European Cup zone. But, before the start of this season, the team changed the mentor, so that the owners cannot find their game in any way, because there were no short results, and the number of victories fell significantly. The uninhabited series of twelve rounds led to the fact that the leadership nevertheless fired this coach, since the team sank in the table to the departure zone, and only two points separated the owners from the outsiders. The arrival of the new specialist, not a coaching post allowed to win two victories in three matches under his leadership, thanks to which the Londer football club was slightly moved away from the departure zone. It is noteworthy that both victories were in their field, so the team gives hopes for the resumption of a powerful home performance. Now the owners have no personnel losses, since there are no representatives of the main composition among the injured players.

Vila-Nova Goyia

This season, Vila-Nova Goyia shows a terrible form in guest fights, so the team can even fly to the lower division if it does not improve its results. A distance of four points to the departure zone, and the guests show a bad game, gaining only two points in the last five rounds. The football club Vila-Nova Govay is experiencing problems both in defense and midfield, since not only the team does not have experienced performers, but also personnel problems fell on the coach, because there are three key defenders, as well as the support and right midfielders in the infirmary. And in question, the exit in this match of two more midfielders. This season, guests could not win a single guest match, and two months ago, the coach changed in the football club of Vila-Nova, but the new mentor did not differ in special experience, so after his arrival the team did not start winning, and also completed at best Matches of a draw.

Statistics and personal meetings

The Londer team perfectly conducted pre -season training. In friendly matches and initial matches of the new season, the manager tried to use all the players to choose the most optimal composition. It seems that he succeeded, since in his field the Londer team is a formidable force that is able to cause problems to any team. The guests are only getting involved in the season. Compared to the previous championship, the Vila-Nova Goyia team has changed significantly: some players have gone, the place of which new players were invited.However, while beginners are only acclimatized in the new club, so it is difficult to expect constructive actions from the first matches. In personal meetings, the advantage is on the side of the Londrin team, and today our forecasters see no reason so that the owners of the field not to win. Therefore, we recommend that the Londer team will win in the match. By the number of heads, we, nevertheless, include that the match will be productive, this is indicated by the statistics of personal meetings, as well as the fact that the composition of both teams is enough players who are able to create an ass of the opponent with their technical actions. We expect that both clubs will be able to distinguish in this match, therefore, the total total will be punched. Separately, I would like to point out another good outcome – corner. Both clubs, when building their attacks, actively use the flanks, so they serve many corners in all matches. So today, we think that they will pierce the corners set by bookmakers.

“Londrin”-“Vila-Nova Goyia”: who is the favorite of the upcoming meeting?

Londrin-Vila-Nova Goyia. Football Forecast (04/30/22)

The Londrin team and the Vila-Nova Goyia team are rivals of the match chosen by our forecasters, are known for playing in an attacking style. Both clubs use almost all players to attack. Here, even supporters can rebuild on the attack, and can apply final blows. In principle, the trends of modern football dictate their conditions, so it is necessary to adapt to them, so that the attacking football in which both clubs play is not the worst option. The home team, compared with the last season, was significantly added, the club acquired several famous players, which became a clear strengthening, and the manager worked perfectly in the offseason, putting the game the whole team. So, in the native walls, the Londer team is the formidable force with which it is worth reckoning. The guests have not changed much compared to last season, looking at the composition that the manager announced on the eve of the match, our forecasters note some changes, and is unlikely to improve the improvement. So, our favorite of this confrontation team Londrin, which has already managed to show that they play worthy football in their native walls. The fact that the Londrin team and the Vila-Nova team are trying to act in an attacking style, leads us to play a total of heads for more, since, it is likely that the clubs will exchange goals, therefore, the chances of our forecast are very large. I would like to note a large number of corners that teams serve in full -time confrontations. Total, offered by bookmakers in the line, made its way in all matches of the teams last season, and there is no reason so that the clubs do not break through this total in this match.

Londrin-Vila-Nova Goynia: the owners should take three points

For a long time, sports bets were banned. Now, with the growth of the popularity and availability of the Internet, to rely on football is no longer a big problem. Moreover, you can already choose which bookmakers, and what events to bet on a particular football match. Yes, our forecasters note that today bookmakers are trying to attract new customers rich in the choice of bets on the main and additional events of football matches. Above, we wrote that at the beginning of the season it is still very difficult to decide on the real strength and capabilities of the teams, since some players have to become part of the team, while other football players are not yet ready for the beginning of the season. It is very difficult to determine the readiness of the team for the season. In search of worthy forecasts, we have to process just a huge stream of information in which we select grains of important information, analyze them, and already as a forecast we offer to bettors. For today's match, the rivals in which the players of the Londrin team and the Vila-Nova team we were able to choose some good forecasts, which or not-each bettor will already decide for himself, but we will still advise you to watch the match of these teams, as we are sure The fact that it will turn out interesting.

The Londrin team in the offseason conducted a serious personnel policy that allowed the club to sign a number of promising players who, of course, should strengthen the team’s game. Naturally, this sets the teams with new goals and objectives, since the leadership, having invested serious money in strengthening the club, wants to see the result. The Vila-Nova Goyia team was weakly proved to be in the transfer market. Most likely, this is due to the fact that the club has a limited budget, and all the key positions are closed by football players who are not the first season in this team. The Vila-Nova Goyia team does not set itself any significant goals in the standings, so the favorite of this confrontation is obvious. On the other hand, there is a chance of underestimating the opponent, as it was more than once last season with the players of the Londdrin team, who experienced problems in those matches where, it would seem, they must confidently win. However, now another case, already at the start of the season, it is necessary to reach the leaders, and hold the leading position in the standings. Therefore, the mentor will set up his wards that they realize all their moments in the attack, and carefully act in defense, avoiding mistakes. Of course, guests in this match do not have illusions, but the club can rest, as it has experienced and played defenders, and the Vila-Nova team can act on counterattacks. Our forecasters are waiting for an interesting confrontation here, which can become even more interesting if the owners cannot score a quick goal.

Londrin-Vila-Nova Goyia: Statistics and History of Personal Measures

Our experts always try to choose the most interesting football matches for forecasting the most interesting from the point of view of entertainment. In the near future, a match will be held between two football clubs that show excellent results this season. The Londrin team and the Vila-Nova Goyia team have been irreconcilable rivals for quite some time. Along with this, these football groups show simply amazing football in personal meetings. The matches between these football clubs are remembered for a long time, as the players play with complete dedication, trying to demonstrate the maximum of their capabilities. The team managers also prepare surprises to each other using unusual tactics. In general, a real show occurs on the football field, from which fans are in indescribable delight. We are waiting for something like that in this match. According to team managers, all key players are ready to take part in the match from the first minutes of the meeting. This means that today an unpredictable game awaits fans, since team leaders can come up with a non -standard solution in any game situation. Our experts have prepared forecasts for this match, they can be found in detail below. We recommend that bets on this confrontation not only before the match, but also during the game, since perhaps the bookmakers will make a good offer for a high coefficient.