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PF NSU named after Lobachevsky, Faculty of Law, correspondence department
School No. 11, Pavlovo, 1996 – 2003
PU-31, Pavlovo, 2006

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The Lord of the Rings, the Gentlemen of Good luck), the day after tomorrow, the Prophet, the millionaire from the Tynchi, the Green Mile, the Vassabi, the Groundhog Day, Love by the Rules and without

Klea Wolf D. London, Time for the rebel G.Arrison, Wings of fear A. Khichkok, The subconscious can do everything D. Kejo

Death is not so scary – until it is a surprise to you. Living with a deadly disease is what is scary.

Previously, it seems to me that humanity was calmer, because before the problem of uncontrolled anger was solved by the fact that there were public executions. There they just shook a man, we cut the sausage in Olivier thicker than there. People came to the whole city with children, looked and thought: “Well, thank God, well, good. And there is no need to be angry.
And there were powerful executions, of course. There, if someone was hanged, people were like: “Why is it hanged today? Yesterday a man was torn apart by birch trees, and today they hanged him. The executioner is no longer the same. Execute the executioner!

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By popular demand, we are organizing a new competition! We look forward to strong support! House 5×7 with a roof made of metal. The double-glazed window comes as a gift with mosquito nets.
The conditions are standard: Participation in the group and Repost.
Delivery to the regions at our expense.
The results will be announced live by the Konkurzilla program on December 14, 2021!

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Pavlovo-on-Oka is a rather boring town 400 kilometers from Moscow. You would hardly have heard of it at all if it weren’t for the Pavlovsk Bus Plant, which produces the very PAZs that run along the roads of almost every Russian city.

Magnetic curtain: Plasma-treated water will destroy the coronavirus

The liquid created by Russian scientists is safe for humans and suitable for processing medical masks and spraying in the air

Water treated with cold plasma can become a deadly weapon for bacteria, fungi and viruses. The authors of the development, Russian scientists from Skolkovo, suggest that it can also destroy the new coronavirus that causes COVID-19. The liquid can be used both for the treatment of medical masks and various surfaces, and for spraying in the air. Unlike alcohol solutions and bleach, it is completely safe for humans and has no smell, and its cost, if put into production, will be about one hundred rubles per thousand liters.

In connection with the spread of SARS-CoV-2, it is important to protect yourself as much as possible from infection coming from the external environment. This refers to both airspace and surfaces on which the virus can settle. Today, the main disinfectants that remove the pathogen include solutions based on alcohol and bleach. However, their use is associated with a number of inconveniences: strong odor, impact on health and well-being. Surface treatment with ultraviolet light takes a long time.

Russian scientists from Skolkovo have created a plant that can transform ordinary water in such a way that it becomes a deadly weapon for small biological objects: fungi, bacteria and viruses. Proteins are destroyed in such a liquid – after drying, nothing remains on the treated surface. Water, which was called Magnaril, disrupts the vital activity of pathogens due to the action of reactive oxygen species and hypochlorous acid.

The technology works as follows. The facility produces cold plasma – a gas of charged and uncharged particles.It enters ordinary water, after which it acquires special properties: atoms lose some of their electrons and, as a result, cannot combine into an H2O molecule due to the laws of physics.

This instability of water molecules leads to the emergence of various forms of oxygen and hydrogen and their various compounds. The resulting active particles damage both the cell membranes of pathogenic microflora and the shells of viruses. The most important role in the process is played by metastable atomic oxygen, which retains its state only under certain conditions – when there are fewer electrons than needed. It easily reacts with biological molecules, including DNA, RNA and individual proteins.

In addition to aggressive oxygen, the resulting liquid has another weapon for the war against viruses – hypochlorous acid. The fact is that ordinary chlorinated tap water contains a small amount of hypochlorous sodium (salt) added at water utility stations.

“When water is treated with plasma, salt breaks up,” explained Dmitry Balabolin, head of the Skolkovo-based company Magnaril Aqua Lab. — This leads to the formation of hypochlorous acid. Science already knows that one tenth of a percent of the salt of such an acid in water prevents the reproduction of the coronavirus. The acid itself is much more active than its salt. This suggests that such a liquid will not only stop reproduction, but also kill the pathogen.

The amount of hypochlorous acid in the resulting liquid can be increased by taking water purified from impurities and adding a certain amount of table salt. Now scientists use less than one kilogram of it per thousand liters.

According to the researchers, treated water can be used to disinfect various objects and even air. Long-term storage does not affect the properties of the liquid if it is in a closed container. However, immediately after spraying, the active substances react with various biological objects, decompose, and Magnaril becomes ordinary water.

True, exactly how the liquid will act on a specific COVID-2019 pathogen is not yet known exactly. Verification will be done shortly.

“The method of obtaining such water with disinfection properties is, in principle, promising,” says Sergey Netesov, head of the laboratory of biotechnology and virology at Novosibirsk State University, Corresponding Member of the Russian Academy of Sciences. – But it requires a number of improvements and must necessarily be accompanied by a simple method for quantitative determination of the content of active ions and molecules in it. It is also necessary to test the effect of such water on viruses that have a lipid shell. The coronavirus is one of them.

Due to the relative simplicity of production, the price of the liquid will be small – about one hundred rubles per thousand liters.However, a number of experts believe that, despite the cheapness, the new development has no special prospects.

“The same hydrogen peroxide is a much stronger and stable oxidizing agent than the joints of the single oxygen obtained in cold plasma treated with cold plasma,” said Pavel Volchkov, head of the Laboratory of General Engineering of MIFT. – The peroxide is available and is cheap, for its production you do not need special equipment.

Unlike hydrogen peroxide, the new fluid is completely safe for the human body, developers object. If peroxide pairs can cause irritation of the mucous membranes or even eyes of the eyes, then the glass of “magnarus”, according to them, can even drink without harm to health. Thus, this liquid can be sprayed on medical masks, extending their service life. After drying on the surfaces, only ordinary salt and water are formed. In addition, the novelty can be used to moisturize the premises – then the air passing through its veil will be cleaned of pathogens.

At the moment, scientists are engaged in the design of a patent for the invention and preparation of serial production.