Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich: Filmography

Lykov Alexander Anatolievich

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich for the first time really became a famous Russian public thanks to the popular detective series “Streets of Broken Lights”. How did the career of a talented St. Petersburg artist begin and in what projects is he busy today?

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich: Filmography

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich for the first time really became a famous Russian public thanks to the popular detective series “Streets of Broken Lights”. How did the career of a talented St. Petersburg artist begin and in what projects is he busy today?

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich: Family, early years

Alexander was born in 1961 in the Leningrad region. Little is known about his father – he left his family when the boy had not yet gone to school. Lykov’s mother worked all her life at an optical-mechanical plant.

Lykov Alexander Anatolievich

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich at a young age went through a difficult test: the boy failed from the swing, and the doctors prophesied his disability until the end of his life. However, for several years, the young man performed strengthening exercises for the back and still managed to get to his feet again. Alexander did not stop there: he continued to play sports intensely and even became the owner of a black belt in karate.

Then Lykov went to receive an education at the construction school, but constantly felt that he was not doing his job. Alexander was looking for himself for several years until he got into the theater studio and did not understand that he had found his calling.

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich: Filmography. The first cinema works

The future artist received acting education in LGITMIC. Then Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich, as a decent citizen, served the due date in the Soviet Army, and in 1985 he was admitted to the troupe of the theater named after Lensoovet.

For the first time, Alexander appeared in the cinema in 1981: he was entrusted with the role of a bully in Mikhail Nikitin’s short film “Friends of Games and Fun”. However, after the army, the actor was offered only to episodic characters: he starred in the fairy tale “Little Baba Yaga”, the dramas “Cold March” and “One Sunday”.

In 1989, Lykov appeared in the film adaptation of Sirano de Bergerak, where Olga Cabo and Grigory Gladius were also shot. And also the actor played the bandit in the comedy of Yuri Mamina Bacenbard.

Films of the 90s

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich has the so -called “negative” charm, so the directors often trust him with the role of “bad guys”. So the 90s were marked for the actor with a whole string of thieves and criminal characters: Under the mask of the black cat , the circus burned out, and the clowns fled. Lykov was also played by a gay, a patient of a psychiatric hospital – in a word, the artist has something to remember.

lykov alexander anatolievich filmography

It was all the more unexpected to see Lykov in the role of the mother’s cop Vladimir Kazantsev, with whom he appeared in the legendary series “Street of Broken Lights”. In this project, Alexander had the main role, and he attracted even more attention to himself than his partners on the project, Alexei Nilov and Sergey Selin.

Lykov in Streets of Broken Lanterns got the role of Casanova, a desperate womanizer and ladies' man. This despite the fact that the actor married only once in his life and still lives with his legal wife. The series about St. Petersburg operatives was incredibly popular, but Lykov took part in only two seasons of the film.

Recent projects with the participation of the actor

Professionally, the 2000s turned out to be more successful for Lykov. The 21st century began for the actor with episodic roles in the series National Security Agent and Gangster Petersburg. In the first project, Alexander played a psychopathic killer, and in the second – again a cop.

But already in 2001, the artist was invited to the main role in the comedy series Doctors, where Daniil Belykh also starred. Then the main role goes to Lykov in the series Merry Company and Dancer. He also plays the Dean in the television movie Plot with Sergei Bezrukov. But the most interesting projects awaited the artist ahead.

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich family

In the action-packed war film Saboteur Lykov played the role of a Soviet spy, nicknamed Chekh, whose identity was so secret that no one even knew the real name of this person. In Bondarchuk's Company 9, the artist played a bomber, and in the Death of the Empire Khotinenko – a director.

In 2005, Lykov played the main anti-hero in the spectacular film Turkish Gambit, where, in addition to him, Alexander Baluev, Yegor Beroev and Viktor Verzhbitsky also starred. In 2007, the artist again returned to the role of Cech in the sequel to the film Saboteur.

The main roles went to the actor in the films Krechinsky's Polonaise, It's hard to be a macho, Version and There is no third. In 2016, two films with the participation of Lykov will be released at once: the crime film Cuba and the melodrama About Love by Vladimir Bortko.

Personal life

Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich wife

If you look for a model of devotion and constancy among the actors, then it will be Lykov Alexander Anatolyevich. Alexander's wife bears the name Alla and has been in this status for more than 30 years. The couple raised two children.

The youngest son of Lykov, Matvey, first tried to distance himself from the acting profession. He graduated from the faculty of foreign languages ​​at one of the St. Petersburg universities, and at the same time worked as a model. All of a sudden, all this turned into a serious career, and the young man became the face of the Gucci brand.

From acting fate, apparently, there is no escape, because most recently Lykov Jr. played the main role in Indar Dzhendubaev's fantasy He is a dragon.