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Sber will add 2,000 bonus rubles for purchases to be paid for children

ELIA’S online platform will radically change the situation in the diamond market

The quality of TANECO motor oils is confirmed by testing in an independent laboratory in Germany

TANECO Premium Ultra Synth engine oil provides high fuel economy

Tire business KAMA TIRES has increased the range

All-steel tires KAMA PRO are more profitable than combined tires

SberPrime+ is the most profitable ecosystem subscription in the country

KAMA PRO tires withstand higher loads

Winter Viatti Brina Nordico – reliability and confidence on the road

KAMA PRO tires are marked by experts 100 best goods of Russia

Modern fintech solutions optimize the bank's work with clients and agents

Raw materials are a key factor in the reliability of KAMA PRO all-steel tires

Why car owners choose KAMA PRO all-steel tires

Sber increased the age of mortgage borrowers to 75 years

KAMA PRO tires are popular with truck owners

To complete the new PAZ, all-steel tires KAMA were chosen

Delegation from Belarus paid a working visit to KAMA TIRES enterprises

KAMATYRES.SHOP: for winter, most buyers opt for Viatti and KAMA products with spikes

In the Altai Territory, a drunk unemployed stole a car and demolished a fence

A resident of Barnaul is accused of murdering a roommate who accused her of treason

In Barnaul, the repair of the Old Bridge is nearing completion

More than 20 new ambulances will appear in the Altai Territory by the end of the year

Young families from Barnaul will now receive less housing payments

In the Altai Territory, a woman can be imprisoned due to the death of her nephew

In Barnaul, a man stabbed his own brother to death

In the Altai Territory, the former head of the police department sold drugs

A family from the Altai Territory will be paid compensation for the deceased son

The date of the overhaul of the railway station in Barnaul became known

A family from the Altai Territory will be paid compensation for the deceased son

In the Altai Territory, a man nearly decapitated a woman

In Barnaul, attackers robbed Russian Post cars

From Barnaul began to rapidly export timber by train to China

In the Altai Territory, a drunk student stole a car

Mass inspection of buses and minibuses will be organized in Barnaul

A grenade that had lain for more than 100 years was successfully defused in the Altai Territory

Named the main changes for schoolchildren in the Altai Territory in the new academic year

In Barnaul, most houses are ready for the heating season

Emigrants are increasingly returning to the Altai Territory

Barnaul recorded a low level of satisfied citizens

In the Altai Territory, the demand for teachers has sharply increased

In Barnaul, they plan to change traffic rules for scooters

It became known who in the Altai Territory receives the most

In car accidents in Barnaul, 15 people were killed for six months

Doctors explained the decrease in the number of seriously ill with coronavirus in the Altai Territory

A resident of Barnaul got a fine for collectors for too frequent calls

The popular blogger Levda accidentally “ozolla” Barnaulchanka

From a place to quarry: new Kama Nu 704 cargo tires from Kama Tyres

How to get a free TCL P715 TV in Russia?

New cases of coronavirus infection have identified in the Altai Territory

What do the authorities do in the fight against coronavirus to survive

A member of a mortal fight in Barnaul was sent under house arrest

The conflict between the ambulance driver and the motorist occurred on the road

Barnauls cannot get to the clinic for hours

A resident of the Altai Territory brutally beat a friend

Barnauls complain about the stroller, which begging on the road

In Barnaul, an accident occurred with a taxi

A music school was closed in Barnaul due to the epidemic

In Barnaul, balconies of an apartment building were burning

The Altai priest, convicted for the molestation of the child, died

A storm warning extended in the Altai Territory

Barnaul talked about shooting

In the Altai Territory, new infected are 74 people

In the Altai Territory, they are looking for a missing man for 2 days

A fire occurred in the Barnaul high -rise building

In the Altai Territory, another 5 people became infected with coronavirus

In Barnaul burned with a climb

1650 hemp bushes were seized from a man

In Barnaul, a taxi driver did not take a girl because of a worn medical mask

In the Altai Territory there are no new deaths of coronavirus infection yet

In Biysk, a sinking boy was saved

Intercity bus got into an accident in Barnaul

Taxi flew out on the tram tracks in Barnaul

Barnaulets stole a basket of food and shared with a comrade

In Barnaul, a 5-year-old woman fell out of the window

A taxi passenger died in Barnaul

4 patients died per day in the Altai Territory from coronavirus

Altai Territory: 91 New Coronavirus Case

Pensioners who had an accident in the Altai Territory died

A girl was shot down in Barnaul

In the Altai Territory, more than 10,000 people are infected with coronavirus

Three cars at once rammed a car in Barnaul

In Beloyarsk, a woman shot down a child to death

In Barnaul, a wild hemp was destroyed

In Barnaul, a teenager stole a car from his mother and got into an accident

In the Altai Territory, 92 new cases of coronavirus disease were revealed

False Banker stole money from the Altai pensioner

In the Barnaul infectious diseases hospital they complain of devastation

There was a raid in the Barnaul market

In Barnaul, a drunken passenger was dropped out of the plane

In Barnaul they say goodbye to the family who died at the camp site

More than 200 people died in the Altai Territory from coronavirus

In Barnaul, they say goodbye to Pavel Rokhlov, who died in a fight in the old bazaar

Kamaz caught fire in Barnaul

In the Altai Territory, two children remain in serious condition due to coronavirus

In the center of Barnaul, women staged a fight

Pouring rain flooded several sites in Barnaul

The coefficient of incidence of coronavirus began to decrease in the region

A 14-year-old girl is wanted in Barnaul

In the accident in the center of Barnaul, 2 people were injured

Barnaul zoo showed a walk to the tiger and lion

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