List of the most worthwhile dinosaur games 2021; core mission

Dinosaur Games

There are not so many really worthwhile games with dinosaurs, and all of them are presented in our rating: Turok, Jurassic Park: The Game and others

Dinosaur Games

Dinosaur Games

Once upon a time, mysterious creatures lived on our planet – dinosaurs. But after thousands of years of their existence, a certain event happened, due to which all this living creature died out. And now people who are interested in ancient lizards can only look at miraculously preserved bones in museums, watch feature films and play games based on them. The latter, as it turned out, over the past two decades have released a decent amount, and not always these were high-quality projects. There are not so many really worthwhile games with dinosaurs, and all of them are presented in our rating.

  • Genre: Shooter
  • Developer: Propaganda Games, Aspyr Media
  • Publisher: Touchstone Pictures
  • Release date: January 31, 2008

The remake of the popular shooter from the 90s Turok: Dinosaur Hunter opens the list. The game was originally released on Nintendo consoles in 1997, but the sudden popularity pushed the developers to release the shooting game on personal computers as well. The first and second parts of the series told about the Indian Turok, who was engaged in the extermination of a variety of dinosaurs and along the way tried to prevent the plans of the villains to take control of time and space. But in this remake, released 11 years after the release of the original, the character's backstory was changed. Now Turok has become a space marine-thug, as part of a detachment who went to an unknown planet to eliminate one dangerous character. And it turned out to be not so easy to do, because in addition to armed people, lizards are scurrying through the jungle much more adapted to survive in extreme conditions.

In terms of gameplay, Turok (2008) is the successor to such high-profile projects as Quake IV and Doom 3, only now a touch of newfangled consoleism has become more obvious – automatic health regeneration, checkpoints with saves, QTE elements with spectacular finishing moves and many other simplifications of the game. rendered. But what is worth saying unequivocal thanks to the creators is for the arsenal of weapons. There are sniper rifles, automatic weapons, pistols and even a high-tech bow, from which it is a pleasure to shoot aggressive dinosaurs. And if there is no desire to spend ammunition, there is always the opportunity to break the mouth of a not too large enemy with your bare hands.

  • Genre: Shooter
  • Developer: 800 North
  • Publisher: 800 North
  • Release date: April 08, 2011

As it turned out, grandfather Adolf not only traded in all sorts of occult things, but also instructed his henchmen to take on another responsible mission – to find a way to crush the Allied troops using the achievements of modern science. Nazi scientists fussed and revived the long-extinct reptiles, increasing their lethal power with technological innovations – firearms, armor, powerful cannons, etc.The prehistoric zoo contains medium-sized dilophosaurs, fast velociraptors, clumsy but armored dysmatosuchians. And they are opposed, of course, by the brave American military, armed with rifles, grenades, pistols and other means of killing typical of that time. Players just have to decide on a team and character, setting off to show other gamers their skills in exciting online battles.

Despite the already outdated Source engine and the picture that has long been out of date with modern standards, Dino D-Day has everything you need for an exciting pastime. First of all, we are talking about two completely different types of gameplay – a regular shooter for Allied soldiers and an action game with MOBA elements for dinosaurs. Some reptiles act as a “tank” and keep the enemy in tension by throwing heavy objects at them and being able to crush them, while others require constant movement, attacking from the flanks and pinching off pieces of meat from soldiers running back and forth. Therefore, only the team that has surpassed opponents in terms of the effectiveness of team interaction will be able to emerge victorious in a tense match.

  • Genre: Platformer
  • Developer: Arzest
  • Publisher: Nintendo
  • Release date: March 14, 2014

In the new dinosaur story, the player is tasked with the same challenge as the original Yoshi's Island, Nintendo's spin-off of the mustachioed plumber series. Kamek again tried to kidnap newborn Mario and Luigi. And again, Mario ended up on the island of Yoshi, and it is necessary once again to reunite the brothers and put the evil turtles in their place. At the end of the original Yoshi's Island, the brothers ended up with their parents. At the beginning of Yoshi's New Island, it turns out that mom and dad were fake, and the brothers have to find a new home. A very strange plot for a fabulous adventure. The gameplay has been rolled back to the basics laid down in the SNES rpg games. The dinosaur swallows enemies and processes them into eggs. Runs, jumps and throws these very eggs. It is on their competent throwing that a good half of the gameplay is kept. So, to open the door, you need to hit the prize cloud with an egg. To lower the bridge, do not believe it, you need to perform the same action. Even bosses need to be pelted with eggs like bad musicians.

