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On November 16, a sports festival was held at the Sambo Day at the Sambo School of the village of Solidarity.

Winners and participants of the competition of children's drawings We draw the TRP were awarded

From October 26 to 30, 2021, the Municipal Center for Testing of the TRP and the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the administration of the Yelets municipal district among students of the municipal general educational organizations held a drawing -up competition “We draw the TRP” as part of the Promotion “United Week of the TRP. Relayer generations.

Competitions I will go to the record will be collected by lovers of physical education, sports and a healthy lifestyle

Competitions “I am going to the record”, which invites residents of the Lipetsk region to take part of the region’s physical culture and sports department, will be held as part of the All -Russian Champions of the “GTO Games”.

Volleyball players Lipetsk won a home match against Yenisei

Of the five matches played by the Lipetsk volleyball club in the current Parimatch Super League draw, four ended in tie-breaks.

The ZhEK team-the champion of the Yelets district for mini-football

Ten teams for two months competed for the title of the strongest in the open championship of the Yeletsky district in the mini-football.

The results of the creative contest We draw the TRP!

Within the framework of the action “Unified Week of the TRP. The relay of generations ”in the Yelets district was held by the creative contest“ We draw the TRP! ”, In which children aged 6-11 years took part.

Champion and record holder Grand Prix

The winner of the open person-commander-in-Russian Grand Prix of Sports of the National Association of Pauerlifting (NPA) was a 52-year-old athlete, a resident of the village of Solidarity Alexander Rubtsov.

Sport relay, creativity, health

The single week of the TRP in the Yelets district ended.

Golden of the TRP of Silver age

Last Friday, within the framework of the action “Unified Week of the TRP. Generations relay ”, members of the Club“ Inspiration ”of the settlement Center for Culture and Leisure of the village of Kazinka passed the standards of the TRP.

GTO in a family

In the Yelets district in the framework of the Unified Week of the TRP. The relay of generations ”The Normers of the TRP were passed by whole families. In addition to parents and children, grandparents joined the family test.

Tournament in memory of Peter Zaev

At the end of October, the regional center hosted an open championship in boxing, the memory of Peter Zaev.

United Week of the TRP was held in the Lipetsk region

At the school of the village of Solidarity “United Week of the TRP”, it began with the ceremony of presenting the TRP badges for students of grades 2-11.

The single week of the TRP began in the Lipetsk region

The presentation of the Golden Differences of the VFSK TRP took place in all areas of the Lipetsk region.

Lipetsk athletes won 15 medals at the World Cup in Hapkido

Lipetsk athletes distinguished themselves at the Hapkido World Cup, which was held in St. Petersburg and gathered more than a thousand athletes from 11 countries.

Reach the top of the TRP!

Teachers and students of school No. 2 p. Cossacks passed the standards of the complex Ready for work and defense.

Young swimmers fought for the region's cup

40 young swimmers fought for the Cup of the Yelets district for swimming.

Lava schoolchildren the best players

School team with. The lava became winners of the mini-football tournament in offsetting a year-round sports day of students of the Yelets district 2021-2022 of the school year.

Vorgol won the first victory

Last Sunday, October 17, the opening championship of Lipetsk in basketball among men's teams Intections Invest was launched.

Protracted lifts, high -speed descents: the ski route has been changed

Last Thursday, representatives of the Department of Physical Culture and Sports of the Administration of the Yelets district, employees of FOK Vorgol and the district sports school continued to improve the ski route. Together, they sawed dry, cleaned the track from stones and garbage.

Lipetsk cyclists won 5 medals at all -Russian competitions

All -Russian cycling competitions have successfully completed for representatives of the Lipetsk region.