Kirovsky District Court of St. Petersburg

Without keyword 198095, St. Petersburg, st. Marshal Govorova, 38 Tel.: (812) 415-64-01, 415-64-02 [email protected] location map Kirovsky District Court of St. Petersburg

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198095, St. Petersburg, st. Marshal Govorov, 38
Tel.: (812) 415-64-01, 415-64-02
[email protected]
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Kirovsky District Court
city ​​of St. Petersburg

198095, St. Petersburg, st. Marshal Govorov, 38 Tel.: (812) 415-64-01, 415-64-02 [email protected]

We draw the attention of participants in court proceedings and their representatives, law enforcement officials, prosecutors, lawyers and other persons that due to the increase in the incidence of a new coronavirus infection (COVID-19) in the Russian Federation, from 06/22/2021 access to court is limited to persons who do not who are participants in court proceedings, as well as personal reception of citizens in the reception and departments of the court (filing statements of claim, petitions, applications, complaints).

Familiarization with the materials of civil, administrative and criminal cases is carried out only by appointment.

In connection with the foregoing, we recommend submitting applications, appeals and procedural documents only through the service for submitting procedural documents in electronic form (Internet reception of the court), located at the address, or by Russian post .

Copies of court decisions are issued by sending them by registered mail if there is a corresponding application, which can be sent to the court via e-mail, mail of Russia.

Information about the cases pending in court, including the dates for which the hearings are scheduled, can be found on the official website of the Kirovsky District Court of St. Petersburg in the section COURT PROCEEDINGS: CONSIDERATION OF CASES, JUDICIAL ACTS.

Please note that the passage of visitors to the courthouse, as well as being in the corridors and courtrooms, is possible only in individual protective equipment: medical masks, respirators and other substitutes for respiratory protection, as well as rubber gloves. Access to the courthouse will be possible only after measuring the visitor's body temperature with a special device. When staying in the court building, it is necessary to keep a distance of at least 1.5 meters from other citizens and court employees.

Persons who do not have these protective equipment, as well as increased body temperature, have signs of SARS, are not allowed into the courthouse.