London is “America today. Choosing Charles Saach »In the Hermitage / Tourism News


London is “America today. Choosing Charles Saach In the Hermitage – Tourism News

Tourism news: “America today. Choosing Charles Saach in the Hermitage


Exposition America Today. The choice of Charles Saach ”began work on October 24, as part of the project“ Hermitage 20/21 ”. The best works from the Saach gallery are presented, which collects a work of contemporary art. In 2006, it was already shown at the Royal Academy of Arts in London. C. Saach, curator of the London exhibition Sir Norman Rosental and the head of the Hermitage 20/21 project, Dmitry Ozerkov, worked on the selection of exhibits for St. Petersburg. The exhibition presents 60 works of 21 American artist.

Artists touched on relevant topics for the present – war, violence, turning society into consumer. Each work is an experiment. Terent Cow created a chandelier of candies, glass, hair, rope, stones, and even his own blood. Christina Baker depicted speed based on Kandinsky’s technique. The insolation of Fuck the Police, created from scraps of American newspapers, talks about the relationship between society and the police.

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