I see no reason to cry." Domracheva and Scardino said goodbye to biathlon at the "Race of Legends"

Biathlon news: I see no reason for tears. Domracheva and Scardino said goodbye to biathlon at the Race of Legends

I see no reason to cry. Domracheva and Scardino said goodbye to biathlon at the Race of Legends

In Raubichi, biathlon fans and star participants of the Race of Legends sent Daria Domracheva and Nadezhda Skardino out of big sport.

In the SPORT.TUT.BY report, there are touching wishes from biathlon fans to primas, suggestions from friends and colleagues about whether Daria and Nadezhda will return to professional sports, and Bjoerndalen's answer to the question, what is it like to be married to a queen?

“Dashenka, health to my daughter! How many teeth does she already have?

Despite the weekday, on Monday the Raubichi were crowded with biathlon fans and personal fans of Domracheva and Skardino. During the autograph session, sincere Belarusians wished the primas health, happiness in their personal lives and periodically gave out stand-up jokes in the spirit of:

– Dashenka, good health to my daughter! How many teeth does she already have?

– Nadenka, you are so small, thin, but you can’t tell on TV.

Daria and Nadezhda smiled gratefully, quickly signed flags, postcards for mothers, grandmothers, sisters and managed to pose for a selfie. The Belarusian security monitored the clear progress of people in the queue. Strong men themselves pushed forward those who wanted to stay at the idol's table for at least a second longer than allowed. And only when the last fan left the hall for an autograph session, the guards themselves lined up and turned from formidable overseers into cute biathlon lovers, simply begging for cards with signatures for relatives and friends in the same simple way.

This year's Race of Legends was more like a meeting night than an official competition. Many participants came to Belarus with their children. The son of Halvar Khanevold played catch-up with baby Vincent Defran, and two-month-old daughter Karin Oberhofer slept carefree in the stroller.

– I came here with the baby, because you can’t leave her alone yet. For my daughter, this is the first trip, but it goes well: at this age, children only sleep and eat, ”Karin smiled.

The Italian noted that after professional sports she enjoys the role of a mother.

– I also have an older son – he is one and a half years old. You know, motherhood requires a lot of time and attention, so I perfectly understand Daria and her decision to end her career now.

This year, many participants of the Race of Legends brought their children to Belarus. For example, Turin Olympic champion Vincent Defran came to Minsk with his little son.

— In our family, it is customary to discover the world and develop through travel. We like to get acquainted with new countries and cultures, says the Frenchman. – Yesterday, my baby and I had time to walk around Minsk.I was struck by cleanliness, I would even say – the superchistence of your capital.

Defran noted that he was happy to come to the Racing of Legends, because this is a great opportunity to see old friends.

– The main thing that gives a lot of sport is friends. I miss Biathlon, and even more – according to people who did time in sports so wonderful. Now I do not work in the sports field, but I am engaged in my charitable foundation. We help the homeless in France.

Olympic champion Dinara Alimbekova told Sport.tut.by about the main council, which Daria Domracheva gave her.

– Last year I failed my relay stage in Oberhof. When, after the finish, I stood all in tears, Dasha came up to me and said: So steel is tempered. These words were remembered for me forever. I always learned from Dasha and Nadi how even after unsuccessful races to find the strength and motivation move on. This is certainly their strong quality.

Dinara also noted that, despite the great employment, the Olympic champions of Pyeongchang find time to support the team, periodically come to meetings and write SMS to the current athletes.

– We have many joint memories with them. The Olympics is the main start in the life of any athlete. Therefore, the emotions that we survived with the girls will be with us all our lives. It is nice that both Dasha and Nadia support us, help switch after failures and charge with good energy.

The victory in the female mass starts with a huge advantage was won by Nadezhda Skardino. The second was the Russian woman Anna Bogalius, the third – German Simone Hausvald.

After the finish, Nadezhda Scardino shared emotions from the Race of Legends.

– Many fans today approached Dasha and me and said that we would return. It is funny and a little sad, ”the winner of the mass start admitted. – Each athlete is sad to end his career. But I would call today a sad holiday on a great note. Moreover, such excellent wires arranged for us. I think I finally realize that everything is with sports only when I say today in the Raubichi: “Goodbye!”

