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Getting a loan in the MFI league money

Microloan in the MFI League of Money: conditions for obtaining, current interest. How to apply for a loan, extension, payment on a loan. Customer reviews of the MFI League of Money

MFI Money League

The need to urgently receive money was almost all of us. Today, it is possible to get loans in numerous microfinance organizations that offer favorable conditions and acceptable interest rates.

One of these companies is the MFI League of Money, which offers a quick application and receipt of funds. A distinctive feature of the company is the possibility of obtaining a loan up to 365 days. And the amount of credited funds ranges from 2,000 to 40,000 rubles.

Getting a loan in the MFI league money

What you need to apply for a microloan in the League of Money

In order to become a client of the company, you need to meet a number of requirements:

– be a citizen of the Russian Federation, with a permanent place of registration on the territory of the Russian Federation;

– it is obligatory to have a Russian passport;

– the presence of a working mobile phone, to receive information from the company.

How to apply for a loan

You can apply for a loan on the official website of the League of Money. To do this, it is enough to indicate the required amount and term of payment of the loan, and fill in the fields of the questionnaire with contact information. With a positive decision in obtaining a microcredit, a specialist of the organization will contact you and clarify all the questions. You do not need to go to the office of the company, the manager himself will arrive at a convenient time for you. After the conclusion of the contract, you will receive funds within a day.

It is convenient to get a loan at any of the points of the Contact payment system, for this you only need a passport.

Note! The company issues cash loans even to people with a bad credit history.

Loan extension

Unforeseen situations happen, and you may not have time to pay the loan on time. To extend the loan, you need to contact the manager of the company who will prolong your debt. You will only need to pay interest for the additional period.

Loan MFL League Money

How to pay off a microloan in the League of Money

There are several loan repayment options:

– in the offices of the Contact company;

– transfer from a personal bank account;

– payment on the official website of the company;

– payment system terminals.

There is the possibility of early repayment of the loan, up to the first week of lending.

Customer reviews of the MFI League of Money.

Mikhail Sergeevich, 52 years old

I turned to the company League of Money, in order, as they say, to reach the salary. Sitting quietly at home, I entered all the data and sent the application. Literally 10 minutes later, the manager of the company called me back and offered to meet. He came home and took care of everything. Just some kind of fairy tale. I took the money for a month, but it so happened that I did not have time to return it. And again, they met me halfway, extended the loan period, with minimal losses in money.It was only necessary to pay extra for the period for which they extended.

Angelina, Moscow

I have poor experience with one microfinance organization. It so happened that I took the money and did not have time to return it in time. Then the tin began, they called and wrote not only to me, but to all relatives and acquaintances, they wrote in social networks. I barely dealt with them. As a result, a spoiled credit history and nerves. And then again I needed money for my sister's operation. A friend advised the company of the League of Money. I doubted very much that they would give a loan. However, when meeting with the company employee, she explained to him her situation and history. They went to meet me and gave me money, for which many thanks to them.


I have a small business, and sometimes there is not enough money. I enjoy using the services of the money league. They helped out many times. Due to the fact that I am their regular client, interest on the loan is reduced to me. Which cannot but rejoice. I return it on time, sometimes even earlier.