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News Chief Judge: Valatka A.I. 657-13-92, 786-71-15, 262-50-93 The representatives of the teams can confirm participation on the indicated phone numbers. List of teams confirming participation:


Main judge: Valatka A.I. 657-13-92, 786-71-15, 262-50-93
Representatives of the teams can confirm participation on the indicated phone numbers.

List of teams confirming participation:

1. Servolux agro
2. Arsenal
3. Energetic
4. Himwolfno
5. Magnet
6. Demax
7. Mogilelovesskhoz
8. Our radio
9. Mogileliftmash
10. Sector
11. FC Kadino
12. BVM Mogilevvtorchmet
13. Anchor
2 circle

1 tour
10.05 FC Orlovsky Dnieper 7:1 18:30 C-N SDYUSHOR-7
Doroshenko O (3.7)
Kovalev A (9,37,48)
Bruev in (16.21)
Manko M (21)
10.05 Arsenal Dynamo Department of Internal Affairs 3:2 18:30 C-N SDYUSHOR-7
Kolochinsky in (1)
Karasev G (32,42)
Voronkov A (33)
Baranov and (34)
Voronkov A (41)
10.05 Sparta

April 29, 2017 Awarding the XV championship of Mogilev in Mini-football took place.

According to the results of the championship in The Higher League Prize places were occupied as follows
1 place – Forte
2nd place– Shinadiscenter
3rd place– Servolux agro
The best scorer in the Premier League was Gurin Oleg (team of the Ministry of Emergencies) – 42 goals.





Institution Mogilev Regional Sports Club Spartak FPB

Dear football lovers, we invite you to take part in the open trade union tournament Spartak Cup which will take place
30.04-1.05 2017 years on the basis of the Institution Mogilev Regional Sports School of Trade Unions Youth pr. Mira, 4 (base of archery, district of Dubrovenka River).
GSK meeting: April 28, 2017 at 15.00, at the address: Ave. Mira, 10 tel. To participate in the tournament, an application fee of 50 rubles tel. 24-43-71.
Organizing Committee

In September last year ABFF first organized a family football festival Dad, mom, I am a football family!. This project aroused great interest among lovers of active family vacations and received positive reviews from the public and the media. Inspired by the success of last year, we are glad to announce the start of the second season of the festival!

In 2017, the project will be held in 2 stages. In the first stage, large regional stages will take place, which will be held in each of the regional centers. Their dates have already been identified:
Brest region – April 30, Brest
Mogilev region – May 7, Mogilev
Vitebsk Region – May 14, Vitebsk
Gomel region – May 20, G. G.
Grodno region – May 28, Grodno
Minsk and Minsk region – June 4, Minsk
The exact places (stadiums) of the regional stages will be announced additionally. Read more.