However, without new gaming features in Yoshi's New Island, too, could not do. The rampant megalomania that hit Nintendo's internal studios back in the days of New Super Mario Bros spilled out here too. For example, a huge monster, defying all the laws of the universe, can be turned into the same huge egg that can level almost all objects on the level to the ground. Yoshi, prone to transformations, has mastered new forms: now the resilient dinosaur is able to transform into a balloon and … a jackhammer. In general, the gameplay has remained true to tradition, although the pace of gameplay has decreased somewhat. At least that is the impression.In comparison with previous parts, the dinosaur reacts to the clicks of the keys with some delay. And if you can still get a mini-pause when throwing an egg when throwing an egg, then the brake run and a sluggish reaction to the pressing of the crosses can cost a dinosaur of life. Otherwise, Yoshi’s New Island is a worthy continuation of Mario's adventures in diapers and the Yoshi dinosauric clan. Experienced fans of the series, of course, will find something to find fault, but a less informed and not so picky public will give a lot of pleasant hours in the company of lovely and good heroes.

  • Genre: Adventures/Quest
  • Developer: Telltale Games
  • Publisher: Telltale Games
  • Exit date: November 15, 2011

After Puzzle Agent saturated with puzzles and the conservative-neutral Back to the Future, Telltale suddenly rocked sharply in the opposite direction. In the Jurassic Park, on the contrary, they did everything that is possible to make the game more like an interactive movie in the whole Universe: the character’s control was taken away, the puzzles were removed, but they inserted a bunch of QTE, which will only be admired by the painting “Dinosaurs tore off the sacrifice for pieces”. Yes, Jurassic Park: The Game was the first game TELLTALE with Game Over’om and is more like Dragon’s Lair than previous work of the company, so it was met very cool both fans of adventure and fans of the Jurassic Park. Telltale and a scandal with the Metacritic aggregator site did not add, when it turned out that enthusiastic “user reviews” on Jurassic Park left the studio employees.

But do not be disappointed ahead of time – the project has positive aspects. Firstly, it was a useful experience in creating an action-oriented game, and many techniques tested here were subsequently used in The Walking Dead. Secondly, the scriptwriters managed to write a really good plot, without becoming the already finished canvas of the narrative from the well-known film. In this adventure, you will find completely new, well -prescribed characters that you empathize for several hours of passage. Yes, and the action itself has been put on all the canons of Hollywood blockbusters – dinosaurs chase the heroes and click their huge teeth right in front of their nose, in general, the intensity of passions is supported by all famous filmmakers and gagodels in ways.

  • Genre: Survival
  • Developer: Studio WildCard, Instinct Games, Effecto Studios, Virtual Basement
  • Publisher: Studio Wildcard
  • Exit date: August 29, 2017

Ark: Survival Evolved is one of the most popular songwriters in the Steam digital service. More than 50 thousand people play at the same time. Such results have become possible largely thanks to an interesting concept and an unprecedented setting-players will not survive in the atmosphere of the zombie apocalypse or another epidemic, but on the lost island, where primitive culture and prehistoric reptiles have been preserved, which, according to all the laws of nature, should have died out for a long time . However, the gamers will still not be surprised – if you do not get the provisions, do not acquire a weapon and not build a fortified dwelling, the player himself will soon die.On 36 square kilometers of land and 12 sq. km. There are a lot of useful and dangerous things on the sea surface, so you will have to explore all this not only for days, but for whole weeks.

ARK is primarily positioned as a multiplayer game, so survival in the world of dinosaurs involves interacting with other players on the server. It can be both friendly coexistence and aggressive military actions. If you are not a fan of the latter, then welcome to special PVE servers where harming people on the other side of the network cable is prohibited. One way or another, the battles in the game are not given as much time as it seems at first glance. The main element of ARK is construction – in order to survive, you will have to mine resources for crafting, crafting tools, auxiliary structures (also for crafting). But sometimes it’s nice to step away and look at the results of your work from the outside, save screenshots, and then also show them off on the Internet.

