HD FXDX DYNA T-SPORT; Moto Strangers

HD FXDX DYNA T-SPORT in the process of picking up various motorcycles, I have formed some requirements for what I would like to have. 1) the motorcycle should be inexpensive in maintenance and


In the process of enveloping various motorcycles, I have formed some requirements for what I would like to have.
1) the motorcycle should be inexpensive to maintain and repair.
2) The dynamics should be sufficient to break away from the flow, but easily controlled.
3) the suspension must be appropriate for our directions.
4) Management should allow not to feel flawed on the Sochi serpentine.
5) a motorcycle should have a character.

Needless to say, I had no idea that I have read the role of a candidate, having read all the Hongs in the interders.

Nevertheless, he looked at the Krasnodar club brothers, they actively began to transplant to XD. Despite the fact that the guys drive a lot and not only on good roads. In general, he waited for the motorcycles of the screenshot and would come to us for repairs.
However, motorcycles went and were in no hurry to repair.
Although they came to us in the repair of XD, but for other reasons, they will be lower.

In general, I was interested.
On one of the trips, I changed my then SV1300 to Dain Ti-Sport.
I will not say that I was delighted, but the rejection, unlike many Japanese chopers, she did not cause me. It is quite adequate tolerance, a little unusual in the characteristics of the motor, a strange landing of Midl Control (as on the magnane).
Pts are good pendants.
Frame and pendulum have quite sufficient rigidity.

Although in general, compare XD with the Japanese, an ungrateful occupation. It's just that these are completely different motorcycles. And it is completely impossible to explain to a person who never went to XD, like it, is completely impossible.

Meanwhile, Sibiha began to bother. I aimed at the police version of Daine Lawraider in a semi -divided state for a bag of crackers.
It was closer to the fall, because the prospect of repairing the motorcycle did not scare me.
But the owner began to take out the brain, as a result, I refused this option. And then I was offered the very t-sport that I tried, offered at a delicious price and I took it.

The process of addiction has begun. Despite the fact that I saw that XD has established themselves with reliable motorcycles, the stereotypes drilled the brain. What if something is a thread of Slometz and will I become on the road?!
However, the very first trips are more than 500 km, set up in a completely different way. I was especially imbued with when I was driving at night, after a working week, usually such foundings were hard for me. But that time, the longer I drove, the more I wanted to extend the trip. I was hooked in a word. I realized that even if this motorcycle breaks, then I will be ready to forgive him for the sensations that he gives.
It sounds of course pathetic, but somehow.

If you discard emotions aside, then the picture still looks quite decent.
The ILO allows you to comfortably go at a speed of 70-80 miles/h, if you wish, you can disperse it to 120, but it’s hard to get the pleasure of this.For the suspensions begin to sway, the wind gets out, however, everything is the same as on the CB1300.
Consumption on my particular motorcycle, due to a small tuning of the carb, is too big, about 7-8l per 100km. In stock, the motor fits into 5-7 liters per hundred kilometers.
However, with a tank with a capacity of 18.5 liters, this is not critical.
Oil consumption is not marked.
Contrary to fear, the belt drive proved to be reliable. Even with my sometimes not calm driving style.
There are enough brakes, there were enough of them even at the karting track, where at first I just went for a ride, and then I caught myself thinking that I was starting to tumble in no way like a chopper. Although, of course, the mass does not go anywhere, i.e. you feel that under you is not a sportbike, but something like a racing tractor 🙂

Also, contrary to fears, the air motor does not overheat even in the southern summer. Of course, it bakes, it is especially felt in the city, after driving along the highway, when you stop at a traffic light.
But many dropsies heat just as well, especially when the fan turns on. Yes, and the same Magna, heats up with its rear cylinders much stronger.
The motor starts easily at -10C, possibly lower, but I have not tried it, more masochism.
At the same time, in motion, it warms up enough not to twitch, which many Japanese sin.

In maintenance, the motor also differs from the Japanese. The motor consists of three parts serviced by its own oil, the engine itself, the gearbox and the primary transmission with a wet clutch. Any car oil with a viscosity of 20W-50 is suitable for the motor, the quality index is not lower than SF (or – Zhiguli and KAMAZ too ):-)
In the gearbox, any transmission 80W90 GL5, although it makes sense to pour native, because. it is not expensive, and the checkpoint works better.
And in the primary gear (Goose), any engine oil or ATF.
Since oils work in a highly specialized way, this has a positive effect on their resource and on my pocket.
Candles can be changed with an open-end wrench 🙂

The special differences of the T-sport version are the rebound-adjustable suspensions of the purely American company Shova :-))
The presence of a completely useless tachometer and double disc, front brakes.

Having finished the season without any adventures, I began to bring the motorcycle to my liking. The first thing I wanted to do was takeaways (forward control), what was offered on eBay did not suit both the price of $ 350 and the fact that the takeaways were too far. What is not good for the spine. Therefore, they made their own takeaways. The brackets were sawn out by a grinder, the brake pedal was made by a milling machine according to our drawings. The brake rod is self-made from stainless steel, the rest was used from the standard middle control.

It was decided to paint the mot in a brighter, red color, for some reason I didn’t want metallic. In the spring I bought tires in front of 100/80 19 and back 150/80 16 Pirelle Ruth 66, it cost 8400 rubles for two wheels. I have a weakness with Pirelli after her Diablo. Ruth turned out to be a very good rubber, better than the Dunlop.
In general, I was ready for the season, it was planned to ride well. But alas, the work did not allow.Therefore, I rode mainly within 500 km, and dashed off only 15 thousand. I hope next year will be better.

But they were!
The oil seal of the copy shaft of the gearbox was leaking, it costs a penny, but changing it is not easy, you need to remove the primary gear. The sealing rubber ring of the bushing of the output shaft also podsoplivivalo.
At the end of the season, I managed to break the splines on the drive pulley. There were calls before that, too. when replacing the belt, unscrewed bolts were found, locking the pulley nut. But they did not attach any importance to this, but in vain. Apparently an American, did not tighten the pulley nut properly and the pulley walked a little on the splines until it ate them. Nut otkurtivshis licked the threads of the shaft. As a result, I had to change the fifth gear gear (it is the pulley drive shaft) and the pulley, which came out to 7500 rubles.
Along the way, I spent almost the same amount on motor bolts, I had long dreamed of buying them – all visible fasteners, now from polished stainless steel. It's not in the photos yet.
Plans to experiment with the steering wheel. I want to figure out a more even steering wheel on high racks. I would also like to have a kick 🙂

It was


I do not plan to change the motorcycle, I hope it will be for a long time.

Update 19/10/10

So another year has passed. Tuning is almost not added. I don't want to change anything yet. There were no breakdowns. There were many miles on various roads.
Including a couple of trips to Astrakhan.
I remember the last, or rather the way back. Due to circumstances, I had to return not in the morning in the cold at + 30º, but in the afternoon when the temperature creeps up to 50 in the shade. Those who traveled across the Kalmyk steppe know that there is not much shade there. Those. the air in the sun was about 70, it's like in a sauna with a fan.
The clutch and brake levers, on the go, heated up so that it was hot to the hands.
Japanese dropsies, with slightly dirty radiators that came with us in a column, began to boil on the move, it was worth exceeding 70 mph.
Harley, oddly enough, felt great. Unlike me and other riders, how much we then drank and poured water on ourselves is scary to imagine.
Actually, there is not much to write about. Changed oil, flushed and lubed nulevik. Replaced a worn rear tire.