Skardino noted that in a few months without big sports she managed to please herself with many charms of life, which a professional athlete lacks.

– I have much more time for myself. If I want to go on a trip, I'm going. If you want not to wake up early in the morning, I do not wake up. Finally I can spend a lot of time with my relatives. This is probably the main thing, why did she still end her career. At the same time, I do not miss the races on TV. Now I am watching the biathlon competitions as a spectator or even a fan. When I watch women's races, I imagine that I could also compete there. But all this is only at the level of thoughts, reasoning, in theory. Although the Race of Legends was very worried.I wanted to run into full force. Sports interest and fuse did not disappear anywhere.

For men, the best was Ukrainian Andrei Derigidlya. The Ukrainian was ahead of Ulee-Einar Bjurndalen, who made three misses in the second shooting. Bronze went to the silver medalist of the Olympics in Vancouver – Belarusian Sergey Novikov.

The winner of the male mass old Andrei Derigemly emphasized that every time he is pleasantly surprised by the warm and mental atmosphere on the “Race of Legends”.

– It is always nice to remember what competition is, and go to the track, albeit within the framework of the show. I often repeat that there are no former athletes. For example, I get out to ski or rollers mainly on weekends. We said goodbye to sports for a long time, but on the “Race of Legends” we still worked out as much as possible both at the turn and on the highway.

According to the Ukrainian biathlete, in Raubichi Daria Domracheva and Nadezhda Skardino staged very beautiful wires.

– It is sad that such athletes left sports. Daria was really biathlon. Today it is difficult to unequivocally call one bright athlete the leader that Dasha was at one time.

Norwegian Lars Berger in a playful manner shared his impressions of the Race of Legends.

– The distance was short, but the targets were too small (both athletes shot at the rack). Honestly, throughout the whole career, the targets seemed small for me, ”the biathlete laughed, never famous for accuracy at the turn. – In general, I really liked the race. We joked so much and laughed in these two days!

A mixed relay was stunning in the intensity, in which the duet of Nadezhda Skardino and Sergei Novikov, thanks to high-quality shooting for three seconds, was ahead of Daria Domracheva’s reactive duet and Ulee-Einar Bierndalen.

The third place was taken by Anna Bogalius and Fruda Andresen.

1. Nadezhda Scardino (Belarus) – 5.55.5 (0)
2. Anna Bogalius (Russia) – 42.0 (1)
3. Simone Hausvald (Germany) – 42.4 (1)
4. Elena Zubrilova (Belarus) – 52.8 (0)
5. Elena Petrova (Ukraine) – 59.5 (1)
6. Ekaterina Dafovsk (Bulgaria) – 1.09.4 (2)
7. Karin Oberhofer (Italy) – 1.12.3 (4)
8. Corinn Niogre (France) – 1.46.5 (4)
9. Florence Baverle (France) – 1.53.5 (6)

Daria Domracheva (Belarus) – did not start

1. Andrey Deriemlya (Ukraine) – 5.29.4 (1)
2. Ule Einar Bjorndalen (Norway) – 18.9 (3)
3. Sergey Novikov (Belarus) – 22.2 (1)
4. Halvard Hanvold (Norway) – 43.5 (2)
5. Vincent Defran (France) – 44.2 (2)
6. Lars Berger (Norway) – 52.2 (3)
7. Vladimir Drachev (Russia) – 1.03.4 (3)
8. Frude Andresen (Norway) – 1.12.9 (5)
9. Alexander Popov (Belarus) – 1.24.6 (2)
10. Sergey Chepikov (Russia) – 2.03.2 (4)

1. Nadezhda Scardino (Belarus) – Sergey Novikov (Belarus) – 10.30.1 (1)
2. Daria Domracheva (Belarus) – Ule Einar Bjurndalen (Norway) – 3.2 (4)
3. Anna Bogalius (Russia) – Frude Andresen (Norway) – 51.1 (2)
4. Corinn Niogre (France) – Lars Berger (Norway) – 1.21.5 (4)
5. Elena Petrova (Ukraine) – Andrey Deriemlya (Ukraine) – 1.23.3 (5)
6.Karin Oberhofer (Italy) – Halvard Hanvold (Norway) – 1.31.1 (4)
7. Ekaterina Dafovsk (Bulgaria) – Vladimir Drachev (Russia) – 1.37.9 (4)
8. Florence Baverle (France) – Vincent Defran (France) – 1.57.5 (6)
9. Simone Hausvald (Germany) – Sergey Chepikov (Russia) – 2.01.8 (5)
10. Elena Zubrilova (Belarus) – Pierre Alberto Carrara (Italy) – 2.40.4 (4)