  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Traveler's Tales
  • Publisher: Warner Bros.
  • Release date: June 10, 2015

The LEGO series is one of the few examples of “family-oriented” entertainment that absolutely everyone will play with interest, both primary school children and their parents (or even especially advanced grandparents). And Jurassic World, made on the basis of the film series of the same name and allowing you to participate in many events experienced by all famous heroes, is clearly no exception to the rule. Moderate difficulty allows you to complete the game without unnecessary hassle, and the old-school desire to discover as many secrets as possible intelligently fuels interest in a thorough passage. Everyone was able to please – newcomers, who at best began their acquaintance with the franchise from the 2015 film, will learn about previous events, and old fans will remember or look at famous scenes from a different angle.

Before us is not an interactive movie, but a full-fledged game that combines elements of a platformer, adventure and action. Somewhere you just need to jump on springboards and natural ledges, somewhere to run away from dinosaurs or fight, and somewhere to show your ingenuity and your engineering skills. All sorts of mechanisms, stairs and other useful structures are assembled from parts scattered around the world. Getting from one end of the level to the other usually doesn't take much brain power, but if you want to collect numerous secrets, you'll have to get to the most inaccessible places. All this makes LEGO Jurassic World a very replayable project, especially when you consider that you can go through the story with a friend, choosing one of the hundreds of characters available in a long list.

  • Genre: Shooter
  • Developer: Action Forms
  • Publisher: Wizard Works
  • Release Date: October 31, 1999

The release of Carnivores 2 took place almost two decades ago, but it was simply impossible not to include this game in this rating.After all, even after the change of several generations of consoles and a strong leap in graphics technology, no one has released an analogue. But the idea is actually quite simple – to change the scene of a classic hunting simulator from some American forests to the land of the prehistoric period, where instead of wolves, bears, rabbits and other living creatures, long-extinct reptiles run – velociraptors, triceratops, and in the sky instead of ducks flying some pterodactyls. Agree, this already sounds much more interesting and dangerous, especially if you take into account the nature of the artificial intelligence of the local fauna, which strives to bite you, butt you with a horn, or trample you with its powerful paws. An experienced hunter will have to spend a lot of time before he learns to survive.

The gameplay will surely appeal to all lovers of leisurely runs in a large open world and diligent exploration. Before entering the location, gamers are given the task to eliminate specific targets and choose an arsenal of improvised means, where, in addition to weapons, there are also special hunting devices, such as a decoy to attract animals. You will have to act discreetly and carefully so that strong predatory dinosaurs do not bite you, and weak ones do not run away to hell. The player can be recognized not only by the sound of gunshots and the clatter of his boots, but also by the smell. Fortunately, a wind direction indicator and a compass come to the rescue, by which you will need to navigate, looking for the next target. And when you see her in the crosshairs of the sight, the matter will be small. If you don't miss, there will be new loot in the trophy room.

  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Ubisoft
  • Publisher: Ubisoft
  • Release Date: November 17, 2005

As you can understand from the name, we have a game based on the film of the same name, which was released more than ten years ago. Unlike other projects dedicated to the release of the next cinematic tape, this action is made to last and, even taking into account the disgusting graphics even at the time of release, it plays perfectly. Protagonist Jack Driscoll, once on the notorious Skull Island, is forced to fight dinosaurs, giant insects and other creatures with firearms and piercing weapons, and at certain moments gamers are allowed to play for King Kong himself. A huge monkey with reptiles does not particularly stand on ceremony – he scatters them with huge fists, tears apart velociraptors, tears off the wings of pterodactyls, in general, behaves like a full owner in his own house. Only occasionally are we given a break from the constant tension, taking a break for platforming elements with running around the walls, swaying on vines and jumping from branch to branch.

The developers would like to put an additional point for the effect of presence, which is directly rushing from all the cracks.In order not to harm the “cinema” of what is happening, it was decided to abandon the interface familiar to fans of shooters / action games with a character health bar, various counters and markers, nullifying the seriousness of the story. In King Kong, you only have a screen, the landscape around and a weapon in your hands. Gradually you get used to it, as well as to the constant shortage of cartridges. Despite the presence of pistols, Thompson and other weapons in the game, the most frequently used item in the arsenal will be a spear borrowed from the natives, which here can also be set on fire, greatly increasing its effectiveness.

