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Were missed the Champions League? We know, we too! Tonight we will be treated with an excellent dish called Manchester City – Lyon, where one sauce is taken

Manchester City – Lyon. Preview Sportclub

Were missed the Champions League? We know, we too! Tonight we will be treated with an excellent dish called Manchester City – Lyon, where one sauce was delivered from England, and the second was brought from France. If you do not think this yummy is a hot dressing, stop watching football! Permanent authors of the portal Sportclub Georgy Artmeladze and Kirill Mikhailov did not dare to pass by such an alluring sign – a poster what is needed, but in a preview for readers and statistics, chronology, and opinions. We read, look and put it!


The path to the quarterfinal. The “townspeople” never lost at the group stage – four victories with two drawing results. In the first round, Donetsk Shakhtar was defeated on the road, playing because of an unstable political situation in other cities of Ukraine. On the balls performed by Riyad Marez, Ilkaya Gundogan and Gabriel Zhenzus “miners” did not answer anything but one hit on target. It was clear that City would sooner or later achieve an acceptable result – eighteen attacks on goal, five shots in the “frame”. The wards of the Portuguese Luis Kashtra were given in total for only six strokes, and such numbers look sluggish attempts.

In the second round, City laid the Croatian Dynamo on both shoulder blades – the club from Zagreb missed twice at the foggy Albion (the authors of the exact shots became Rakhim Sterling and one of the most talented pupils of the City Academy Philip Fuden). In the third chronology of the tour, the Guardiola team measured the forces with Atalanta – the Italian club, which became the main sensation of the season going into the history of the season, missed five goals. That evening, the benefits of Sterling took place (three goals and one goose gear) and Sergio Aguero, who recorded the double.

“Black-blue” away from Bergamo threw a goal of prestige-Ruslan Malinovsky was extremely accurate from a 11-meter mark. In the fourth round, City also, due to the features of the regulations, played with the guys Dzhan-Pierrot Gasperini-1: 1 (the “black and blue” was responded to the ex-player of the “Spartak” Mario Pashalich at the seventh minute. A funny episode had a place to be in that game – Claudo Bravo received a red card, and the replacements were gone (the Chilean himself went on the field after damage to Ederson), so the flank defender Kyle Walker got into the “frame”. He coped with his spontaneous task brilliantly – Kyle repelled one dangerous blow, receiving praise from colleagues.

And in the 43rd minute, Gabriel Zhezus failed to beat Pierliji Gollini from the 11-meter mark. The fifth round of the group stage brought Manchester City disappointment – the team did not beat Shakhtar in a stubborn struggle on the Etihada field.The Ukrainians, making noise in the Europa League after the elimination from the Champions League, equalized the score – this was done by the Israeli midfielder Manor Solomon. City scored Gundogan. The final stage of the group round ended in favor of Manchester City – the British defeated Dynamo in Zagreb, scoring four goals against the unfortunate Croats.

The Brazilian Jesus was especially zealous in the execution of the mission – he threw three goals in fifty-four minutes, and once again the goalkeeper Livakovich was upset by Foden. That goal was the second for the Englishman in this Champions League. Finally, at the playoff stage, the citizens faced off against Real Madrid, twice leaving Madrid out of work, despite the opinions of experts and analysts. Moreover, two games ended with the same score – 2:1. At the end of February, City greeted the Spaniards with goals from Jesus and De Bruyne (from the penalty spot), and five days ago, the Citizens coped with a formidable opponent thanks to the balls of Sterling and Jesus (the Brazilian striker has already scored six goals in the current Champions League draw).

Injuries and disqualifications. According to Transfermarket, forward Sergio Aguero, Pedro Porro, Philip Sandler, Arianet Muric and Zach Steffen will not take part in the match today. The American goalkeeper, who spent the lion's share of last season in the German Fortuna, is unavailable for logical reasons – his name was not on the Citizens' application list for the Champions League.

