Microsoft's xCloud cloud gaming service to offer over 3,500 games – i2HARD

Microsoft continues to share details about its cloud gaming service.

Microsoft's xCloud cloud gaming service to offer over 3,500 games

Despite the fact that its cloud gaming service from Microsoft is not fully ready, the company continues to reveal a lot of rather interesting details about it. Today, the company mentioned on the Xbox Wire news blog that the service already supports about 3,500 games, with 1,900 more titles to be added to that number soon.

All of these games will be available on three versions of the Xbox – the original Xbox, Xbox 360 and Xbox One. What's more, Microsoft has said that all future Xbox One games will be xCloud compatible without any additional developer patches.

The company has already hosted xCloud servers in 13 regions in North America, Europe and Asia, and has assured users in other parts of the world that it will continue to host new data centers as the service develops.

Microsoft said that some developers, such as Capcom and Paradox, are already testing their games and tools on the servers of the cloud service. The company noted that the developers have already managed to establish the creation of multiplayer matches on xCloud servers and make sure that the font in the games is displayed in the size corresponding to the screen of the device used.

It remains to be hoped that Microsoft will reveal new details or immediately show the service in action at the upcoming E3 exhibition.