  • Genre: Survival
  • Developer: Cigaras Studio
  • Publisher: Cigaras Studio
  • Release date: 16 August 2021

This is not your typical dinosaur game – you don't have to control a primitive man and survive in a world infested with primitive lizards. In The Depths, you yourself are such a lizard and are forced to fight every day for a place in the hierarchy – to look for food, fend off strong predators, or to terrify herbivorous creatures yourself. The creators of the project have tried to create a simulation of the primitive world, which will be nice to be a lot of players at the same time. At release, Prehistoric Survival will have two dozen detailed (as far as possible) recreated dinosaurs of various types and sizes.

Realism in the game has reached a new level – there is a simulation of the social life of creatures that now huddle in packs and can compete for the leader (Alpha) position, and battles become more intense due to the ability to naturally bite off or tear off body parts from the enemy. Of course, when it comes to multiplayer modes, realism had to be sacrificed – in them all the dinosaurs are balanced and can create real competition for each other.

  • Genre: Action
  • Developer: Corpix Games
  • Publisher: Games Operators, PlayWay S.A.
  • Release date:

In the world of Reptiles, history unfolded differently than in our world. If here we are at the top of the food chain, then in this fictional universe, evil reptilians have seized power. Now the planet is teeming with predatory dinosaurs that kill people, kidnap their children and burn villages. The main character, a skilled hunter, just needs to put an end to this, because cold-blooded reptiles have kidnapped his son. Now he has to hunt, relying on his skills as a tracker and an extensive arsenal of weapons, explore the world and create deadly devices for the mass destruction of enemies.

One of the main advantages of Reptiles: In Hunt is a carefully crafted game world that lives its own life. The action will take place in the jungle, underground tunnels and other locations. Sometimes you even need to swim to the target or dive for valuable materials to the bottom of the river / lake. Dinosaurs behave very realistically – not only attack the player, as soon as they see him in sight.They also move from one point to another, feed and attack other reptiles.

Other dinosaur games worth mentioning

The review did not have enough space for all the interesting games with prehistoric reptiles, so below is a small list of projects that will also be of interest to fans of this subject:

  • Robinson: The Journey is a story about a man who ended up on a planet with preserved ancient life forms. Players are waiting for adventure, dangerous skirmishes, solving logic puzzles. It would seem that it is still banal, but thanks to the emphasis on virtual reality technologies, the classic gameplay sparkled with bright colors. After all, it is one thing to look at the monitor screen, and quite another when giant reptiles almost poke at you with their toothy snouts.
  • Go Home Dinosaurs is a casual tower defense game in which you, as a brave gopher, have to repel an attack by dinosaurs that have smelled the meat being grilled on the grill and come to steal it. By building turrets with different characteristics along the edges of the road, you need to think over the protection correctly and prevent uninvited guests from reaching the end of the level. And so that the players do not get bored throughout the 60 levels, an upgrade system and aids have been added that can be purchased in the internal store.
  • Jurassic World Evolution – again a Jurassic Park game, but this time in a specific genre of economic simulation. Players are given the position of the manager of the park with dinosaurs with all the ensuing consequences. You will have to equip the zones of the reserve, solve the problems that have arisen and prevent the guests from being in the stomach of some monster. There is also the possibility of breeding new species through biological experiments and manipulations with DNA chains.
  • Dinosaur Race is a non-standard racing game where dinosaurs act instead of cars, motorcycles or horses. Both dangerous predators and peaceful vegetarians. Depending on which category the player has chosen, he will have to focus on collecting a certain category of bonuses during the run. Carnivores eat meat, while herbivores eat plant foods. By fully feeding (filling up the food scale) the reptile, you can activate the turbo, which is why your beast will fly like a Formula 1 car.

In the future, a lot of interesting dino-themed things are also expected. For example, it has not yet received an official release date, but is under active development of Prehistoric Kingdom – an even more advanced version of the zoo manager with prehistoric reptiles than Jurassic World Evolution. The creators of the game offer their own vision of how a real reserve should look like with life forms that have become extinct in natural conditions, and have added a lot of their own unique features. For example, Prehistoric Kingdom will have an advanced animal maturation system, landscape changes, and natural disasters like floods and hurricanes.The manager of the park will have to try very hard to keep it safe and sound.