Similar is the case with his Kosovo counterpart Arjenet Murić, the gigantic 21-year-old goalkeeper, available for a €1.8m transfer, campaigned on loan to Championship side Nottingham Forest. Next season, they will take the place of Scott Carson, on loan from Derby and leaving for MLS club Claudio Bravo. Having made 24 appearances and scoring 16 goals in the last Premier League season, the Argentine can't recover from a knee injury. The club's medical staff does not give exact dates regarding the return of the club's main strike force from Greater Manchester.

Twenty-three-year-old Dutch defender of the central axis Sandler (he spent the last season in the Belgian championship) ended up in the hospital due to a knee injury, but Guardiola could not count on him in any case – a native of Amsterdam was not announced for the playoffs. It's a similar story with Porro, a twenty-year-old right-back valued at nine million euros, who was not taken on board due to a loan spell at Valladolid. The reason for the absence of Porro is an unnamed disease (it is unlikely that the coronavirus, because all clubs are required to report about it to the local analogues of Rospotrebnadzor). There are no suspended players in the camp of the club – Guardiola rejoices!

Manchester City starting XI according to sportclub (diagram 4-3-3): Ederson, Cancelo, Laporte, Fernandinho, Walker, Rodri, De Bruyne, Gundogan, Gabriel Jesus, Foden, Sterling


Road to the quarter-finals. Lyon started their glorious Champions League journey with an equal group in every sense. Leipzig, Zenit, Benfica, Lyon – everyone could reach the playoffs. As a result, the French left – it was lucky that in the last round of the group stage, Zenit lost to Benfica with a score of 0:3. Lyon made a heroic comeback in a parallel match, drawing with Leipzig (2:2).

In the 1/8 finals, Lyon were waiting for the powerful Juventus – and here the main sensation of the playoffs took place so far. After such a brilliant victory, you can afford everything – even think about the Champions League final. “In the dressing room, everyone is thinking about reaching the final. And if we go out there, we will have a great chance of winning. We play on a neutral field and without spectators. In this context, it is possible that the non-favourites will win. This is probably our chance, said Lyon defender Marsal.

Injuries and disqualifications. Today, Lyon will not be able to count on the central defender Youssouf Kone – he is tormented by permanent injuries (this year he played in only three matches). The rest of the Lyon players are ready for the main match of the season and will try to do everything to create the main miracle of these European competitions.

The starting line-up of Lyon according to Sportclub: Lopes – Markal, Marcelo, Denayer – Cornet, Aouar, Guimarães, Kaquere, Dubios – Depay, Dembele

Prediction for the game from Georgy Artmeladze:

Lyon proved to be a tenacious, combative and technical club, so the citizens should not underestimate the French after a confident victory over Real Madrid. But still, two home matches for Guardiola's team is the case when the projectile falls into the same funnel with great pleasure. Due to Aguero's injury, Sterling's game form will come to the fore, but we advise you to keep a close eye on Foden – the Englishman has played out, has become a fighting element in the ranks of the citizens and wants to achieve the Champions League trophy as part of his home team. The forecast is as follows: there will be no talk of a democratic victory for City – Lyon will miss three times, but will also knock out the city's goalkeeper twice – 3:2 in favor of the representative of Foggy Albion.

Prediction for the game from Kirill Mikhailov:

The Manchester City-Lyon pairing is the most obvious quarter-final pairing of this Champions League. Much has been decided before the start of the match. Only a miracle will help Lyon – even if the French show the best game of this season. They already had enough sensations – the victory over Juventus following the results of a two-legged confrontation in the 1/8 finals will forever go down in the history of the club, because Rudi Garcia's team, unfortunately, is not capable of more.

Only Bayern can stop such a city in this Champions League – with a positive outcome of the confrontation with Lyon, Guardiola's guys just go to Munich. They will come out. Do not doubt. The Citizens crushed Real Madrid with powerful pressure – imagine what they will do with Lyon. My prediction for the game: Manchester City will win. Win big and without a chance. Lyon is doomed.