After official wires, I can’t imagine what their return to sports would look like

Despite the fact that the “Racer of Legends” took place of Domracheva and Scardino, in Raubichi there were increasingly talking about the possible return of the Belarusians to the World Cup routes. Alfred Eder did not exclude the likelihood of such a scenario, but tactfully refused more detailed comments.

The winner of the games in Vancouver Sergey Novikov said that the forms of both would not allow them not to get lost in the World Cup.

– Nadia in today's relay set such a pace that I had to drive and match! Obviously, both Dasha and Nadia Scardino are in great shape. Do I believe that they can still return to big sport? – asked Sergey. – Don't even know. After such loud wires at the official level, I can’t imagine how it might look. Although – all questions only to them.

Domrachev and Scardino really gave out fiery races, albeit in a show format. Hope finally recorded two gold in the asset, and Daria was content with silver relay-the mass-story of the four-time Olympic champion missed due to a cold, which had gone to all lovers on the day.

– Health lifted in front of the very “hill of legends”, which we were waiting for. It's a shame, of course. But still satisfied with the performance, ”Domracheva assured.

Daria is a top athlete, but as a person she is even better

Ule-Einar Bjornalen, who in the relay spoke in tandem with Daria, complained to three offensive misses on the rack and noted that his wife was on top.

– Daria is a top athlete, but as a person she is even better. This is a really fantastic feeling – to be married to the queen, ”the Norwegian smiled.

When asked if he believes in the return of Daria to professional sport, replied Bjorndalenclonly:

– This is not for me to decide. Daria herself should be ready to accept such a call. Now we just maintain shape and continue to train daily.

The fans on this day more often said words of gratitude, which said Domrachev and Scardino to return to Big Biathlon. Many converged in their opinion – they deserved a vacation.

– We told Daria that her sports happiness is already in her hands, so now he could enjoy family comfort. It is better to leave the undefeated than losing status and ending his career in another quality, ”a married couple from Minsk shared his opinion. – They are with Bjorndalen – the legends of the world biathlon. We spent so many bright races! Now I recall the moment when Daria stepped on the wirer stick and let it go forward at the finish.That act proves the beautiful human qualities of Domracheva. Will she return to sport? We think no. She decided to leave, and we believed her.

Tatyana admitted a fan of biathlon from the Minsk region that without such legends as Domracheva and Scardino, it became a little sad to watch Biathlon.

– They gave the fans a lot of emotions. I remember how I watched the baton at the Olympics in Korea at work. Honestly, I did not believe that this could happen. I just really wanted our girls to sit somewhere higher. After the finish, she immediately called dad and asked on emotions: Do you see this?.

“The president proposed returning to great sport. But this was said by a half -joke

Guests from Russia arrived at the Rebel of Legends especially for autographs of superstars.

– We rejoice that Daria with hope begins a new stage in life – family, children. Although for fans today is a little sad day. We always had both for Domrachev and for Scardino as for our own.

The “Race of Legends” ended with a salute, gratitude of Daria and hope for fans. The show start once again proved how Biathlon loves in Belarus-even on Monday, even during working hours and frost. The legendary guests vied with the vocepage noted an excellent organization and mental atmosphere, the fans took away autograph cards and dozens of selfies from the raugites.

And Daria Domracheva and Nadezhda Skardino nevertheless told the public “Goodbye!”. Although they left the hope that any layouts are still possible.

– Will I return to great sport? – Domrachev paused. – Today I enjoy what is. I am currently sure that I made the right choice. Of course, my name is often back, hope still warms up for the fans. The president also offered to return to big sport. But you yourself understand that this was said by a half -joke. Although, perhaps, every joke has a share of truth.