Interview with the "Black" Arbitrator: $20,000 per month on casino traffic and advertising scams for 200,000 rubles

Why do people still fall for casino beating schemes? How do they cheat when buying advertising on Instagram and Telegram? Why are RevShare schemes disadvantageous? Find answers to these questions inside.

Interview with the Black Arbitrator: $20,000 per month on casino traffic and advertising scams for 200,000 rubles

We are publishing the most interesting interview with the Black Arbitrageur, who earns tens of thousands of dollars a month by arbitrating traffic from Telegram and Instagram to online casinos. Roman shared schemes to “deceive the Volcano”, told how they “throw” when buying advertising on Instagram and Telegram, about “gray car dealerships”, about traffic arbitrage in bookmakers and plans for 10 years ahead.

Why RevShare schemes are unprofitable and a little about casino affiliate programs
I deal with casinos and traffic using the method of winning schemes. If someone does not know, I will explain. Gambling is a technique when I sell allegedly profitable winning schemes in a casino for 200 rubles. That is, put 50 rubles here and 30 rubles here, and 100 rubles there. As a result, you will win 50,000 rubles. A person spends 200 rubles and becomes a player, and the affiliate pays me. In this scheme, it is more interesting to work on CPA, since the payouts are very solid: from 2,800 to 3,000 rubles per lead. I can keep a person as long as possible and even manage to sell private schemes for a separate cost. You can't earn that much on RevShare. After all, the traffic is not selective. Although I have friends who have borrowed about 5,000 rubles per person. As part of the CPA scheme, I never deal directly with the casino. Only through partnerships. They get a percentage of my payments, and therefore dilute my traffic to pass it off as more worthwhile. To put it bluntly, I and affiliate programs are fooling the casino together. The yield is crazy, 300% net.

How much can you earn on this scheme?
Since February 2018, I have earned about 19 million rubles. Roughly speaking, 300 thousand dollars for a year and a half.

About subscribers and their cost
My main traffic acquisition channels are Telegram and Instagram. The latter is more difficult to work with. The traffic is worse than in Telegram and it is very difficult to work with a person for a long time. How do I get a casino follower from Instagram? I create an account of a successful person and manage it. I do advertising according to the scheme: if you want to earn money, write to him and find out. In Telegram, the situation is slightly different. This is where views matter. My channel has 12,000 most motivated subscribers. The audience is targeted and extremely expensive. The cost of a subscriber can reach up to 200 rubles.

How do affiliate programs cheat and is it possible to negotiate with them?
Affiliates don't just cheat. They even have special private offers. For example, I have been in this topic for a long time and they can easily connect me to them. That is, they will not prevent me from pouring cheap traffic that brings a penny to the casino. Affiliates interfere with him and pass him off as standing.But if a beginner comes and starts to work according to this scheme, they will not be paid anything and most likely will be banned.

Are there good holes?
Meet. I have such a friend. But specifically in telegrams there are no good caps.

What else do you earn on?
I earn on bets in BC. In this case, I already work on Revshare. I motivate people to be registered in the office by my link. If CPA income depends on the volume of work done with traffic, then Revshare on a certain order of action. The approach is of course easier, but I do not earn much. Now it becomes much more complicated. Accounts die, and there are less and less money. In BC, I poured about 6 thousand players. Mostly on Mostbet and 1xbet. I try to make advertising for certain events. For example, tomorrow a cool event, an excellent coefficient, guys, put it.

Are you advertising from popular people on Instagram?
Now I give advertising only in telegrams. Here people are more susceptible to information. It is not a pity to give for such advertising and 2 million rubles. Instagram does not give such a profit, there are a lot of wraps, and advertising is too expensive, with a complete absence of effectiveness.

How is they bred on advertising in telegrams?
On the divorces, I already ate a dog. I was thrown at 150,000 rubles and 200,000 rubles. In total, on divorces I lost 1 million rubles. It is very convenient to throw in telegrams. Over time, I worked out my scheme and now I calculate such enterprising guys at once. If you strongly generalize, the main feature is obsession. Suppose they wrote to me with a proposal for advertising, and then often remind of themselves. Here you can already be wary. I do not work with such. Well, the final phrase Well? Block these immediately.

The most expensive advertising you paid for?
There were two most expensive advertisements, but on one channel – Stalingulag. The first cost 300,000 rubles, and the second – 500,000 rubles. Decently earned, the advertisement paid off more than.

What are you spending that kind of money?
Of course, at first the roof was torn to me. $ 20,000 per month. Dear clothes, clubs and restaurants. Now I live 300,000 rubles a month. I will invest everything else in real estate and crypt.

Conscience at night does not gnaw?
In fact, it is a little annoying that people want easy money. And they are not anywhere. As soon as they stop being conducted for this, I will stop earnings.

Why in the CIS people love easy money so much?
In general, the topic of casino is eternal. They were, are and will be. According to my sensations, this is due to the income of the population. The less people earn, the more they earn a casino.

Who do you see yourself in 10 years?
Honestly, I didn't think. While this scheme works, they will earn here. In principle, real estate is very interesting to me.

Was there an advertisement that was remembered?
Once I earned 300 thousand rubles after advertising on a telegram channel Ksenia Sobchak. A presidential candidate advertises a casino, well, cool.

Have partnerships throw you?
Of course they threw it. One fairly well -known affiliate program instead of 80,000 rubles paid 70,000 rubles. There were two more that I tested. They just threw it without paying anything.

How many players did you bring in a casino?
About 25,000 and 7,000 active, constantly playing.

Have you ever been exposed?
Tried. I personally saw three articles, I even liked one. It claimed that I was from Ukraine with 2 convictions, a kind of avid fraudster. Of course this is all at the level of guesses.

How many people work in your team?
Only two people work in my team. They work with players. And the designer on the remote, who is engaged in multimedia and animation.

To work with online casino, you collaborated with gray car dealerships. Tell me more than you did there?
Then I was engaged in traffic. The bottom line is: the salon sells the car for 500,000 rubles. The official price is 700,000 rubles. I begin to advertise it. Up to 100 ads are usually driven to one such car. A person comes to a car dealership and a performance begins. Employees demand an advance payment of 200,000 rubles to drive the car from the warehouse. He makes, and they say to him: You still have a million, if there is no cash, let's get a loan of 20% per month. Basal for a lifetime. If a person refuses, then for the remaining 300 thousand rubles, he receives a bucket with nails. Naturally, no one sells a new car and does not return the money.

On this note, we say goodbye to the novel and wish him success in existing and future projects.