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Mass sport in Surgut will be significantly reorganized for today in the city a change in the work of several sections. To save resources, some of the services are redistributed between

Mass sport in Surgut will be significantly reorganized

Today, the city has already changed the work of several sections. To save resources, some of the services are redistributed between municipal sports, and are also transferred to the non -state sector. In some organizations, the staff was reduced to spend the released money on equipping sports schools and building the staffing number of main personnel. In addition, next year, sports classes will open in the city’s schools, and the construction of six new facilities should begin. Mikhail Yushchenko, head of the department of physical education and sports, spoke about these and other changes to the deputies of the Surgut Duma.

He presented all this information in the form of a roadmap on the effectiveness of the industry. In May last year, the people's deputies instructed the administration to develop such a strategy. Changes are necessary today: the reorganization of the mass sports system takes place throughout the country. In 2018, as part of the May decrees, the president set the task of involving 55 % of the population in systematic exercises by 2024. In Surgut, they prepared their calculations, which will help to ensure the overall result.

– By 2030, the number systematically engaged in sports should be 57 %, the level of security of the population with sports facilities, based on their one -time throughput – 46.5 %. Today, these indicators are 37 and 41.7 %, respectively. According to preliminary monitoring, the predicted values ​​will be achieved, ”said the main sports in Surgut Mikhail Yushchenko.

He also explained that the recent decree of the President “On the National Development of the Russian Federation until 2030” set the task of increasing the share of citizens systematically involved in sports to 70 %. In this regard, the city administration will make changes to the relevant documents and strive to fulfill the identified tasks.

To achieve such impressive numbers is not an easy task. Especially in such a short time. As sports officials defined, this will need to be systematically working in three directions: education and information propaganda to attract citizens to sports at the place of residence and study; The development of infrastructure and effective management in physical education and sports. And also support the non -state sector.

The first to cope with the easiest way. For this, about 300 official sports events of the All -Russian and regional scale are held annually in Surgut.Among them are the “Lyzhnya of Russia”, the day of the physical education, “Cross of Nations”, “All -Russian athletic mileage”, etc. These are massive competitions available to all, in which families participate.

In schools, the promotion of sports aspirations occurs due to the development of the TRP in recent years. Its popularity is confirmed by the fact that many Surgut students entered the district team in the TRP complex, which, in turn, shows outstanding results at the federal level. The city volleyball league for schoolchildren is also gaining momentum. More than 500 students from 36 educational institutions take part in it. In addition, in the framework of information education, city athletes willingly cooperate with the media, releasing the publications and plots motivating to sports results.

Not everything is so fast

With sports infrastructure, things are more complicated. Today in Surgut 230 organizations of this industry and 791 objects of various profiles. 209 structures from this number are private. This, however, is not enough for a more global involvement of citizens to sports.

“We objectively lack sports grounds,” says the deputy of the Duma Surgut Maxim Slepov. -They are needed primarily for game sports: basketball, volleyball, mini-football. I would like to, in the future, attract private investors for this in order to ensure the increased need of the townspeople for such facilities.

This is also understood in the administration. Over the past year, 12 commercial organizations are planned to transfer four types of work worth more than 6 million rubles. In the near future this trend will continue. However, the deputies would like this experience to extend to the construction of new sites, because with state objects the case is not moving as fast as we would like. The emergence of six new rapid athletes has been postponed since 2020 for the future for the next two years.

-The construction of these facilities is expected in 2021-2022. Three of them will be centers with a universal gaming room, two with artificial ice and one will become a palace of martial arts, ”says Mikhail Yushchenko. – They are included in the list of capital construction objects and in the program for the development of physical education and sports of Ugra.

Despite some postponed issues, construction in this direction does not stand still. So, recently, the authorities have identified a contractor for a sports center with a universal gaming hall in the territory of the Sports Core stadium in the 35A microdistrict. The building will be ready in 2022. In addition, this year the construction of a physical education complex in the village of CPRS will be completed, as well as a small football field in the village of Yunost. Especially deputies were interested in the future location of new sports complexes. Locations, in their opinion, should be more dispersed. In particular, the deputy Dmitry Pakhotin He asked to pay attention to remote microdistricts. He pointed out that in an actively built -up village of Road there is no suitable sports infrastructure.

We figured out the priorities

Creating a new one does not exclude work with the old. Improving the effectiveness of sports management in the administration is largely carried out due to reorganization. According to Mikhail Yushchenko, 29 measures were held in municipal institutions to optimize staffing. Its total reduction was 58.5 units. In addition, in the next two years, it is planned to gradually transfer services for accounting, economic and legal support of sports facilities at the TSOOD MKU.

– We predict a favorable economic effect from these events. About 1.8 million rubles this year. The freed funds will be aimed at deepening the material and technical base of institutions, an increase in the staffing of the main personnel, and an increase in training load, ”the head of the city department of sports explained. – In addition, we redistributed services between municipal sports training institutions in the following sports: sports orientation, fencing, volleyball. In September of this year, a department of chess in SDUSHOR No. 1 was opened.

“You only please ensure the safety of chess players, given their neighborhood now with representatives of martial arts,” joked Maxim Slepov.

However, the most questions among deputies were the development of yard sports. On the day the deputy Sergey Makeev Just returned from the opening of a renovated universal site in the 16A microdistrict.

– Everything is done very well. This object will become even more in demand in children, ”the deputy noted. – There are a lot of similar courtyards today in the city, but most of them are in a very deplorable state. I ask the deputies to pay attention to such sites. I would like to draw up a program to restore these objects so that they are not only aesthetic, but also safe. Maybe work with residents to attract some small funds.

He supported his colleague and Alexey Kuchin. He is sure that sport in the yards today is the most massive and deserves increased attention of the authorities. Maxim Slepov also readily agreed, but added that the issue of maintaining these sites remains open. For many residents, this issue is controversial, and perhaps this duty should be transferred to management companies, the deputy summed up.

In general, representatives of the Committee on Social Policy were satisfied with the road card for the development of sports in Surgut and the intermediate results of its implementation. At the same time, the Duma instructed the administration to take into account all the proposals expressed at the meeting.

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