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Named the version of the explosion in the morgue of the Railway Hospital of Donetsk

03.11.2011 22:52

A large number of special chemicals were stored in the building of the mortuary of the Railway Hospital. This was reported to a correspondent on condition of anonymity by a hospital employee. Dangerous. more →

Explosion in Donetsk Railway Hospital shattered glass in medical building (PHOTO)

The glass cracked in the garage, which is located next to the morgue.

03.11.2011 22:45

The blast wave knocked out several windows in the buildings of the Railway Hospital, which are located near the morgue, a donbass correspondent reports. ua from the scene. In particular, . more →

The prosecutor's office revealed the details of the explosion in the hospital of Donetsk

03.11.2011 21:39

The criminal case on the fact of the explosion in the mortuary of the railway hospital in Donetsk, most likely, will be initiated under Art. 276 Violation of the rules for handling explosive, flammable and caustic. more →

A terrorist attack is suspected in a Donetsk hospital? Morgue building destroyed (PHOTO)

03.11.2011 21:25

Law enforcement officers cannot yet say whether the explosion in the morgue of the Railway Hospital in Donetsk was an accident, or if it was someone's deliberate actions. How . more →

A hospital exploded in the center of Donetsk

Today in the center of Donetsk there was an explosion in the Railway Clinical Hospital, which is located at the intersection of the street. University and st. Titov, was informed by the press service of the Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Ukraine in the Donetsk region. The building collapsed as a result of the explosion. more →

A young mother, who has been in a coma for three weeks, came to the rescue

When you cross the threshold of the intensive care unit, on the floor - a warning inscription' стоп'.='

03.11.2011 19:15 Comments (8)

The story of a young, beautiful girl who fell into a coma during childbirth in the city of Kirovskoye, Donetsk region on October 11, excited thousands of people not only in our region. Now Marianna Kutakh is in. more →

Astrological forecast for the week, November 4-10

03.11.2011 18:50

ARIES. You will often be feared in the team. Do not expect special sincerity in a relationship. But arrows of envy will often be directed at you. TAURUS. Good news will come to you these days. more →

Cuban citizens allowed to sell private property

The Cuban government approved a law on the sale of private property. According to the official newspaper Granma today, according to the reform, Cuban citizens and permanent residents of the country can sell, acquire and donate houses, apartments, cars, radio reports. more →

Astronomers have found an unusual star

03.11.2011 17:55

Astronomers have discovered a young star in the constellation of the Wolf, surrounded by a disk of gas and dust with spiral arms. Previously, this form was found only in much larger space objects -. more →

Warm weather disrupts the start of the ski season in Europe

03.11.2011 17:50

A sharp warming in Europe threatens to derail the opening of the winter holiday season in European resorts. The weather confuses the plans of tourists not only in the Alps, but also beyond the Arctic Circle. Yes, in French. more →

Lady Gaga decided to create a charity fund

03.11.2011 17:45

The American pop singer Lady Gaga plans to create a charity fund. The fund will be named after the last album of Lady Gaga “Born This Way”, published in 2011. Within the framework. Read more →

Ambulance in Ukraine will become faster

03.11.2011 17:44

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted the Law On Amendments to the Fundamentals of the Legislation of Ukraine on the Protection of Health regarding the acceleration of first aid in urgent and extreme. Read more →

In Germany, a store was found with a strange work schedule

03.11.2011 17:40

The store in the city of Möln, not far from Hamburg, opens at 9:32 and closes at exactly 18:18. An unusual time of work of the store was noticed by a reporter of the German newspaper Bild and asked the store owner. Read more →

How to clean the body correctly?

03.11.2011 17:35

Cleaning the body today is becoming an increasingly popular procedure. The widespread deterioration of the environmental situation, improper nutrition and a sedentary lifestyle lead to the fact that there are many. Read more →

In Donetsk, they soon promise to open the reconstructed railway station

11/03/2011 17:32 Comments (1)

The reconstruction of the Donetsk railway station, which is being prepared for Euro 2012, is planned to be completed in December 2011. This was reported by the Ukraina-2012 information center in the POM Office. Read more →

Prosecutor Donetsk do not care about the steep cars of the security forces

11/03/2011 17:30 Comments (2)

Donetsk prosecutor Alexander Olmezov does not consider it necessary to check for what funds the employees of the law enforcement agencies purchase expensive cars. He reported this, answering the questions of the Donetsk in the course. Read more →