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Record for a reception

1. The preliminary record is carried out for a period of not more than 7 days from the day following the current one.

2. A preliminary record is made for existing free periods of time.

3. There is the possibility of amendments to the previously made preliminary record, as well as the ability to abandon it.

4. We draw your attention to the fact that in the event of a surname in the pre -recording coupon and the names of the applicant, as well as the number of the case, to which it is necessary to submit additional documents (with the exception of the case of technical error (typos), but not more than two signs (letters, in the case, in the case. numbers)) preliminary recording is considered invalid and you will be denied admission;

5. Registration is carried out provided that all fields of the electronic form are filled and pressed “Register”.

6. One coupon is issued for one operation. In the case of operations with several objects, it is necessary to take a ticket for each object.

After the registration is completed, an information ticket is formed, which indicates the information you have introduced and the PIN code. If possible, print the specified information or write down the date, time and the PIN code that will be necessary for you when registering in the electronic line in the MFC.

In order to use a preliminary entry, you need:

1. Come to the MFC on your chosen day.
2. Approach the terminal of the electronic queue.
3. Enter the previously obtained PIN code.
4. Get a ticket with a personal number.
5. Wait for a voice call for a reception.



In case of late, the preliminary record is canceled, in this regard, it is recommended to arrive at the MFC of the previously appointed time (for 10-15 minutes).

The preliminary record can be requested (activated) no earlier than 15 minutes from the appointed time.

You can get a service for the design and receipt of a passport of a new sample only at the following addresses (schedule):

Belgorod, Ave. Slava, 25
G. Old Oskol, md. Zhukova, 37
Gubkin, st. Victory 2-4

In other departments, this service is not provided

In case of problems when filling out the electronic form form, contact the MFC contact center by phone +7 (4722) 42-42-42.

If there are no free records for the service you are interested in, take the opportunity to get a service in electronic form

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